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Exotic cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The exotic cat is a big cat with short hair, its face shows you to be sweet, charming, elegant. He is an excellent companion for someone calm. He is sociable and gets along well with children and other pets in the house.

Images of exotic cats

We present you different exotic cats in images, you will find the exotic cat blue, tabby orange and black

What is an exotic cat?

It is a race very similar to the Persian cat, we could think that we are in front of a Persian. The gexotic ato It is a cat breed, totally independent, compact design, rounded and chunky body, round eyes, its fur is short. His facial expression is sweet, elegant, charming and very sociable.

Types of cat exotic

We present to you the most recognized cats of the exotic race in photos.

Exotic cats: its origin

The exotic cat breed was undoubtedly the result of a cross between a hybrid of British Shorthair (British Shorthair Cat) and American Shorthair with the Persian. This started around 1966 thanks to Jane Martinke, a professional breeder of shorthair cats. He was judge of the feline races. Jane suggested to the CFA (Cat Financiers Association) that a different kind of hybrid cat be created. For 1967 the exotic appeared in cat shows as Exotic Shorthair.

In short, the exotic cat is not a natural breed because it was created by breeding, originally from the United States.

What are the most common characteristics of the exotic cat?

Exotic cats are large, have large round eyes, a rounded head and a short nose, and a large body.

How much does an exotic cat weigh? It can weigh up to 6 kilograms, it is muscular with short legs. It has short, soft and dense fur, this can be of several colors, like the unicolor, white, black. Blue, chocolate, lilac, red and cream, or multi-colored like:

  • The exotic tabby or tabby cat
  • The bicolor, which are combinations of colors with white.
  • The turtle shell
  • The tortie tabby, which is when the tabby is wrapped in shades of red or cream
  • The spotted tabby, when the tabby has spots
  • The van bicolor and tricolor, when they have spots on the body
  • The smoke, when a color affects approximately two thirds of the length of each hair
  • The shell, has the tips of the hair on the head, ears, tail, back and sides are colored and the rest of the body is white
  • The silver shaded, when the color black, or blue, goes up to a third of the length of the hair.
  • The pewter, have black shading on the legs, when the chin and belly are white
  • The Golden, when the lower layer is peach and becomes more intense until golden

Exotic cat color point Himalayan short hair

  • The colourpoint or Siamese type, when the dark color is only on the face, ears, legs and tail

White exotic cat

Regarding the sex of an exotic cat, like knowing if it is male or female, we invite you to review the article Cat and its sex How to know if it is cat or cat?

Exotic cat: his character

The exotic short-haired cat has a quiet nature, is curious, is playful and sociable, so it will get along well with children and accepts other cats very well. This kitten does not like to be alone, so try not to leave it to the care of strangers when you make a trip.

How much does an exotic cat live?

An exotic cat, can reach to live up to 15 years, so you must take care of it a lot since it will be your companion for that time.

How can you get the confidence of an exotic cat?

Being friendly cats, you just have to treat them well, take care of them and feed them. In a short time you will have gained your trust, however, if you feel uncomfortable, your reaction will be a bit unnerving. Do not change the way you treat it much. Take care of it and do not bother it.

Exotic cats are affectionate with their relatives, but they are a bit unsociable with strangers. If an exotic meets a new person, it will take time for him to be comfortable with that person.

How to take good care of an exotic cat?

To keep it healthy and happy, you should keep the following tips in mind.

You must play with him every day, he is an active cat, either with a ball. Something I can take or even a cardboard box with holes that you can easily make.

They love the company, so do not leave them alone for long, as they feel good with the company of people and other animals. They love to snuggle with their favorite human, they tend to follow their owners and throw themselves into their lap.

They are very curious cats, so do not leave toxic things at your fingertips, like plants and foods that will not suit you, because they may seem delicious to us, but they will be bad for the cat.

How to clean an exotic cat?

You should always keep your cat clean so that he feels happy and healthy.


The exotic cat does not require a strenuous care with its coat, it will be enough to carry out frequent brushing to eliminate the dead hair. Brush it at least once a day, you can use a card, which is a two-sided brush, a hard face and a soft one. For the molting of your coat you can use the furminator that removes all the dead hair.


It is very necessary to clean your eyes by the shape of your face, because it tends to tear, you can use a sterile gauze dampened in warm water. Also your teeth with a toothpaste for cats.


You should clean the outside of your ears, never inside, with towels that you find in veterinarians and pet stores.

Can you bathe an exotic cat?

If you can bathe an exotic cat, however, get used to it since you were little, so you will be used to bathing and you will not have to fight when you try.

You can use shampoo that you will find at a pet store. Bathe with warm water, wet it little by little, once finished, dry it with a towel.

Because of its fur, it is not necessary to use a hair dryer, however, you can do it. Just dry it well and let it dry in the sun.

How to clean the waste box of your exotic cat?

This must be an important habit, because this way you will avoid waste and bad smells in your house.

You should clean the sandbox every day, depending on the type of sand you use. Depending on the number of cats you have, you will clean the whole box or you will only collect the agglomerated waste in masses.

You must correctly eliminate the waste, for this you will help yourself with sanitary bags, spatulas and even gloves.

