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How to care for a cat in summer?

Pay attention to the care of a cat during the summer is extremely important, because at this time of year the high presence of parasites and heat contribute to our feline can get sick, especially if we talk about newborn cats or puppies. It should also be noted that during the summer our cats are more predisposed to sunbathing, which increases their levels of vitamin D and provides them with greater well-being.

In this article we will review with you the care of a cat in summer and we will explain what measures you should take to avoid any problem and how we can help them to suffer less heat. Discover below everything you should know about cats in summer, you can not miss it!

1. Make sure it hydrates

The heat of summer makes our cats dehydrate easily and precisely for that reason, it is appropriate that any owner is able to identify dehydration in a cat. You should only gently pinch the skin of the nape of the neck and see if it returns to its place in a few seconds or if it stays at the point where we left it. The elasticity of the skin is directly related to hydration. To prevent our cat from becoming dehydrated, we will have at your disposal fresh and clean water at all times. In addition, renewing it regularly will encourage the cat to drink and also be pleasant.

Another important aspect that directly influences hydration is the feeding of the cat. Dry feeds (also known as croquettes) usually cause more thirst, on the contrary, wet canned food They contain a high percentage of water, which helps them hydrate. Another option can be betting on homemade diets, which by not going through a drying process also provide extra water.

Here are some extra tricks to keep a cat hydrated:

  1. Add an ice to the water bowl: this little trick will make the water stay fresher for longer and, thanks to that, we will not need to renew it so regularly.
  2. Get a water source: more and more people decide to acquire a source of water for cats, since it not only refreshes them, but also directly influences their enrichment and play behaviors.

2. Take care of your coat

The mantle of our felines is a barrier of natural protection that isolates them from the cold in winter and keeps them cool in summer, for that reason, caring for the cat’s fur should be one of our priorities. Through a regular brushing routine we will achieve remove dead hair and dirt, which will help you feel cooler. Ideally, a short-haired cat receives between two and three brushes a week and a cat with long hair receives it every two or three days at the most. Discover in some recommendations so you know how to brush a kitten properly.

Persian cats in summer, as well as other breeds of long-haired cats, tend to suffer much more heat and it is at that point when the owners wonder if it is advisable to cut the hair of cats in summer. The truth is that, as we have explained, the mantle helps the cat feel fresher, provided it is well brushed and free of knots and dead hair, for that reason, It is not advisable to cut a cat’s hair in summer. In fact, cutting it too much can cause our feline to have more heat and even predisposes him to sunburn.

A curious detail is that many people wonder if cats lose weight in summer. In reality it is only our perception. Cats do not lose weight, but they shed their fur steadily (although more exaggeratedly in spring and autumn) to adapt it to the ambient temperature, which causes us to look thinner.

3. Watch the sun hours

It is a fact that cats love sunbathing: they enjoy pleasingly the warmth and relaxation that sunlight gives them. However, we must ensure that during the hottest hours our cat is not directly exposed, as this can cause a heat stroke.

If our cat has access to the outside, it is preferable that we limit its departure times at dawn and dusk and during the day stay indoors. If it seems something boring or restless to go out, we can stimulate you with games, caresses or brushing sessions.

But if locking him up at home is not an option for you, we advise you to acquire a coolant mat for cats, that will help you to be fresh when he needs it. You can place it on your cat’s bed in summer or in a shady place on the outside.

4. Visit your veterinarian

As we have advanced you in the introduction, summer is a time of the year in which external parasites and internal parasites abound, for that reason, one of the first measures that we recommend to ensure your good health will be to go to the vet for acquire dewormers external and internal. Even if your cat does not leave home, it can also be infested through vectors (like mosquitoes) or through dirt that you can carry in your shoes. Likewise, following the cat vaccination schedule will also be especially important, since it depends on whether or not you suffer from serious viral diseases.

5. If you leave on vacation.

It is totally normal that during this time of year you plan to have a few days off, however, do you really know how many days a cat can be alone at home? And more specifically in summer? None! Cats need regular supervision, since they are very curious animals that, in their eagerness to play and discover, could overturn their drinking troughs, even if it is a behavior you have never observed before and which you consider unlikely. They could also be dried by the own claor.

If you leave on vacation, be sure to contact a person who can visit your address once a day to make sure everything is going well. Explain how to cool your cat, how to protect your cat from heat and many other tips to consider, such as the provision of abundant water in summer.

If on the other hand you are evaluating traveling by car with a cat, make sure to provide water from time to time and never leave it in the car alone, as a vehicle in the sun rises extremely high inside temperature, predisposing your cat to suffer the already mentioned heat stroke.

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