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How to drive away stray cats?

La presence of street cats At home, it is not always welcome, especially if they defecate, dig and break the decorative or garden plants. In fact, it can be considered a risk situation if it is also wild cats, since they are not properly socialized and can be carriers of parasites and viral diseases, factors that can worry parents and owners of animals.

Therefore, although we consider ourselves as animalists, we can find ourselves with a serious dilemma when it comes to wanting to chase the stray cats that appear in our garden or terrace. Is there a really effective repellent for cats? How to chase cats without hurting them? Is it possible to apply some method to scare away effective and long-lasting street cats? Or even worse: it may not even be street cats, but domestic cats that take advantage of your garden to relieve themselves. What should we do then?

In this article we are going to explain to you how to drive away street cats with basic and effective tips, we will propose some Home Remedies to use and we will explain how to solve the problem of faeces and urine. If you have a problem with the presence of street cats, this article interests you!

Why do cats come to my house?

To be able to scare away the stray cats, it will be paramount know the cause that is causing this situation, although it should be noted that it will not always be possible. Cats are very active animals and although they always move within the same territory, which they consider their own, they can reach travel several kilometers daily to be able to hunt, sniff and exercise.

Maybe the cats come to your house spontaneously or have taken advantage of your garden to breed, using any space available. They can be getting food from your garbage because they are hungry, hunting on your terrace because of the presence of birds or that they consider your home as part of “your territory” and that, after defecating and urinating on it, they return frequently to ensure that it is still theirs, using different forms of marking, such as rubbing, urinating and scratching.

Whether or not you have found the cause of this phenomenon, read on, below we show you tricks and general tips so you know how to keep the cats away from the house, very effective and without hurting them!

How to chase the street cats from my house?

Before mentioning home remedies to drive away stray cats, we must analyze some aspects of the home and follow certain guidelines to ensure that we are attacking the cause of the problem, not the presence itself. Keeping this point in mind is very important if our goal is for the stray cats to leave our patio, orchard, garden or terrace definitely.

Do you want to know what to do to keep cats out of your garden? Follow these 8 tips:

  1. Avoid eating your garbage by closing the bags and placing them in a closed container.
  2. Drive away mice and rats from your home with home remedies to avoid being eaten.
  3. If you like to feed wild birds bet on using feeders in high areas, to prevent them from feeding the cats when they search for food on the ground.
  4. Explore the garden in search of nests or shelters that may be used to shelter.
  5. Make use of natural home repellents to scare them away without hurting them.
  6. Performs a good cleaning of the home with the use of enzymatic products to eliminate pheromones.
  7. If you live in a city, contact the refuge animal collection service.
  8. If you live in a town, consult with the town hall to find out if there is a manager of colonies of street cats that is responsible for sterilizing and controlling the population of cats.

In the market you will also find some products to scare cats known as “cat repellents” made from synthetic formulas that are unpleasant or that mimic the substances in the urine of certain predators, however, these products they are not always effective.

The best option is to combine these eight tips that we have provided you by combining them with some homemade products to scare the cats that we will show you below, remedies that you can do yourself at home without any cost and that are also very effective.

Remember also communicate these tips to your neighbors and family so that they follow the same guidelines and avoid in this way that the felines may be attracted due to some nearby housing.

7 home remedies to scare away street cats

If you ask how to chase cats home, in this section you will find several proposals that, combined with the aforementioned tips, are very effective. It’s about homemade products to scare away cats that you can prepare without spending money.

1. Citrus to scare cats

One of the most effective remedies to scare garden cats and pots is the use of citrus, which is a simple and economical solution. Can take advantage of lemon peels, oranges, limes, grapefruit and tangerines that are your food and place them in the pots or next to your plants. In addition to being an excellent natural fertilizer, they will also serve as a repellent for cats.

You can also cut citrus fruits in half and Scrub them by walls, pots and other areas where cats frequent, with the aim that the odor is impregnated as long as possible. This smell will not last indefinitely, so you will have to repeat each 3 – 4 days the same process, however, it is quite frequent that cats are not attracted to citrus aromas.

