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How to change a cat’s sandbox?

The placement of the sandbox is one of the first questions posed by the caregiver of a cat recently arrived at home. Finding the right place to dispose the bathroom of our cat must match their needs with the comfort of the human, likewise, it must keep enough distance with the feeder and the drinking fountain. Once found the balance, and being the animal cats of customs, any change in their environment is a source of doubt. In this article, we are going to explain why and how to change a cat’s sandbox. If you like cats, you are interested!

Cats and changes

Cats are animals of customs, so that all changes have to be made in a controlled manner and, above all, when there really is a need to introduce a modification. This means that if our cat uses the sandbox without problems in the place where we have arranged it, there is no need to change it. If for a reason of weight we must move it, how to change the place of the cat’s sandbox can be as easy as arranging it in the new location that we have decided and showing it to him. Generally, within the same home and if there are no more changes, the cat accepts the transfer well, provided that the appropriate measures are respected. Of course, if the cat is not using the sandbox, it is more than enough reason to change it, as it may be feeling uncomfortable with it or with the location, this being the cause of the problem.

Tips to know where to put the cat sandbox at home

If we have to move the cat litter box, the new site and the litter box must meet the following characteristics:

  • Recollection, the sandbox should be arranged in a quiet and intimate place, away from traffic areas and noise. With the current dimensions of housing, especially the floors, the favorite place is usually the bathroom, which is the room that spends the most time empty, which promotes the tranquility that the cat requires.
  • Our cat in his sandbox must feel hidden and protected, let’s not forget that the elimination is a moment of vulnerability, but, at the same time, it has to have an easy “escape” so that it is not trapped. Although our enemies will not stalk our house (or, figuratively speaking, if we live with more cats), the cat keeps its instincts in a way that requires the sandbox and its location to meet these requirements.
  • If there is more than one cat at home, there must be same number of sandboxes as cats + 1, to avoid problems between them.
  • Some cats prefer closed sandboxes while others will reject what is not an open tray. We will have to try and find out which is the box of sand that our pussycat prefers.
  • The sandbox it must have the right size so that the cat can turn around without having to leave it.
  • In addition, it must contain enough sand to allow the cat to bury its stool. It is very important for him to be able to hide his trail.
  • As for the type of sand, there is variety to choose from in the market. We can try several and let the cat decide or, if you use them indistinctly, we will stay with the one that we like the most according to its quality / price ratio and its functionality. We can find them absorbs odors and perfumed, although the latter some cats do not accept them.
  • The height of the sandbox should be adapted to the conditions of the cat. Thus, too high walls are not going to be recommended for kittens or elderly cats and / or with mobility problems.
  • In addition to customs, cats like cleanliness. Must keep the sandpit very clean.

Recommendations to make the change

Once established where to place the sandbox of the cat, it is time to make the change. When changing a cat’s sandbox, we can rely on the following measures:

  • Show him where he is the sandbox in its new location. That sees us change it of site.
  • To encourage him to use it, he can put on an odor that attracts him.
  • If we see that the cat is affected by the change or we want to anticipate a possible rejection, we can resort to treatments with pheromones reassuring or Bach Flowers.

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