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German Rex Cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The German rex cat is a friendly cat, it adapts very well to his family, to whom he shows all his affection. He has balanced character, although he likes to dominate among cats.

Photos and Images of German Rex Cats

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What is a German Rex cat?

The German rex cat is also known as the German rex cat, it is a cat with similar appearance to the European cat. Together with the cornish rex cat and the devon rex cat, they are part of the limited group of curly hair breeds

He is a friendly and affectionate cat with his family, characterized by his curly coat. This breed has an origin in a German cat that reproduced in the Königsberg village.

In the middle of the 20th century this race almost disappeared, in the 21st century its number has been increasing. It has a character similar to the Cornish rex cat, an English breed. He is sociable and playful.

What is the origin of the German Rex cats?

The German rex cat also known as the German rex cat, because its breeders were the Germans, who began to develop and select this breed from 1951. The first crosses were made of a stray cat with curly hair with a cornish rex, appearing the first generations of kittens with curly hair. The mutation produced by curly hair is identical in the two races. It is known from older cats, the Munk, a cat resulting from the cross between the Russian blue cat and the brown Angora cat, having its beginnings in 1930 through the city of Königsberg.

But it was at the end of 1950, when its selective breeding began, the new specimen discovered by the veterinarian R. Scheuer-Karpin, the cat Lämmchen, a small lamb in German. After the death of the doctor, the race was about to get lost. Today it is one of the most popular breeds in countries such as Europe, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Switzerland, Holland and Germany.

What are the most common characteristics of the German Rex cat?

The general characteristics of the German Rex cat are: It has short curly hair, of medium size, it is a little bigger than the cat Devon Rex and the cat Cornish Rex, it is muscular. It is agile and fibrous. Its mantle is similar to that of a poorly sheared sheep, its head is triangular, large ears.

His body is of medium size, muscular and athletic, not robust. Back not curved. Muscled legs, thin of medium length, oval feet, have a tail half finished in tip. It must not present deformations at its end.

The head of the German Rex, of average size, rounded contours, profile bent. Developed cheeks and firm chin.

The ears are medium, broad at the base, slightly rounded tips, separate, has both inside and outside hair, noticeably more dense on the outside.

The eyes are round, medium and open, separated. Of uniform color, according to the color of the mantle. They are bright and vivacious.

The mantle of the German Rex is soft and flexible, due to the lack of guard hairs, short and wavy hair. The texture is velvety. Its fur develops completely at the age of two years.

The mustaches and the eyebrows of the German rex are curly and short.

The colors they present are in many colors and patterns, just like white. However, chocolate and cinnamon colors, as nuances in lilac and fawn are not recognized in this breed. Neither are the colorpoint.

They can have an average weight between 3 – 6 kilograms.

How is the behavior of a German Rex cat?

The cat breed German rex is a very sociable, playful and friendly cat. He is an acrobat and salatarin. The German rex cat quickly becomes attached to his family and others who have a relationship with him. He is very sociable with other cats and likes to feel like the boss.

He has a balanced character and has a feeling of belonging with his favorite person, which makes him be faithful. It has a similar character to its homologous the cat Devon Rex, but the German Rex does not require much attention because it is reserved. Because of its stable nature, it can relate well with children, although it is less playful and patient. The fidelity and affable character of this cat makes anyone happy with him.

How much does a German Rex cat live?

The German Rex cat breed has a longevity of 10 to 14 years. You can take good care of it and keep it with a good balanced diet, so that it can be a good companion and accompany you for a long time.

How can you get the confidence of a German Rex cat?

This pussy cat is easily cared for with a good care and affection, it will not cost you much to earn your trust. But when you behave badly, do not scold it, as well as keep the good treatment, remember the bad ones. But you will always be faithful, do not doubt that.

Keep it always careful, play with it, make it feel part of the family and accompany you entertained for a long time.

What do you need to know to take good care of your German Rex cat?

To take good care of your cat German Rex, take care of the way you feed him, give him a complete and balanced diet, give him plenty of water.

Take it to the veterinarian regularly, to prevent any problems that may arise.

How to clean a German Rex cat?

Rub it with a flannel, especially for cats with curly hair, to eliminate dead hair.

You must bathe it to keep your coat clean and free of grease.

Clean your cat’s ears at least two to three times a week

Teach him from puppy to receive baths and do not get nervous.

How to bathe a German Rex cat?

To bathe a German Rex cat, we recommend you prepare your cat beforehand, prepare the necessary things to bathe it, because you have to have everything at hand.

If you have never bathed your cat, we recommend you cut your nails with a short cat nails, so you do not scratch yourself if you get nervous.

Prepare the necessary to bathe your cat, a plastic jug, shampoo for cats, better if you choose one exclusive for your coat, also many towels and warm water.

