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Fruits and vegetables forbidden for cats

There are certain fruits and vegetables forbidden for cats. Cats are strictly pure carnivorous animals, they are not omnivorous, as can other animals or the same human being. Your digestive system is capable of digesting animal food without problems, but vegetables are not conducive to your body. However, there are fruits and vegetables that in small doses can provide lacking vitamins in protein diets of animal origin.

Knowing plant foods that in small quantities may be suitable for cats is very convenient. Although the really important thing when we want to offer our little companion a homemade diet is to know perfectly what are the human foods prohibited for cats. Therefore, if you continue reading this article we will point out the fruits and vegetables forbidden for cats and its toxic effects for our feline pets.

Harmful fruits for the cat

All fruits carry sugar, which in itself It does not suit cats. But in small quantities some can be beneficial because they provide nutrients and vitamins absent in meat diets. In we have an article where we inform about fruits and vegetables suitable for cats in small quantities, do not miss it !. But as the purpose of this article is to point out the fruits and vegetables forbidden to cats, because they can make them seriously sick, then we detail them.

Listing of harmful fruits for the cat

The main fruits forbidden for our cats are the following:

  • Grapes and raisins They are fruits that can cause kidney problems in our cats. Prohibited its intake.
  • Avocado. This fruit (it is not a vegetable) is very greasy, and although its texture may like the cat should not be supplied under any circumstances. It can damage your pancreas, just like fried foods and spiced sauces. In addition, the avocado contains a substance called persina, which is toxic to cats and other animals such as dogs.
  • Banana and banana. The intake of these fruits causes bulky diarrhea in cats. You have to watch because its taste is liked by cats.
  • Oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit and all citrus fruits in general cause stomach upset in cats. The luck is that its flavors do not tempt the palate of cats.

Harmful vegetables for cats

In the same way that there are some vegetables that cooked and moderately are suitable for the consumption of our cats, there are other very harmful vegetables for your health. Similar to some plants that are toxic to them, there are vegetables that are very harmful to our cats even if they are supplied boiled and in very small quantities. Therefore, next we will point out the worst vegetables for the health of our cat.

Listing of harmful vegetables for our cats

The most harmful vegetables For the health of our cats are:

  • Onion. Onion contains a product called Thiosulfate that in cats it can cause anemia because it destroys the red blood cells of the animal’s blood.
  • Garlic. Garlic also contains thiosulfate, but in less quantity than onions. It is not so dangerous but not recommended.
  • Leeks, shallots, tender garlic, etc. All these vegetables cause the same problem that occurs with onions and garlic.
  • Raw potatoes and other raw tubers. These raw foods contain an element called solanine, very bitter and toxic for people, cats and other animals. Fortunately with the cooking of food this toxic is completely eliminated and are suitable for cats in small proportions.
  • Tomatoes. Tomatoes are related to potatoes, as they are plants of the Solanaceae family. Therefore, they also contain solanine, the bitter toxin. It is not advisable to plant tomato plants in a garden where our cat walks, since it could be purged with tomato leaves that are also toxic.

Let’s not experiment with the cat

Cats, by the characteristics of their short intestinal tract with which Mother Nature has endowed them, they should only eat animal protein, meat and fish. It is true that their vitamin deficits they cover them by ingesting plants that, besides purging them, complement their diet. And it is also true that sometimes, as we do, they are mistaken and ingest a toxic plant. For this reason, provide healthy vegetables for them in a small percentage (10% to 15%), it is not an error. But do not pretend to turn our cats into vegetarian animals because they never will be.

We do not give them allowed vegetables in excessive amounts, nor every day. Only eventually and as a complement. Finally, we do not provide any new vegetables that our veterinarian does not guarantee their safety for our cat.

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