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Halloween costumes for cats

Witches, undead, ghosts and vampires invade the streets during the Halloween’s night hoping to find the perfect prey to be frightened of. The October 31 party is one of the most anticipated of the year for the multitude of surprises that await, the possibility of disguising our favorite villains and preparing a dinner set in the worst of our nightmares.

For years, the cat has been one of the main protagonists of this popular night, why not disguise it? Let your imagination fly and prepare the most terrifying and original costume for your cat, your guests will be speechless! In this article we want to help you and, therefore, we offer you a list with the halloween costumes for cats most outstanding, with images and simple ideas.

A black cat!

Narrates the legend that during the Halloween’s night the witches detach themselves from their human form to adopt that of a black cat and thus be able to wander the streets at will. They curse anyone who crosses their path and offer them a life marked by bad luck. Of course, it is nothing more than a story created with the aim of increasing fear among children and adults during this expected night.

But, if your cat enjoys a beautiful dark coat, you are lucky to have one of the symbols of this popular festival. Take advantage and prepare a costume to match the event!

Use pumpkins and orange to disguise your black cat in Halloween is always a success.

And if you are looking for a more elaborate yet comfortable costume for your cat. Get yourself a dye suitable for animals! Of course, the product should not be permanent so that when washing your coat it disappears easily and, above all, make sure it is not toxic.

Halloween night!

The Halloween holiday is known, too, as the night of the dead and. Halloween! The story tells that, years ago, witches’ covens they were summoned by the devil twice a year, the 30 of April and the 31 of October. The darkness invaded the streets during those nights, monstrous beings resurfaced from the beyond and everything was impregnated by the black magic that the sorceresses practiced.

Even if your cat is not a jet black, it can also become the worst of the witches with a good hat!

Make a cloak and turn your cat into a real witch!

If you have a cauldron with sufficient capacity. Place a cushion inside and introduce your cat to rest. And if you want to give your guests a good scare, place the cauldron close to them so that when you wake up your cat will surprise them without being expected.

To hell with the cat!

Nothing happens during this night is random, all the horrifying and terrifying beings are related and follow the footsteps of the same character, the devil. If you still do not know what Halloween costume It is the most appropriate for your cat, get some demon horns and let it become the terror of the guests.

The Red It’s a color that should always be present on Halloween night, put on a cloak and complete your costume!

The flying cat

For decades, the bat represents the animal form that the vampire adopts to stalk their prey from the air, without being seen or heard. These beings are immortal, undead that enjoy spectacular beauty and great capacity for seduction. In this way, the night of the dead can also become his commemoration, giving him a leading role with the previous characters.

This is a very simple costume, you just have to get some black wings, or make them yourself, and place them on the back of your feline.

Beware of the spirits!

On the night of the dead the spirits invade the streets, frightening children and adults and trying to resolve their pending accounts. Are you looking for a simple and scary costume for your cat? Do not think about it anymore, look for a white sheet and let loose your imagination. The ghost cat It is an option that never fails!

Pirates in sight!

For those who flee from the classics halloween costumes for cats, We propose to make our feline a vile pirate! The corsairs have always been considered as cruel people, without scruples or compassion, capable of everything to achieve their purposes. In this way, although they are not part of the story of the night of the dead, they are characters that fit perfectly with the terms “terror”, “horror” and “fear”.

Put your cat in a pirate cap or cover it with a cloth patch!

Other Halloween costumes for cats

Still do not know what is the best costume for your cat? Be creative, review the materials at your fingertips and prepare an original, different, simple and terrifying homemade costume. To help you with this task, we advise you to consult our article about homemade costumes for cats, where we offer you many more ideas.

Do not forget to send us the picture of your cat in disguise and tell us how it was on Halloween night!

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