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How to choose the best feed for my cat?

Cats have become booming pets with respect to other animals because they are so highly independent and have little dependence on humans, something that makes them easy to care for and maintain.

However, and despite being an animal that does not require many attentions, if it needs adequate care to stay healthy and in a proper state for longer.

In the event that all your food passes through our hand, you must take into account certain aspects when knowing how to choose the best feed for my cat. In we give you the keys to know how to find it.

What really should a cat eat?

The first thing we should know is the typical feeding of felines in freedom, from there we can assess the type of feed that suits you.

For a cat, that they are strictly carnivorous animals, therefore an amino acid naturally present in meat is presented as essential in the diet of our cats, is taurine. Other things that the meat contains and that the cat of course needs are proteins and to a lesser extent fat.

Also depend on your age the amount of each of the nutrients you will need, it will not be the same as a basic diet that has to receive a cat less than three years, than one of three to seven, than another that already exceeds that age. In the market we find different gammas adapted to the age.

When we review the diet that cats should take, we look at the most normal thing is that you opt for Feed your cat with feed in combination with wet food of tin. Of course you will know that it is not a good idea to feed it with people’s food.

Feeding our pets with leftovers from our meals or foods that we usually eat and that seem to enchant your cat is not correct, you will not be providing the nutrients you need and in more serious cases could cause some kind of poisoning.

Below we explain how to choose the right feed for your cat according to the ingredients it contains.

Learn to read and understand the labels of cat feed

To know how to choose the best feed for my cat we must look at the label to see the composition of it and you will be able to read about many elements but you must attend to some fundamental points:

  • The meat or fish should be the main ingredient of the feed for your cat, ideally it contains dried or dried meat (dehydration method) as the main ingredient, behind these we will place the fresh meat. It is important to clarify the type of meat it contains and of course what animal it comes from, with the point that it comes from animal origin is not enough.
  • The percentage of flours or cereals contained in the feed should be as low as possible. A high percentage will mean that I think is not quality.
  • The origin and quantity of fats should also be indicated.
  • It is necessary to avoid certain preservatives in food such as BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin that can be carcinogenic to your cat.

In response to these conditions we will have feed of different qualities and prices, low range, medium range and high range. You will be able to differentiate them to the extent that you can evaluate the correct percentages of their content, however you should know that even within each range you can find many differences, which can result in an excellent feed that has a lower price than another that is not so convenient .

You should also consider acquiring wet food cans. Feeding it continuously with dry food may cause a kidney disorder or lead to mild dehydration. Cats are animals that in freedom Ingest an 70% of the water necessary for your body through food.

That is why it is advisable that you contribute a certain amount of water through this type of food, but you should also look at the factors that we have indicated above and you should bear in mind that this type of food is more greasy than the feed, hence not It is recommended for cats who are overweight or have an eating disorder.

The belief that cats drink little water is not true, it is false, if the cat has access to clean and clear water it will drink all that it needs.

Of course if your cat is sterilized you will need a much lower intake of fat because its activity will be lower and its tendency to obesity greater, hence requiring special feed type and “light”, too to avoid the problems derived from an eating disorder such as overweight.

If you have doubts at the beginning the best thing is that consult with your veterinarian that will recommend you in full knowledge of the cause and the amount of wet food that is best for your feline companion.

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