In addition to throw them bagged to prevent the proliferation of infections.

Where should I put the sandbox?

Just as we cats want a quiet and private place to relieve themselves. Place it in a place where there is not much movement, that is as far away as possible from your bed and where you feed it.

What do exotic cats eat?

There are three types of foods that you can offer to the exotic cat, cat food: dry, moist and natural.

If you go for natural food, offer meat and fish, without bones or bones. Fish and visors should be boiled before serving.

When choosing dry food for cats, it is advisable not to buy those that have cereals and with a minimum content of 70% of meat.

If you decide on wet food, you should take into account that it is a bit expensive. It is practical when serving, although as we mentioned, you can not leave it served for a long time. You should have schedules to feed it with this type of food, we suggest you use this type of food as a prize for your cat

You should always have food available on your plate, so that the cat can eat whenever he wants.

Do not use a deep dish, because of its flattened nose, it is difficult to eat in deep dishes.

How to educate an exotic cat?

A set of steps is recommended so that you can educate your cat, thus becoming a member of the family.

You must reward him if he behaves well, cats do not do things just to please their owners. What stimulates them is the reward, this can not always be food, because they also love to be caressed and to play with them. You must take care of your cat so that it behaves well at home.

The immediate reaction to correct it, as a cat relates a bad experience with something that has happened recently. If he has stolen food and you scold him an hour later, when he is in his bed resting, he will understand that you are upset because he is in his bed. Correct it in a timely manner, so you know what to do and what not to do.

Always react in the same way, if you are going to scold your cat with a NO, OUT, LEAVE, etc., what you will get in confusing your partner. A single NO, will suffice for the cat to associate your reaction with what you should not do.

In addition, you must be consistent and rigorous with the rules and not deviate from them. If you do not allow him to climb into your bed and once you are sick, make an exception just because you want to stroke him. It will be enough only once for the cat to understand that you have lifted that rule, because for them there are no temporary suspensions of the rules.

What are the diseases that exotic cats can have?

With the proper care, the exotic cat will have a long and healthy life.

However, this breed is prone to suffer from the following problems:

Due to the flat face, obstruction of the lacrimal canal occurs, which can lead to a constant tearing of the eyes.

They can present kidney stones.

They may have cysts in the kidneys, polycystic kidney disease PKD, the result of a hereditary condition.

The births can be slow and laborious, being the dystocia in childbirth. Caused by the large size of the head of exotic kittens, may need veterinary help.

How to keep an exotic cat healthy?

Good care will ensure that your cat stays healthy.

You must take him for his obligatory vaccines. Every time you get sick or something has happened to you, you should see a veterinarian.

You should consider it a cat prone to polycystic kidney disease, so you should have it checked as he grows.

Never give aspirin, castor oil, or drugs with more than one drug will suffice, since cats are a single medicine.

If diarrhea occurs, you can give a bismuth cream that is harmless, with the help of a disposable syringe. It is always convenient to go to a veterinarian to know the reason of the diarrhea.

How much does it cost to buy an exotic cat?

Depending on where you buy it, exotic cat prices can vary up to 700 $ us in a professional hatchery. 500 $ us in a pet store and some 300 $ us of some individual. You must take into account the notices of exotic cats to buy and choose from where to buy.

Where to buy exotic short hair cat?

If you are decided to acquire an exotic cat to buy and you wonder where can I buy an exotic cat? You should know where there is sale of exotic cats with short hair. We recommend that you take the following recommendations so that you know where to buy it.

Exotic cat breed with short hair

You can find an exotic cat with short hair in a kennel. It is a little difficult to know where to find serious and professional exotic cat breeders, you should take care in the following aspects to recognize it.

Environments, cages, feeders and drinking fountains must be clean

The animals must be very careful and must not have bad odors, they can mean infections or diseases.

The breeder must be able to respond to all your concerns and let you see the animals even their parents.

You should not buy a cat less than two months old.

When you confirm the purchase, the manager must provide all your documents, pedigree, vaccines, certifications.


This type of provider, we usually find them on the internet, to avoid cheating, check the notice well. You must be able to identify the seller well, the notice must have all the contact details, name and telephone minimally.

The announcement must be clear and written in our own language, as some translate the texts with a translator.

Do not deliver money in advance.

And it follows the recommendations of health and hygiene, besides not receiving any animal less than two months old.

Pet Shop

In these places, the disadvantage, just like a private individual, is that they will not give you any document that proves their race. Check that the kitten is healthy and looks good.

If you find exotic cats in adoption to adopt, encourage them to give you a home since you will have an excellent pet.

Curiosities of the exotic cat?

One of the best-known exotic cats is the famous GARFIELD, who is an animation of this type of cat. His external resemblance is similar, but his behavior is not. The exotic cat is not lazy, if not the opposite, it is cheerful, social and very active.

This type of cat is accepted as a purebred from 1967, after competing in the 1º de Mayo championship.

From 1987 you can only cross this with the Persian cat.

In 1986 the International Feline Federation FIFE recognized the exotic cat.

In February of 2007 the Latin American Association of the Exotic Cat was formed.

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