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Homemade costumes for cats

We know how fun it is to disguise a cat either because of his vast sense of humor, the faces of disgust that come to put and even the excitement of calculating in how many seconds he is going to take it off. Still we are a little geeks and we love to wear human clothes, glasses and hats, whatever it takes to have a good time with him on Halloween or Christmas.

In this article you will find ideas of all kinds that will make you spend an unforgettable time together and that you will achieve (or not) an endearing photo to hang on facebook.

Keep reading to see the best step by step to achieve homemade costumes for cats unique and friendly.

Do cats want to wear clothes?

Let’s be realistic: most costumes and full costumes are going to be a nuisance for our cat. Even so, there is a small segment of cats that “let themselves be done” and allow us to dress them at our whim, until they get tiredOf course.

On the other hand we find cat specimens that do want to wear clothes such as the sphynx cat, a hairless breed that in December will surely appreciate wearing a sweater over it.

Before disguising it, we will try to find some kind of clothes with which feel comfortable, without sacrificing your freedom of movement or your hygiene routine.

The cat with a bow tie or the cat with a scarf

If it’s the first time you dress up your cat, using a simple add-on is a good option. Being accustomed to wearing a collar with a rattle, the 24 hours of the day will not make much difference if you put this costume on it.

To achieve bridal look the cat with bow tie follow these steps:

  1. Find a shirt that you no longer use and do not worry about breaking it.
  2. Cut it just below the collar of the shirt leaving a button so that it can be fastened as if it were a necklace.
  3. Make a loop and sew it close to the button so that it is centered, we do not recommend that you use safety pins, the cat could get hurt.
  4. You can also create a female version using simply a piece of cloth simulating a woman’s handkerchief. You can even add a hat.
  5. Put it on your cat or cat.

The witch cat

No doubt this is also a simple costume because it does not require many items but perhaps your beloved pet is not happy to wear it, it may bother you.

To achieve bridal look of the witch cat follow these steps:

  1. Get yourself an XS-sized witch hat.
  2. Take black strips on both sides.
  3. Gently bind the two straps on the bottom of the cat’s head.
  4. It manages not to take it away.

The lion cat

El bridal look the lion cat It is not especially complicated to do, for this you will need a cloth with hair similar to that of a lion and follow these steps:

  1. Grab the cloth that will simulate the hair of the lion and cut it in a triangular shape to the size of your cat, enough to make a return to his neck. The furrier the fabric, the better.
  2. Sew a Velcro that will join both ends of the “hair” and join them in the neck.
  3. The pointed end of the triangle will look like the end of the hair.
  4. Get another smaller piece of fabric for the tip of the tail and follow the same process, in this case it is preferable that the fabric is cut in a rounded way so that the “ball” effect is funnier.

Hello Kitty

This is an exclusive costume for white cats, otherwise people will not understand what we have tried to do. To achieve disguise your Hello Kitty cat You will need white cloth, pink cloth and desire to sew. The idea is to create a kind of “hood”.

  1. Draw the shape of Hello Kitty’s head on the white cloth.
  2. Cut it out and make an exact copy using the first as a template.
  3. Make a hole not too big so your cat can get his head out.
  4. Sew both fabrics to form the hood.
  5. Make the bow of the head and the neck following the steps of the cat with a bow tie.
  6. Sew well all the parts to join them. Do not use pins or safety pins, the velcro is better.
  7. Topping the job sewing a mustache.

The spider cat

This costume is designed especially for joking or somewhat sinister people, it will depend on the case, even so it is a quite simple disguise to do for those who can not resist after seeing the final images. The spider cat is a source of videos on YouTube and unsurpassable scares, what are you waiting to try?

  1. Get yourself a big spider stuffed toy. You can also use fabric, a small sweater of your sister or whatever you think, rewards originality. You can tie it to the body with a tape, a Velcro, a braid.
  2. Add long legs that remain in a minimally stable way around the cat’s body simulating a large spider.
  3. Add bulging eyes, pincers or anything that might scare your neighbors.
  4. Put it on the cat.

Cat and owner

If yours is something more daring try Accompany your cat and dress up with him! You will find very creative ideas that appear in the cinema or television as for example: Shrek and the cat in boots, Alice in the Wonderland or Sabrina and the cat Salem.

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