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Feeding a pregnant cat

When we welcome a pet in our home we must know that one of our main responsibilities as owners is to offer our pet an adequate diet that allows him to enjoy a good quality of life.

However, the food is not static but must adapt to the different life stages through which our pet crosses, since in each of these specific nutritional requirements are produced.

In this article we tell you about the feeding a pregnant cat.

The weight of the cat during pregnancy

To deal with this issue we will start from the ideal situation, which is a reproduction desired by the owners in which an adequate home and attention to the puppies is ensured.

It is very important that the responsibility acquires a great sense when it comes to the reproduction of our pets, since the figures of animal abandonment are critical and an unexpected reproduction can contribute to aggravate them.

In this case we should also worry about body weight of the cat before pregnancy, as we will see later, during pregnancy and after delivery the cat will present Nutritional requirements Increased and the best way to ensure that your body has adequate reserves of fat for pregnancy and lactation is that the cat presents a normal weight before pregnancy, in this way, the proportion of body fat is more easily balanced. Therefore, both situations of overweight and low weight should be treated before the pregnancy of the cat.

What nutritional requirements does the cat present during pregnancy?

During pregnancy the body of the cat must have enough energy to ensure adequate fetal development of the puppies, but also must also increase their fat reserves to prepare for breastfeeding.

Unlike what happens with the pregnancy of the dog, the cat has many difficulties to maintain a percentage of body fat next to the 25% needed for milk production, therefore, the feeding of the cat during pregnancy should guarantee this increase in fat.

The pregnant cat needs an additional contribution of energy (calories) that must be increased mainly through animal proteins, but will also need a extraordinary contribution of calcium, a very important mineral for the fetal development of puppies.

How should I meet the nutritional requirements of a pregnant cat?

The best way to give your cat all the nutrients it needs during pregnancy is to offer I think for cats puppies, since this type of feed contains a great energetic value and very important nutrients for the development. Obviously, the transition to this type of feed must be progressive in order to avoid any digestive discomfort.

The feed for puppy cats not only fulfills the important function of adequately nourishing the cat during pregnancy, but also, after delivery, when the weaning phase occurs, the kittens will go to the feed instinctively and they will start more easily in the food they need.

How much food does a pregnant cat need?

The pregnant cat should be fed with the ad limitum method, that is, you should always have available feed and eat the amount you want, without any restriction.

This way of feeding it will guarantee us enough fat gain in the course of pregnancy, however, at the end of the gestation stage we will observe that the appetite of the cat is decreasing. We should not worry because this is normal and is because the size of the uterus presses the stomach cavity.

Finally, we recommend that during the pregnancy of the cat you attend periodically to the veterinarian to carry out periodic checks and supervise the state of the cat and the puppies.

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