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Foods rich in taurine for cats

Taurine is one of the most important essential amino acids for the correct functioning of the cardiac muscle, vision, digestive system and reproduction in cats. Unlike other mammals, cats do need the presence of this amino acid in their body.

Unfortunately, cats can not synthesize, from other amino acids, the amount of taurine sufficient for its proper functioning. So to meet their needs, it is necessary to provide them with that amino acid externally, that is, through food.

A deficiency of taurine can be detrimental to the health of a feline, being able to produce blindness, problems of the heart or of growth and deficiencies in the nervous system. If you have a cat at home, continue reading this article and you will know which Foods are rich in taurine for cats, and thus maintain the good health of your pet.

Taurine, the best ally of the health of cats

As its name says, taurine is so essential, that all cat food must contain it. It is an amino acid that is only found in natural conditions in proteins of natural origin and that helps in many ways. Discover the properties of foods rich in taurine for cats:

  • It acts as an antioxidant.
  • Regulates water and salt in cells throughout the body.
  • Stimulates muscle growth
  • It helps the production of bile.
  • It works as a neurotransmitter.
  • Positive presence in the cells of the retina of the eye (hence the blindness).

Where is taurine?

The best thing is to give taurine naturally, that is, obtain the amino acid from protein sources of animal origin, always try to give it organic protein, respectful with the animal world and of good quality. At each meal, a cat should take between 200 and 300mg of taurine.

  • The chicken: especially the legs, where there is more presence of bullfighting. The liver is also very good. Do not give skin or fat, taurine is in the muscle.
  • Beef or cow: the liver of the beef contains high doses of taurine, as well as the heart, which also yields because it is usually quite large. It is important to know that taurine is lost when exposed to high temperatures, especially taurine present in the meat and viscera. Therefore, try to make some foods raw. Remember to wash and handle them well before giving them to your pet. You should also ensure the quality of the food and an optimal health source.
  • Eggs: eggs and dairy products also have a good charge of taurine.
  • Seafood: shrimp and clams have even more of this amino acid than other animal proteins. These are excellent foods to feed your pet and give him the amount of taurine needed.

Does commercial cat food contain taurine?

In fact, yes, the commercial feed contains good amounts of taurine, but this must be high-end and as natural as possible. There are some very good ones that are made with dehydrated quality meats.

Low quality feed is a bad choice for your pet as far as taurine is concerned. They are made of many grains and little natural taurine, and the taurine that they place to compensate for the lack, usually from artificial sources.

When you visit the supermarket or the pet store, check the list of ingredients of the feed. If you see that they include taurine as one of the ingredients, it is artificial because it has been added. Remember that this amino acid must already be present in the food naturally. Do you know more foods rich in taurine for cats? Comment and share them with us!

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