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How to cut a cat’s nails

A delicate moment in the care of the cat is the cut of the nails, our cats do not usually do any funny and it is very uncomfortable. But we must cut them off to prevent them from harming us, to do it to our furniture or even to do it to themselves. Therefore, we must learn the best way to interact with them so that we achieve our goal and they do not have a bad time.

Stay in and discover with us how to cut the nails to a cat step by step, You will see that it is much easier than you thought!

Cut the nails to a cat step by step

It is important to have a lot of patience but we must also know exactly how we are going to move, what moments we are going to choose, etc. Therefore, it is important to follow some guidelines basic always to make it easier to cut a cat’s nails:

  1. Since we were kidswe must accustom them When cutting nails, they will take it as a habit, if we do not do it when they grow up they will be much more reluctant and the process will become longer and more stressful for us, but above all for them.
  2. The moment to choose is fundamental, the cats are independent but they also look for our affection at times of the day, even sometimes they have a habit of a particular moment of the day in which they fancy enormously that they give them pampering. There we must take advantage of his predisposition to us so that they also pay attention to us.
  3. You have to go slowly, we can not take the scissors and get to it. First we have to get our hands to leave us touch their legs, which is something that they do not like either.
  4. That they see the scissors like something inoffensive. To achieve this, we must let them see them, smell them, play with them, touch their paws with the utensil and reward good behavior so that they can accommodate themselves. This step can be carried out any day, without necessarily proceeding after cutting your nails.
  5. If you think it will escape, maybe it is good to carry out the process between two people, although we believe that this can make the cat more nervous. So, we recommend having a lot of patience and do not overwhelm, but everything depends on the character of the cat.

With what and where to cut the cat’s nails

It is very important that we buy some specific scissors For cutting our cat’s nails, we can not use any, as they will be harmful to them. And it’s even more important that we do not overdo it, the cats retract their nails, some nails that we just have to cut off the tip, since if we deviate further we can cut the vein they have in the nail, producing great pain to our furry companion, in addition to a bleeding wound. Therefore, it is advisable to ask our trusted veterinarian to show us the first time, since after that we can proceed to cut the nails to the cat more easily.

Tips for cutting the nails to the cat

In case we accidentally cut more, we have to have at hand stippling powder to cut the bleeding immediately and make him suffer as little as possible.

Likewise, there are operations to completely eliminate the nails of our cat, surgery that we should not do in any case, since, in addition to being a practice prohibited in many countries, instead of encouraging the care of the cat we seriously harm your health and we submit it to a process that does not bring you any benefit. To get all the information about it, do not miss the following article: “Is it good to amputate a cat’s nails?”.

Image of cutting the nail to the cat

Here you can see in great detail how it should be get a cut fingernail, how should you catch your cat and the final result. If you have any problem, doubt or question, do not hesitate to leave it to us and our experts will help you. Finally, see our article on “How often to cut a cat’s nails?” To know the recommended periodicity.

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