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How to eliminate the smell of urine and feces of my cat?

When we decided to welcome a pet in our home, we know that its presence will fill our day to day with joy and curiosity. And if we prefer to adopt a cat as our most faithful companion, it is because we admire its strong and independent character that, at the same time, reveals all the sincerity of its affection. But cats also require certain care regarding their health and the hygiene of your environment. Your sand box, for example, needs to be maintained daily so as not to become a source of diseases or unpleasant aromas. What to do when the daily cleaning with the stick is not enough to dispense the penetrating aromas from its box? We invite you to continue reading this article to know our tips about how to eliminate the smell of urine and feces of your cat.

Beware of cleaning products .

Many people often resort to strong-smelling cleaning products to eliminate unpleasant household odors. But in their formulas they predominate corrosive chemical substances, like chlorine or ammonia, whose effects can be irritating to the senses and mucous membranes of our pets.

In addition to the solutions mentioned below, cleaning products are also available on the market “pet friendly“, That is, elaborated especially so as not to harm the health of our pets. They can be a bit more expensive than the traditional ones, but they mean an investment in the well-being of those we love so much.

5 tips to avoid the smell of urine and feces in your cat’s litter box

Before listing our tips on how to eliminate the odor of urine and feces from your cat, it is important to clarify that it is really difficult to achieve a totally odorless sandbox. The point is to accept that our beloved cats have their own aromas, and that is part of their nature. What we intend is to propose some practical solutions and tricks to avoid that these scents are concentrated and “dominate” our home. We start?

1. Reinforces the hygiene of the litter box

The shovel is a very practical tool to make the superficial cleaning of the sandpit of our cats. But you must have already perceived that it is not so efficient to avoid the penetrating smell of urine that the sand emanates with the passing of days. To do this, we must adopt certain habits to strengthen hygiene, such as washing the box, change the sand and clean the environment where she is located every week.

Again, we recommend avoiding the use of corrosive chemicals in the hygiene of your cat. To provide optimal cleaning of your sandbox, you can use enzymatic detergents (They do not have perfume or ammonia in their formula) or just wash it well with warm water and neutral soap.

To complement these practices we recommend that you change, at least 1 once a year, your cat’s litter box and prefer those that are made of more resistant materials. With daily use, your feline can cause small cracks in the wall and scratch the bottom of its box. Even we can also promote its wear by cleaning it periodically. All of this tends to encourage smells of faeces and urine to become more difficult to eliminate.

2. Deodorants and scented sands products

In pet stores you can find specific deodorant products to be added to the sand in the boxes of our cats. And you can also opt for more natural “tricks”, such as sodium bicarbonate o activated carbon, which act very effectively to prevent the formation of strong odors in the sandbox of your feline.

Likewise, some brands are available in the market. scented sands, although many cats reject them and end up making their needs out of the box.

It is worth remembering that before exposing your cat to any new product, be it natural or industrialized, it is important to consult your trusted veterinarian.

3. Location of the box

If we place the box of our cat in a small and poorly ventilated environment, we favor the concentration of odors that are already naturally penetrating, and the result will probably be a home not exactly perfumed. If we want to prevent this from happening, we must locate the sandbox in a region of our home that is well ventilated and where there is not much incidence of sunlight.

4. Have you tried the binder sands?

You can also find in many stores some agglomerating sands for your cat’s box. These products react immediately with urine and stool of the animal, forming small agglomerates (which explains its name). In this way, we can perform a daily cleaning with the shovel much more efficient and avoid the impregnation of aromas in the box, this being one of the most effective tricks to eliminate the smell of urine and cat feces.

5. Do you know the self-cleaning sandboxes?

A self-cleaning sandbox is a device that combines binder sand and a discharge system that deposits the waste of our cats in a biodegradable bag by means of the actuation of a simple lever. To clean them daily, simply pick up the bag with the waste and change it.

This is a modern and practical solution to optimize daily hygiene in homes where 2 or more felines live or when we are absent for many hours each day. Logically, they have a higher value than traditional sandboxes, but they are a good investment in the hygiene of our home and our feline. How would you like to try them?

Does your cat’s urine or feces smell too strong?

If you have noticed that the depositions of your cat emit a smell much more unpleasant than usual, do not hesitate go to the vet to rule out any health problem. Likewise, he observes his behavior and analyzes each movement to determine if he has other symptoms, such as blood in the urine, blood in the stool, loss of appetite, abnormal hair loss, etc.

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