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Furniture for cats

Many owners begin to observe in the market a growing trend of furniture dedicated exclusively to cats. It is for this reason that today we offer you a gallery of images so you can appreciate a different type of furniture for your home.

Whether buying a new piece of furniture, buying a second-hand one and even making it yourself is a great idea if you have time and space to dedicate to your cat. Keep reading this article about furniture for cats, image gallery.

A bed for your cat

Cats are usually masters and owners of your entire home. This includes occupying armchairs, beds, countertops and all kinds of surfaces for hours (your laptop also seems like a wonderful place). Even so, having your own bed is something that they love and makes them feel special, for this reason take a look at these original beds for cats:

Realistic bed in reduced size, Japanese style

Bed / suitcase for the most hipster, a trend of the moment

Original and curved design

Ideal for Apple lovers

Seat for cats

Another option for furniture for cats is the seating in mini size. It is furniture susceptible to being occupied in nothing and less, beautiful and great. Observe the different styles to not remain indifferent:

Stately chaise longue, for the most eccentric and rich cats

Another model of chaise longue, in this case more homely

This homemade design is simple but very customizable, ideal for handyman people who love to paint, color.

Discreet and linear design for the most timid (we do not want everyone to think that you are a crazy cat, always making it look like one of your nephews)

This hammock design will also go unnoticed among your friends, it is also applicable to any type of coffee table that you already have in your home

A fun option if you like to see your dog in human position (that if you get it feels like the ones in the picture)

This chaise longue has a simple design and easy to do yourself at home

Fun feminine hideaway that reminds us a bit of a coco chanel style

Sand boxes

Sandboxes are aesthetically quite simple and unfriendly if they are always in view of the finest guests, some original ideas:

Great and discreet, simple! Currently there are many designs of this style either bathroom or lounge furniture

If hiding the needs of your cat is not your style you can be original with this sandbox-vater, you will not leave anyone indifferent, sure

Feeders for cats

Feeders are also an option if you are looking to decorate your house with exclusive furniture for cats. Attentive to the ideas that we give you below:

Fine, linear and fixed on the wall

Rustic and simple style, very easy to make yourself at home

And finally we finish with this last idea, also easy to do, ideal for people with little space at home

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