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How to calculate the human age of cats?

Did you know that the oldest cat in the world is called Scooter and has 30 years? It may seem amazing, but a domestic cat that has received all the necessary care has an extraordinary longevity.

If you live with one of these genuine pets it is possible that you have already asked yourself how much a cat lives, placing the average life expectancy between the 15 and the 20 years, but surely you have other concerns about it. In this article we show you how to calculate the human age of cats.

The equivalence in age depends on the life stage of the cat

As happens when we try to calculate the human age of a dog, you should know that in the case of cats it is not possible to make statements of the type: each year of a cat is equivalent to 5 years of a human, for example. This happens because the equivalence between feline years and human years is dynamic and varies depending on the life stage where the cat is.

For example, a cat reaches adulthood at approximately two years of age, which means that this short period of time could translate into 24 human years.

On the other hand, when the cat has reached adulthood and begins to mature progressively until becoming irremediably an old cat, the equivalence between human years and animal years varies.

It could be summarized that in the period that separates a baby kitten from a young / adult kitten, there is great growth and maturation, which is equivalent to a good amount of human years, but when the organism has completely completed its development the difference begins to decrease noticeably.

The human age in the puppy cat

During the first six months of life the equivalence between feline and human years is:

  • First month of life: 1 year
  • Between the second and third month of life: 2-4 years
  • To the fourth month: 6-8 years
  • At six months: 10 years

Human age in the young cat and adolescent

In this stage the organism of the cat is finishing maturing in aspects such as behavior and sexuality. Until our pet reaches the 2 years of life the following equivalences can be established:

  • From the 7 to the 12 months: 12-15 years
  • From 12 to 18 months: 17: 21 years
  • To the 2 years: 24 human years

Human age in the mature and adult cat

A cat is considered adult and mature at 3 years of age and this life stage will lengthen approximately until it reaches the 6 years. It would equal the following human ages:

  • To the 3 years: 28 years
  • From the 4 to the 5 years: 30-36 years
  • To the 6 years: 40 years

Adulthood in the elderly cat

From the 7 years of life the cat will go in a very progressive way in what we would consider the third age. You can get to live more than 100 human years!

The equivalence in human years would be the following:

  • From the 7 to the 9 years: 43-52 years
  • To the 10 years of life: 56 years
  • To the 15 years: 75 human years
  • Between the 16 and 19 years: 90-92 years
  • Between the 20 and 22 years: 96-104 years
  • 24 years: 112 years

Enjoy the longevity of your cat

If you decide to welcome a cat in your family, it will be one more member: you will need different care, eat well to stay in top shape and be stimulated with pampering, games and some freedom. Calculating the human age of cats helps us understand our pet better and to accompany her through the different stages of life that she will go through with us.

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