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How long is the pregnancy of a cat?

In this article, we are going to talk about how long is the pregnancy of a cat so that, if we are facing a cat in a state, we have an idea of ​​the date for which we should prepare the arrival of the kittens. We will also explain how we can know, approximately, how long a cat is pregnant, how we will identify the pregnancy or How many kittens can you give birth?. It is important that we consult with our veterinarian so that he pays us an adequate follow-up.

Duration of pregnancy of a cat

The cats can pass good part of the year in heat, because this is related to sunlight. During this period they will be able to be mounted by the males that, after the copulation, when withdrawing their penis covered with spicules, induce ovulation. Due to the long duration of the heat we will have a high fertility in the cats. For more information, do not miss this article: “How long is a cat’s zeal”.

If we collect some more than 6 months, which is the age at which they usually start their jealousy, we must control it in case it is in a state. For this, it is important that we know how long the pregnancy lasts for a cat, which is usually located in two months (58-67 days) both the pregnancy of a first-time cat and in successive pregnancies. We will see, then, other relevant aspects.

How to know how much my cat is pregnant?

We have placed the duration of a cat’s pregnancy in about eight weeks. If our cat was in heat and it is interrupted we can think that the gestation has taken place, although in the first weeks we will not appreciate in it any significant change that makes us suspect that it is in state. If we think you may be pregnant, towards the 20 days our veterinarian may detect it with a ultrasound. If the pregnancy is not desired, it can be interrupted at this time. Although some veterinarians perform ovariohysterectomies at any time during pregnancy, operating with an advanced pregnancy increases the risks.

Towards the middle of pregnancy we can notice among the main symptoms of pregnancy that the abdomen of the cat has increased of size. If we have not done it before, we should feed the mother with a specific feed for growing kittens because it will be the one that covers their new nutritional needs, or follow a homemade diet with the advice of a veterinarian specialized in nutrition. This sign can tell us that the cat is pregnant about four or five weeks approximately.

At the end of pregnancy if we support the hands on both sides of the abdomen we may notice the movement of the kittens. The breasts will be enlarged in preparation for breastfeeding. The search for a quiet place, a decrease in appetite or the appearance of vaginal discharge are signs that labor is imminent. Looking at these data will help us determine how much our cat is pregnant, which will be around seven weeks of gestation.

How many cats can a cat give birth?

We’ve said how long a cat’s pregnancy lasts, so at the end of the two months we must wait for the birth. In general, cats stop alone without complications and we just have to leave them alone. Even so, we must be attentive and with the veterinarian’s phone at hand in case of any problem during the delivery of the cat.

About how many cats a cat can give birth there is no fixed number. The average is four, but this figure may fluctuate between 1 and 5 small. If the veterinarian has determined the number of fetuses during pregnancy, after birth we must say that they are all. If the figure does not match we will have to warn you. Check this article to discover “How long is a cat’s birth?”

How many times a year do cats stop?

In the same year, if we do not prevent it, the cat can have offspring again, with the obligation that this implies when sending them all to responsible homes. Given the high number of homeless cats, the option is, without doubt, sterilization.

The sterilization of a cat

The cats are seasonal polyestrics, which means that during the months of more sunlight, usually from the end of winter to the beginning of autumn, they will be jealous continuously, only slowed down if fertilization occurs.

Knowing how long a cat’s pregnancy lasts, it is easy to calculate that it can give birth to more than one litter per year and, taking into account the beginning of sexual maturity, all these kittens will be reproducing the following year. By making calculations we will understand the importance of sterilization. This surgery can be performed before the first heat and, in addition to controlling the birth rate, entails health benefits, such as avoid uterine infections or, to a large extent, breast tumors.

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