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Gray persian cat

Card of the animal: Persian

We can even consider the Persian cat as exotic due to its peculiar face or the long mantle it has. They are quiet since they love to doze and relax anywhere. They are also affectionate and intelligent.

Although in this case we are going to make a gallery of images of gray persian cat, this breed can be of many other colors such as white, blue or “chinchilla” among others.

If you are thinking about adopting a Persian cat, remember that it is an animal that requires select care including regular brushing to remove knots or bath with conditioner. Keep reading and discover some curiosities of the Persian cat:

The Persian cat appears in the nineteenth century, when the aristocracy asks for a long-haired cat. It was Pietro della Valle who, in 1620, arrives in Italy with long-haired cats from Khorasan and Persia (now Iran). Once they arrived in France, they became popular throughout Europe.

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The beginnings of the Persian cat in Europe were among the high society, but its elegant life did not end there. Currently this breed is still considered a luxury cat for the amount of care he needs. The baths and the regular hairstyle can not be missing in their day to day.

Discover also in the care of Persian cat hair.

If you are a quiet person, the Persian cat is perfect for you. Is known as the “couch tiger” since he loves to rest and sleep for hours. But this is not the only attribute of the Persian cat, it is also affectionate and affable. And he gets along great with other pets, he’s very sweet.

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Did you know that raising cats in homes is illegal in some countries? Besides being a good measure against abandonment, it is especially rewarding for the Persian race have a complicated pregnancy and with a very small number of offspring.

Unlike other breeds, usually have only two or three kittens and those that are blue are predisposed to suffer Kidney cysts, common in this breed.

As you know, there are feline beauty contests in which the most graceful pleasures of the world participate. It is not surprising that one 75% of cats with pedigree are of Persian race.

Anyway, remember that any cat is beautiful in its own way, we love each and every one of the pigs in the world!

Although you will know the advantages of sterilizing a cat, sometimes it can happen that the animal begins to gain weight alarmingly. This may be one of the consencuéncias that suffers the Persian race; fattening after the operation. It will be fundamental to encourage him to play and exercise as well as offer him I think and “light”, too.

As we have mentioned before, these cats can have different characteristics, in fact they exist Up to 13 varieties of Persian cats! Among these we find differences in color, fur pattern or intensity of tones.

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