Accustomed little by little to feel the water in your body, place it in a bathtub or sink with warm water and let it get used to feel the water between your legs.

When you gain confidence, pour water on it with the jar, do not wet your eyes or ears. Put the shampoo on it and massage its fur with it, to start cleaning it and foam. After it is clean, start rinsing it with plenty of water.

To dry it, place it on a towel and rub it gently so that it dries, let it dry only later.

You can trim your nails, because the humidity will let you see the living part of your nails. If you do not feel confident you can take him to a veterinarian to help you with that

How to clean your German Rex cat litter box?

To keep your cat healthy, take care of its hygiene. For this reason you should clean your litter box partially daily and in full per week.

In both cases, you will need to wear latex gloves, chinstrap to avoid getting sick with toxoplasmosis. Help yourself with a plastic shovel, also plastic trash bags.

In the daily case, you must remove the solids of urine and feces that are formed and dispose of them in a garbage bag. You must fill with more sand to feel the cleanliness

In the weekly case, remove all the sand in a garbage bag, you can help with the plastic shovel to avoid spilling sand on the floor. Then wash the litter box, use an unscented detergent. Let it dry. Fill the box with sand, if you want you can place before filling the sandbox, a layer of baking soda to absorb the bad smell.

Where do you have to place the litter box of your German Rex kitten?

You should place the sandbox in a place where your kitten feels comfortable and quiet to relieve himself. Just fit the sandbox in a place that does not have much traffic or have many noises. Remember that like yours, they need a comfortable and quiet place to do their things.

What do German Rex cats eat?

German Rex cats, do not need a different diet than normal cats, provide a balanced and complete diet.

It is preferable to purchase dry cat food, help maintain a balanced diet, and healthy teeth. Give him a lot of water so he has it available.

If you use canned wet food, do not get used to it, it could bring health problems.

Natural food is not recommended if you have no practice, but you can offer beef and fish without bones or bones, all well cooked.

Who eats the cat German Rex

How to train a German Rex cat?

This work will not be very difficult to achieve, since most of them know how to follow orders. Always go on the path of gratification, if you do something good, reward it so that you can repeat the action with pleasure.

The order to give the leg to a German Rex.

He begins to attract his attention with food or some object of his preference, asking him to extend his leg. Do not use several words at the beginning, just the “PATA” order, strong and clear, followed by the prize.

Does your cat German Rex scratch the furniture?

It can happen that your cat takes preference for some of your furniture. If this happens, you may not have a cat scraper. If you still like one of your furniture, start by placing the scraper near your furniture and give the order, when it is in full scratch, NO and take it to the scraper. He will not use it quickly, but he will do it little by little.

Does not your German Rex cat use your sandbox?

If this happens, check that the sand box is to your liking, that it is clean, that the sand does not have aromas, that it is well located. If everything is fine and you like to do it on your carpet or behind some furniture. An order of NO will help, but you can help yourself with lemon and mint flavorings that you dislike a lot.

Your German Rex scratches you?

If this happens, it is not due to bad behavior, it may be that your cat did not learn to show his affection well and you claw and scratch out of affection. If this happens, then when it happens, do not get away quickly, because it will take it as a game and challenge and continue. When this happens, give her a toy with which you can exchange your hands for toys, so she will learn what she can play with and what not.

What disease can German Rex cats have?

The German Rex cat, is a strong and healthy breed by natural selection, however, can get sick from lack of care.

They do not have a race-specific disease, but some of the most common diseases they can suffer from are:

  • Allergies
  • Bronchopneumonia
  • Cataract
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Flu
  • Otitis
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Hair balls

How to keep a German Rex cat healthy?

The cat German rex, is a cat that does not require many specific care because it is very strong. You must pay attention to your diet and give it the proper diet. You must always have water availability.

Do not forget to take care of your cleaning and hygiene. Avoid bringing unnecessary problems. In any case you must take it to the veterinarian at least once a year.

Always take care of your German Rex cat, keep it happy and reward you with good company moments.

How much does a German Rex cat cost?

You will find the german rex cat in a professional hatchery with a price ranging from 800 to 1000 dollars.

Where to buy a German Rex cat?

What we recommend to acquire this breed is to buy kittens of this species in professional hatcheries. Where you find well-maintained German Rex cats with a pedigree that certifies their breed.

Choosing your German Rex

Curiosities of the German Rex

The first German Rex cat was Kater Munk, a cat of the family of Erna Schneider, who was taken in the year 1930 to a village near Königsberg.

The cat German Rex Kater Munk died in 1944, left his inheritance in his genes among the population minina.

The mutation responsible for the coat of the German Rex, is responsible for the same gene as in the Cornish Rex.

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