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Exercises for domestic cats

The exercise of domestic cats is one of the basic and essential pillars for our pet can enjoy a optimal quality of life, although obviously we should not forget other factors as important as food, hygienic and veterinary care, rest, and obviously our company and affection.

A domestic cat needs to perform physical exercise because through it it will obtain a complete well-being, not only will it feel better physically and it will keep in good shape all the structures of its organism, but it will also enjoy a behavior balanced In this article we want to give you ideas so that your feline stays as healthy as possible, so we talk to you about exercises for domestic cats.

The cat that lives inside

If your cat does not go outside it is essential that you look for ways so that you can give vent to your instincts and with that practice physical exercise, although this is somewhat more complex, it is very feasible to achieve this goal Through the game.

Here are some ideas that will allow your cat to exercise indoors:

  • It is practically essential that you have a scraper. There are numerous scrapers for cats and some of them incorporate other accessories with which your cat can play, and scratch, something that is essential for him.
  • The toys that dispense catnip They are another excellent option. Cats love this plant and there is no doubt that they will chase the toy continuously until they can get it.
  • Any toy that moves and that is tied to a rope will be ideal to awaken the predatory instinct of your cat, which will not tire of pursuing it.

The cat enjoying the outside

According to many ethologists, the cat is an animal adapted to domestic life, which does not necessarily imply that it is a domesticated animal, by which we mean that this animal has a great need to remain in contact with the external environment.

We can not say that it is bad not to let your cat go outside, in fact, this practice carries some risks, but it is convenient to say that when there are small prey to hunt, trees to climb and a wild environment, the cat he exercises naturally and also gives exit to your instincts.

Allowing a cat to explore its instinct in a natural environment, for example, your garden, will make it practice physical exercise as something that is part of its nature, and if the feeding is adequate, the risk of suffering obesity feline practically disappears.

However, you must ensure that your pet follows the vaccination schedule since the follow-up of the same will determine the time when you can go abroad without taking risks related to your immune system.

You need time for your cat to exercise

The options that we have shown you previously will help your cat to exercise in a domestic environment, but also it is very important that you get actively involved and that at least dedicate 20 daily minutes to interact with your cat through the games.

In addition, you may want your cat to go outside but with your supervision and control and this is possible if you teach your pet to walk on a leash, which can be very beneficial if you are used to live only indoors .

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