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How many cats can I have at home?

Cat lovers would welcome thousands of these animals: they are clean, beautiful, affectionate, fun, have a great personality. However, it is usual to stop to think, How many cats can I have at home? Will they be too many?

Especially if we have more than two, it is essential to stop to reflect, simply, to evaluate if it is correct or not and what it can entail to have many cats in the same home. For example, does it affect your well-being? Are they happy living in large communities? Next, in we will solve some of your doubts:

How many people live in the home?

It is very important to understand that all cats, however independent, need the affection and attention that, at times, only we can provide (especially in very introverted cats or that do not know how to relate to other cats), so it is estimated that we can have as many cats as hands, as explained by the Gats Educator.

That is, a couple could have up to four cats, while a single person would be convenient to have only two. We must emphasize that this is a generic indication and that there are people who live with “more cats of the account” but covering well their affective and other needs.

Why is not it convenient to have many cats together?

If we spend many hours away from home, it is advisable to have a couple of cats, mainly so that they do not suffer all the time that we are outside. However, having 10 or more cats at home is not an ideal situation, mainly for the following reasons:

  • Can we cover all your basic needs? Having a large number of cats in the home can trigger our expenses between food, sand or toys.
  • Do we take into account the good state of health of all of them? Although initially all are vaccinated, sterilized and chip, the spread of a virus can affect them all, so the veterinary cost would skyrocket enormously. If we can not afford a situation of this kind (however unlikely it may be) we do not have the ideal number of cats in our home.
  • Can we dedicate them all at the same time? Cats, regardless of social contact, also require mental stimulation to not feel bored. For example, playing with them, brushing them or simply taking them into account in our day-to-day life is essential for them to feel happy. If you do not spend time with your cats, in a short time you will begin to observe destructive behaviors and even stereotypes.
  • Do we know the personality of our cats? Identifying the feline language and knowing the character of each of our cats is very important to know if they are well, if they need more attention than the rest, if we should enhance their exploratory behavior, etc. Having too many cats can make us not pay attention to behaviors that demand attention or problems related to health, for example.

I have many cats in my house, what do I do?

Si you have answered no to any of these questions, is that you probably have more cats on the bill. Reflect on whether this is a correct attitude or if, on the contrary, you should consider looking for second homes for your cats.

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