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Home remedies for fleas in cats

You just adopted a kitten or you have a pet that constantly goes for a walk and you have found yourself saying My cat has fleas!. Well, do not worry about the account anymore, because we will teach you how to fight them naturally and with Home Remedies They will keep this annoying parasite at bay and help your little friend to live happier than ever.

Eliminating fleas from cats is not such a complicated task. As with any feline condition, it is always better to work on prevention, but if our pet is already infected, these home remedies for fleas in cats, made with natural ingredients and homemade will help you to free your little hunter from this nightmare.

The bathroom: chokes the fleas!

The first home remedy for fleas in cats is undoubtedly a good bath. Cats are extremely clean animals, but once they have been infected with fleas, their tongue baths are not enough to eliminate them.

For prepare a good shower To eliminate the fleas of your pet you will need:

  • Warm water
  • Shampoo for babies with sensitive skin
  • Lavender, cintronella or eucalyptus oil
  • Fine barbed comb for cats
  • Patience

Prepare a special anti-flea shampoo by mixing one lot of shampoo with another oil shampoo (you can use one or more of the proposed oils). While showering your pet make sure to rub the back and tail well, since most fleas will be entrenched there. If possible, let the shampoo and oils act for a few 5-10 minutes. Remember to avoid getting wet or use shampoo on the ears and head.

Then rinse the cat very well and dry thoroughly with a good towel. This is the best part for them, so do it with a lot of love. Finally, finish getting rid of the annoying fleas of your little one by passing the brush all over his body.

Important tips:

Your cat is not a dog so under no circumstances use products designed to control fleas in dogs. Not only will they not be effective, they can also put your feline companion’s health at risk.

If it’s a kitten or a cat up to 3 months do not use the oils. The skin of cats is very sensitive and without being so small you could create a significant skin irritation.

Cats spend most of their time licking and cleaning themselves, so it is very important to thoroughly remove any remaining shampoo from your body. Otherwise, in addition to ending the flea problem, your cat could become intoxicated.

Not all cats like water, so that the process is not traumatic for your partner, do everything with love, patience and care. Do not light very powerful jets and control the temperature of the water.

During drying, place the cat on a light colored or white towel to make sure that the fleas that fall are killed properly.

General cleanliness: Clean house = Happy cat

It is useless to apply specific medications to our pet or to give him a good flea bath if we keep the house clean. Eliminating fleas from cats does not only mean acting on the animal but also on all the areas where it develops, at least on the ones we control: our house.

Once our little one has been infected with fleas, they will invade not only his body but also the furniture, the scraper and all those rooms in which your pet spends most of the time. Therefore, once we have acted on our cat, either with a shower or with some medication, the next thing we should do is disinfect our home.

To carry out this homemade, natural and effective remedy against fleas in cats you must have at hand:

  • Vaccum cleaner
  • Washer
  • White vinegar
  • A lot of hot water

Wash all blankets, sheets and clothing in general that has been in contact with your pet. Program the washing machine in a cycle with hot water and if you have a dryer use it, in this way we make sure to kill the fleas that have camped there.

Apart from this, Vacuums all furniture, scrapers or areas where your cat usually throws. We can not risk leaving free fleas that can re-infect our friend.

Finally, prepare a solution of white vinegar and hot water to clean the entire house. Use this for floors and surfaces like shelves or furniture.

What is diatomaceous earth?

The diatomaceous earth, also known as white earth, is a natural and ecological 100 product that is used in the treatment of external parasites in animals. It is a white powder of mineral origin that works as an insecticide.

This product, available in pet stores and organic, adheres to the body of cold-blooded parasites and absorbs their body fluids, killing them right away.

If you want to use it, you can spread it as if it were talcum powder on the furniture and your pet’s scraper. Let it act between 10 and 15 minutes and then vacuum, repeat the process a couple of times and voila.

Home flea spray

Another of the most popular home remedies for fleas in cats are the citrus spray. To do so, you will only need a couple of things:

  • Water
  • Orange or lemon skin
  • Bottle with atomizer

As if trying to make a tea, boil half a liter of water with the husks. Leave it to the fire a few minutes so that the skin of the fruit releases its aroma and then it reserves aside until it cools down completely. Pass the preparation through a sieve and fill with this the bottle with the atomizer.

You can use this antifouling citrus spray directly on your pet or on other contact surfaces such as your toys, your scraper or furniture where you like to be.

Cats are not very fond of citrus odors, so taking into account that our feline friends have a very developed sense of smell, it is convenient that you do not overdo the use of this type of natural flea spray.

Another thing you can use is chamomile or chamomile. Unlike lemon and orange, this smell does not bother cats and also, if it is a small kitten, instead of using a spray, you can spread a cotton with the chamomile solution and apply it gently and with Affection for the whole body of the child, especially in the back and tail.

Feeding: Make your cat unappetizing

An effective way to keep parasites like fleas at bay is control the feeding of your cat and make their smell and taste unappetizing for them. To achieve this, you can include extra products in your feed rations, such as:

You can use any of these two foods or alternate them, in small amounts, within the rations of wet or normal food that you give to your pet. Once a day will be more than enough and the result will be that your cat will not awaken the desire of the fleas, not being appetizing for them, they will not attack it.

Toxic food for cats

Although there are toxic foods and plants for cats, neither brewer’s yeast nor garlic pose a risk to your pet. In fact, garlic is considered a repellent for natural insects, but that if, always watching the quantities. although for it to become toxic, your cat would have to eat about 50 garlic a day.

Last tips

To finish with this article on home remedies for fleas in cats take note of these final tips:

  • Meet your enemy: Fleas are an external parasite that feeds on the blood of their guests. A female can put up to 20 eggs a day so it is best that you know well about the life of the fleas before you want to kill them.
  • Attacks fleas from all sidesRemember to do a complete cleaning, check all your pet’s toys and vacuum the entire house. When you have finished, take out the bag from the vacuum cleaner and freeze it or put it in the sun, the extreme temperatures end with these annoying insects.
  • That they do not come from outside: If your cat is 100% a child at home, nothing happens, but if you like to go out often you will not be able to avoid getting in contact with other animals full of fleas. It is best to make a protective shield for your adventurous feline. To do it, make a half spray with water and white vinegar, apply before each walk and go.
  • Consultation with experts: Even though you consider it to be an ecological and healthier solution, it is important that you always consult your veterinarian before applying home remedies to eliminate the fleas of your cat.
  • Prevention: The best way to avoid that your cat has fleas is focused on prevention, to do it we recommend that you inform your veterinarian and regularly deworm your cat.

This article is merely informative, in .com we do not have the faculty to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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