2. Repellent plants for cats

If you do not contemplate the option of placing husks and debris in your garden, you can choose place repellent plants for cats in your garden that will also fill your home with pleasant aromas for your senses but not for cats. Some cat repellent plants are:

3. Pepper to scare cats

A more drastic and somewhat more aggressive solution may be to choose to sprinkle pepper powder in strategic places of your garden. With it, what you’re going to get is cause itching in the nose of the cat when smelling it, which will result in a series of annoying sneezes for him. Thus, after several equal episodes, the feline will associate those places with an uncomfortable site and, therefore, will stop visiting it.

4. Coffee to repel cats

Like citrus or some of the plants mentioned, coffee is usually a uncomfortable aroma for cats, precisely because of their intensity. As with citrus peels, we can spread coffee beans through the pots and different areas of our garden, which will also serve as fertilizer for our plants.

5. Repellent for cats with vinegar

Another very effective remedy that can help us repel cats in our garden is the use of White vinegar, which is especially unpleasant for them. You can place a mixture of vinegar and water in a diffuser and spread it near the areas that the feline frequents, spraying with intensity to impregnate the aroma well and thus act as a powerful repellent.

6. Garden fences for cats

If we talk about architectural elements that can make cats not enter your domains, we are referring of course to the installation of a fence for cats along the perimeter of your home. Even more effective will be if you hit the fence certain inclination outward, to make it even more difficult for the felines to climb it.

7. Use of aluminum foil

If you have silver paper in your home, you have a powerful tool to make your feline visitors uncomfortable. Ideally, you should remove a piece of paper and place it in an area where they usually go, as they usually uncomfortable when stepping on this texture.

What else can I do?

It may be evident that not all the advice we have given you will be effective to scare away all the stray cats that roam your home, each cat is a world and everyone has their own character and way of facing adversity. In addition, although there are smells that hate cats in general, not all repel them in the same way. What we can assure you is that with the right combination of elements you can get, without damaging the feline, that the access and stay in your territory become a challenge of obstacles for him, and therefore, he will look for a less hostile place for his interests.

If you want to continue learning more tricks, below we will show you some tips to prevent cats from urinating and defecating in your home, which also implies the marking of territory (and therefore her return), as well as the marking of other felines that they can approach and claim your house as theirs.

What to do so that cats do not shit in the garden?

If what bothers you most about the presence of street cats in your home are the heces and bad smell of urine, next we will explain you how to avoid that the cats shit in your garden or in the pots of your home:

  1. Get yourself a gardening shovel.
  2. Whenever you observe a rust or a deposition remove it, including the earth that surrounds it.
  3. Then sprinkle the area with vinegar or any other substance that acts as a homemade repellent.
  4. Clean pots, walls and floors with urine with enzymatic products.
  5. Avoid using ammonia or bleach.

Following these tips not only you will eliminate the bad smell, you will also be completely withdrawing pheromones that the feline has been able to leave in your home, which will prevent him from recognizing that area as his own and will prevent other felines from coming with the aim of marking, thus eliminating the presence of street cats.

Remember also that there are some diseases that stray cats can transmit through feces, so withdrawing should be your priority. Also, you should not forget that the faeces of carnivores do not serve as fertilizer for plants, so keeping them at home is never a good idea.

Tricks to scare away street cats that you should not use

Below we will show you some “tricks to scare cats” that you should not use. We will also explain why its use is not indicated, take note:

  1. Poison for cats: the use of poisons can be very dangerous in homes where there are children and other pets, as they could be ingested by accident. In addition, in the case of having an orchard or fruit trees, the feline could transport these substances and you could ingest them unintentionally.
  2. Use of toxic repellents: the problems derived are the same as in the previous case, in addition, you will be harming the flora and fauna of your garden.
  3. Scare a cat: the most probable thing is that, when scaring a cat, it flee in a terrified way. However, it may happen that he does not know where to hide or leave and that the conflict ends in attack. If you have never seen an aggressive cat better do not try these types of techniques, which can also turn against you, causing serious injuries.
  4. Wetting a cat: Wetting a cat, whether in winter or summer, is a matter of cruelty. The bath causes a significant lowering of defenses, which may favor the poor state of health of the feline.

It is better to bet on friendly techniques that show how to chase cats without killing them, hurting them or damaging them.

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