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Feeding the Siamese cat

Animal file: Siamese

If you want to enjoy a healthy cat, the correct feeding of the Siamese cat is paramount to make your pet healthy and happy.

Siamese cats are healthy and unproductive pets. Apart from basic veterinary care: vaccinations and reviews; Proper nutrition will be the main way to preserve the good health of your Siamese cat.

If you continue reading this article, it will expose you the necessary guidelines for an optimal feeding the siamese cat.

The ideal weight of the Siamese cat

To begin, you should know that there are two types of Siamese cats:

  • Modern Siamese
  • Traditional Siamese (Thai)

The modern Siamese has a much more slender and stylized physical appearance, more “oriental” than his companion the traditional Siamese cat or Thai. However, both tend to have a similar weight that varies between the 2 and the 4,5 kilograms of weight.

To keep our Siamese cat in optimal health conditions, we will investigate among the three types of food suitable for Siamese cats: dry feed, wet feed, and fresh feed.

Un balance between the three classes of food will be the optimal formula for your Siamese cat to preserve all its vitality and health. Below we will detail the fundamental requirements and properties for each kind of feed:

I think dry

Siamese cats require feed with different properties depending on your age:

When are they dogs they will require very protein and fatty foods that favor growth. There are many dry feed for puppies. Your veterinarian should propose a pair or three of brands of quality feed that are suitable for your Siamese cat puppy. Calcium and vitamins should also be present in this feed.

When the Siamese cats are adults must be fed with a good balanced feed, whose composition has an 26% protein, an 40% fat, more diverse percentages of fiber, vitamins, Omega 3 and Omega 6.

In addition there are also several specific feeds for castrated cats, very important to prevent obesity in cats.

For cats elderly there are suitable feeds with reduced percentages of proteins and fat, since when performing less physical activity they do not need such quantities of these food elements. Also discover how to care for an elderly cat.

I think wet

Wet feed is usually presented in cans or other containers hermetic Once opened, the remainder should be stored in the refrigerator.

This type of feed must contain at least 35% proteins. Your fat percentage should be between 15% to 25% of your volume. Carbohydrates should not exceed 5%.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 must be present in this type of feed. Likewise, a small percentage of taurine (slightly higher than 0,10%), its presence is convenient. The essential trace elements: phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and others must be present in the wet feed formulation.

It is not convenient to abuse of this type of food, since its continued intake provokes tartar, bad breath and soft and pestilent faeces in the cat.

Homemade diet

The homemade diet for the Siamese cat should be complementary to a mixed diet between dry, moist and fresh food of the homemade diet. The healthiest fresh foods for the Siamese cat are: slices of ham and slices of turkey. These foods chill Siamese cats.

Other suitable foods are chicken, turkey, salmon, cod and hake. These foods should never be served raw. You have to boil them or put them through the iron beforehand. We must also check that there are no thorns in the fish.

It is convenient to plant birdseed in a pot for your Siamese cat to purge with its buds.

Balance diet

The best thing is for your Siamese cat to consume one balanced diet, rich and varied. Your veterinarian can prescribe, if necessary, vitamin supplements to cover food deficiencies detected in your cat.

An ideal complement is to provide malts for cats to your Siamese, in this way you will have a good help to eliminate ingested hair. Siamese lick a lot, because they are extremely clean. This is a good way to avoid hairballs.

Nor should you forget that the clean and renewed water It is crucial for good nutrition and health of your Siamese cat.

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