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Fruits and vegetables recommended for cats

Although cats are carnivorous animals, they can occasionally be given certain amounts of fruits and vegetables recommended for cats. Of course, you have to go very carefully and not try to experiment, since certain fruits and other vegetables are very harmful to cats, such as grapes, for example.

If you read the rest of this article you can find out about the fruits and vegetables recommended for cats, food for human consumption that, surprisingly, can bring multiple benefits.

Vegetables recommended for cats

The vegetables should be administered boiled and in moderation. The vegetables suitable for moderate consumption by cats are the following:

  • Boiled carrot, easy to digest, provides fiber and vitamins.
  • Boiled peas, rich in vegetable protein, vitamins and magnesium.
  • Boiled pumpkin, it is very digestive for the cat and ideal to mix with meat.
  • Cucumber raw or boiled, very moisturizing vegetable. Crude can be used as a treat.
  • Lettuce raw or boiled, provides fiber, water and no fat.
  • Green beans, moisturizing, rich in fiber and vitamins.
  • Sweet potatoes, they serve as a mixture for meat, chicken liver, etc.

Recommended fruits for cats

There appropriate fruits for cats in small quantities, never as a basis for your daily diet. The most suitable for our cats are:

  • cutter, very rich in vitamin C and fiber.
  • Melon, refreshing and moisturizing, it is highly recommended during the summer as a treat.
  • Watermelon, it serves exactly like the melon.
  • Apple, ideal as a treat
  • Peach, usually the cat likes it.
  • Pear, ideal as a candy provided in small dice.

Fruits and vegetables as substitutes

Fruits should never be considered as usual foods. The best way to manage them is as snack substitute treats. Nor should the vegetables be the basis of the intake, just a complement of the base of meat or fish, which should be the main food.

Cat digestive system

The cats are pure carnivores. They are not omnivores like humans and even dogs. Your intestinal tract is very short. It is not indicated to digest plant fibers, but the digestive system of cats is prepared for the digestion of animal proteins: meat and fish. In this way, in no case should the vegetable intake exceed 15% of the total diet.


Cats are purged with plants. Therefore, it is advisable to plant birdseed in a pot so that the cat can eat the shoots and purge without danger. Sometimes the watermelon rind is consumed, probably for this purpose. Of course, we must avoid toxic plants in our apartment to prevent possible poisoning.

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