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How to clean my cat’s teeth?

Domestic cats require different care to stay healthy and prevent certain pathologies. Among them we find the Oral hygiene, one of the most important care, but at the same time most forgotten, because it depends on the cat’s teeth being healthy, without bacterial plaque or tartar, and will help prevent the loss of parts, which is quite common in adult and elderly cats .

It is not always easy to follow a brushing routine, because in many occasions adult cats that have not been groomed can never be frightened or even aggressive in the face of excessive manipulation. However, with patience and following our advice you can achieve it. Do you want to know how to clean your cat’s teeth? Find out in this article!

How to take care of my cat’s teeth?

As we have advanced you in the introduction, it is fundamental that the tutors learn to take care of the teeth of the cat to maintain an adequate hygiene and to avoid the loss of dental pieces. We must know that the plate accumulation It can lead to various pathologies that cause pain, bad breath and infections.

Some periodontal diseases in the cat are:

  • Sarro
  • Dental resorption
  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Stomatitis
  • Pulpitis

To prevent the appearance of these pathologies, it is essential to create a oral cleaning routine, although in the most serious cases it will be necessary to perform a dental cleaning in a veterinary center, using the appropriate technology, to properly remove the tartar from the cat’s mouth.

How often should I brush my cat’s teeth?

The brushing routine It will vary depending on the individual and the ease that it presents when it comes to accumulating tartar, which may depend on several factors, such as feeding the cat. However, although it would be ideal to clean the cat’s teeth daily, in some cases it may be sufficient to perform 2 or 3 brushed a week to maintain proper hygiene.

The veterinarian is undoubtedly the specialist who can best guide us when determining how often to brush a cat’s teeth, do not hesitate to ask him any doubts that may arise.

Products to clean the teeth of cats

Toothpaste for cats

It is very important to note that the toothpaste for cats is not the same as that used by humans. In fact, cleaning the teeth of a cat with toothpaste for human use can be very harmful to our cat, leading to possible poisoning in the cat.

In the market, whether in physical stores for animal products or online stores, we can buy toothpaste for cats of different types and flavors. Also, in you can find some recipes for you to learn how to make toothpaste for homemade cats, very easy and fast.

Toothbrush for cats

Likewise, in the market we will also find different types of toothbrushes for cats, some similar to those for human use and others that only cover the tutor’s finger, to make the handling of the area easier and more comfortable. In any case, we can replace the brush with gauze.

How can I clean my cat’s teeth without fleeing or scratching?

The ideal is to accustom the cat to regular brushing from its puppy stage, when you are in the middle of a socialization period, in this way, we will be able to accept this process in a positive way. However, when we talk about adult cats, this routine can become somewhat complicated, because they often appear fears that cause the cat to flee and even aggressiveness towards their guardians.

It is very advisable to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere, in which the cat feels comfortable. We can wrap it like a “tamale”, leaving its head exposed, to prevent it from moving and we can harm it without wanting to. It is important that during the process we use positive reinforcement to associate this experience with pleasant things. We can caress him and give him affectionate words in a soft and sharp tone.

How to clean my cat’s teeth? – Step by Step

Here’s how to properly brush a cat’s teeth:

  1. Make sure your cat is calm and relaxed.
  2. Gently lift your upper lip and begin to brush the outside of the teeth gently and downward, making sure to remove debris and accumulated dirt.
  3. Use your thumb and forefinger to make your cat open its mouth slightly, always gently.
  4. Brush the inside of the cat’s teeth, following the same technique as with the outside.
  5. Once finished, you will not need to rinse, but you should allow the cat to drink water if desired.

Alternatives to tooth brushing in cats

In some cases, the experience is so unpleasant for felines and for the tutor, that it is preferable to look for alternatives to brush the cat’s teeth. We explain some of them:

  • Dental toys for cats: they are a complementary option to keep the teeth of the cats clean. Being a toy, the interaction is usually positive and not very invasive for them.
  • Oral language for cats: It is usually mixed with water, which makes its use quite simple. However, some cats do not accept it well.
  • Spray toothpaste: as in the previous case, not all cats accept this type of dental hygiene method, since it usually scares them the sound and the method of application.
  • Dental feed for cats: some brands, especially those that have a gamma of veterinary prescription, have balanced feed that helps maintain good dental hygiene. Check with your trusted veterinarian.
  • Mouth cleaning at the vet: the cat is usually sleepy and has a somewhat high price, however, a thorough cleaning is carried out to ensure complete removal of tartar.

Now you know how to clean your cat’s teeth and some extra alternatives, what else would you add to the list? Leave us your comments with your doubts and suggestions!

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