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How to bathe a ragdoll cat

Animal file: Ragdoll

The ragdoll cat is a new breed product of a series of crosses between different breeds of cats. The result is a strong cat that can reach the 9 kg, with a semi-long, silent hair, extremely tame and affectionate with its owners, patient with children, clean and with a peculiar peculiarity that explains its appellation ragdoll (doll of cloth).

This characteristic is that when you are caught in your arms instantly, you loose your muscles. It is a very adorable cat and appreciated by many people.

In we will tell you the best way to bathe your cat ragdoll. Keep reading!

Accustomed to contact with water.

The ragdoll cat is a very clean pet by itself, therefore it will not be necessary to bathe it too often.

We will start to bathe him, or rather wet him, when he is a puppy. It is very important that you get used to the warm water, the bathroom environment and the experience is pleasurable. Initially we will only wet it with warm / hot water for a couple of minutes without applying any shampoo.

Accustom the cat to the drying process

We have before hand the towel and the dryer before starting the bath. When we dry the cat, two things are very important: Do not burn it with excessive temperature of the air and not frighten it with noise, or directing the flow of air to sensitive areas: Eyes, muzzle, and inside of the ears.

There are silent dryers for pets in stores.

Brushing the cat

The process of brushing the ragdoll cat is the most important for the health and welfare of your pet. By brushing, which must be done a couple of times a week At least, you will eliminate the dead hair of the cat and prevent its ingestion by licking when grooming.

In this simple way you will avoid the annoying trichobezoars (balls of hair in the digestive system), which cause so much fatigue and discomfort to cats.

The adult bath of the ragdoll cat

Once the cat is an adult and has gradually become accustomed to the process of the bath and all its liturgy, it will be time to apply a special shampoo for cats.

There are different brands and prices in pet stores. Avoid those that contain parabens, since they are usually the ones with the worst quality and most chemicals. Try not to soap the eyes or the inside of the ears. After clarifying it, dry the cat very well.

The summer bath

During the summer slightly increase the frequency of the bath, as well as the brushing since your cat will lose more hair than usual to withstand the heat. Brushing can be very short, from 2 to 5 minutes, but it will be optimal to practice it daily. In this way you will control if your ragdoll cat has parasites.

It is not usual for ragdoll cats to catch fleas, as they are not adventurous. But sunbathing next to a pot, or if you also have a dog, may be the case.

For this reason when bathing use shampoos with integrated insect repellents, or use pipettes with these products. In this way you will protect your ragdoll cat from fleas, ticks and the dangerous mosquito bites.

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