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How to care for a cat with hip fracture

Cats have seven lives? That is not always the case. Whoever has a cat at home will know that they are companion animals that like heights, risks and free fall. Regrettably, the feline accidents in the home, especially those of gravity, so it is unknown since when there is this statement that offers long life to felines.

We must know that cats really do not have seven lives and that they can suffer serious accidents that require a lot of help from the owners, after leaving the veterinary practice. In today we bring you a help guide to know how to care for a cat with a hip fracture, without our house being a chaos and we can collaborate with this terrible pathology.

Flying cat syndrome

The term of the parachutist cat syndrome or flying cat It is given to animals that not only enjoy the heights, but also, they throw themselves voluntarily or fall by accident from 7 meters or 2 height floors. Normally this episode does not end well so we have to go as quickly as possible to veterinary emergencies to assist him. Another saying that we know since time immemorial, is that cats always fall on their feet, which is generally true. But as agile as they are and the great flexibility they have in their legs, they can suffer very serious falls that need immediate assistance from a professional.

Normally they have a very developed sense of balance but any external stimulus, whether it is a noise, a branch that breaks when they are not yet ready or a miscalculation that prevents our cat from reaching a window or the ground, can become in a tragic feat.

I do not want to dwell on this much, but not only do we come to the hip fracture on this side. Also, he could have been run over, so reading about first aid for hit-and-run cats is essential.

Caring for a cat with a hip fracture

Once the unfortunate accident occurred and we left with our little one, with a life less, from the veterinary office we must begin the care You will need until your full recovery.

First of all, we must follow all the advice of our veterinarian to the letter. From handling pain with analgesics until limiting the movements to be able to accelerate their recovery, I recommend to inform ourselves about the natural analgesics for cats, to the comforts that you will need during these months.

Within amenities that we can offer, we will have to see if he normally slept at a certain height. Then it is advisable to lower your bed so you can be in it, with its smells, on the floor. We will have to help him to do his needs, like pee and poop, holding him so that, out of pain, he does not decide to make him lie down, which, psychologically, can affect him more than the injury itself.

In these cases we can rely on Homeopathy and / or Bach Flowers, since they can give a great reinforcement to the treatment and when going through different routes within our pet, it does not interfere with the medication recommended by the allopathic veterinarian.

The cat when it feels bad, or weak, tends not to eat or drink. We must be attentive to if this happens since it can not, in its situation, afford to be weak since we will delay the recovery. The fractures of hip or of big bones very important for our animal, must ossify the best possible since they are the sustenance of almost all its small body.

Looking ahead

In this section we will give some measures to consider for the prevention of new accidents. As it is impossible to change, we do not want to do it, the genetics of cat behavior, here are some preventive measures:

  • Limit access to terraces, balconies, etc, without our supervision.
  • Place containment nets to avoid falls from balconies or outdoor areas that may represent a potential danger.
  • Castration in cats that are used to leaving home to seek mating may be advice, but we will not always limit falls with this intervention.
  • Care especially for elderly cats since their movements are usually limited and they, like elderly humans, refuse to accept it.
  • Play with our pussycat to give him a reason to be near us.

This article is merely informative, in .com we do not have the faculty to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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