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How long is the delivery of a cat?

El birth of a cat It is one of the periods that most doubts arouse caregivers, perhaps because it is a process that runs mostly internally, so it is difficult to control it at first glance, which increases the uncertainty and fear that is not happening within of normality.

In this article we will see how long a cat’s delivery lasts to help caregivers to identify if the process is proceeding normally or, on the contrary, it is necessary to go to the veterinarian.

Signs that a cat will give birth

The cats have pregnancies of about 62-65 days and gestan an average of four kittens. They can give birth several times a year, usually in the brightest months. It is recommended that we carry out a veterinary follow-up of this period, which will help us to prevent problems, establish an approximate date of delivery and control the proper development of the pregnancy. We must also change their diet to adapt it to their new needs. We will notice that your intake increases, although it will decrease or even will stop eating during the days before delivery.

The approximation of births is related to changes in your body temperature so that, by measuring it, we can approach the probable date of delivery. Likewise, another symptom that indicates that a cat is going to give birth soon is the preparation of the nest, so it is normal for the cat to look for a sheltered and safe place for this moment. We can make a bed with materials such as sheets, towels or soaps and place it in a place of your liking. Even so, you may prefer to find your own nest.

On the other hand, before giving birth we can notice restless, scratching the ground, turning on itself, lying down and getting up, etc. We will also notice that your activity decreases and you spend more time lying down. So, now that we have clear how to know if a cat is in labor, in the next section we will see how long the delivery of a cat lasts.

How long does it take to give birth to a cat?

The question of how long the delivery of a cat lasts can only be answered in an approximate way, since it is not a process that responds to fixed rules. Even so it is possible to offer some times that can serve as guidance to the caregivers when determining if the delivery is proceeding in the usual way or there are delays that may imply problems.

You have to know, first of all, that the delivery is composed of first phase of dilatation, where the uterine contractions are opening the cervix to allow the passage of the offspring, and a second expulsion in which the little kittens are born. To know how long the delivery of a first-time cat lasts, we must bear in mind that the dilatation phase can be prolonged. It is possible that before the birth begins the cat loses the mucous plug, which is the substance that has sealed the uterus during pregnancy to prevent infections. This plug can fall between 7 and 3 days before delivery, although not always we will observe it because it is normal that the cat licks. If they spend more days we should consult with the veterinarian, just as if a greenish discharge occurs not followed by the birth of a baby.

How long does it take to give birth to a cat since it breaks water?

It is important to differentiate between the plug and the secretion of amniotic fluid from a bag break. How long does it take to give birth to a cat since it breaks waters? do not exceed 2-3 hours, that is, before that time we should observe signs of childbirth. The calves are usually born at intervals of half an hour, although there are especially fast births in which a kitten is born every minute. On the contrary, births may take an hour. More time is reason for consultation.

Can a cat give birth in several days?

Although the period of dilation may be longer than the period of expulsion, the normal delivery runs fast. A cat can not give birth in several days, so if it takes more than 24 hours of delivery, it will be necessary to go to the specialist to see what happens.

When the delivery of the cat lengthens

Once explained how long the delivery of a cat lasts, we will see some times that they will require veterinary intervention:

  • Once contractions have started, if more than 2 elapses without them.
  • Very weak contractions during 2-4 hours.
  • Very intense contractions in the expulsive without the birth of any puppy in 20-30 minutes.
  • Regardless of the times, if we observe any obstruction in the birth canal.

Any of these signs may indicate a problem in the babies or in the mother and we will have to contact our veterinarian. It may be indicated a Caesarean section.

How to help a cat to give birth?

Generally the cats stop fast and do not need help, but, just in case, these are some tips to facilitate the task:

  • Prepare a comfortable nest, safe and, above all, quiet.
  • Do not disturb it nor manipulate it.
  • Observe it discreetly to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • When the kitten is born, its mother releases it from the amniotic bag, licks it to clean it and cuts the umbilical cord. If we observe that the cat does not do any of these actions, we should, with clean hands, break the bag and bring it to his mother. If he does not lick it either, we have to clean his nose and mouth, by introducing a finger, and gently rubbing it on the spine to stimulate breathing. We will leave it on a nipple to start breastfeeding.
  • Any sign like the ones we have described is reason to call our veterinarian.

How to know if my cat finished giving birth?

As we said in previous sections, since a kitten is born until the next one comes out, it does not usually take more than an hour, so, in general, if after two hours after the last birth there are no signs of another, we can deduce that the delivery of the cat is over. If we have done some radiographic monitoring during pregnancy, we may know the exact number of offspring that it was pregnant. In this case we will know with how many kittens we can end the delivery.

A sign that can tell us that a cat has finished giving birth is her attitude, since when she has given birth to all her offspring, she usually dedicates herself to them, lick them and check that they feed, or get up to drink water and recover a little strength. If the cat is still lying or is still agitated, you may still have some kitten inside and present difficulties to expel it. We emphasize the importance of call the vet for these cases. See the article on “Problems in the delivery of a cat” to identify them and act quickly.

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