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Exercise for obese cats

There are many people who do not relapse that your cat is getting fat until it is too late and the animal suffers a serious obesity problem. We know that fat cats are very sweet, but the reality is that if you want to be a long-lived and healthy feline you should apply yourself to lose weight.

If this is your case this article interests you, in we are going to offer you some varied ideas so that your cat begins to exercise in a dynamic and fun way with you. We start? Discover what kind of exercise for obese cats we also propose important tips about your diet:

What should we consider?

Cats are animals with a very particular way of life, we are not going to pretend that a sedentary cat suddenly dedicates long hours to exercise because you buy him a scraper with a ball, the cat that barely moves you need to be motivated.

We must devote about 20 minutes a day to exercise our four-legged friend to start noticing the results within one or even two months. We must be cautious and not overdo it, it must be something fun and attractive for the cat.

1. Exercise through intelligence games

There is a great variety of intelligence games Very useful that you can use to motivate your cat. Some sell treats, others use toys or sounds, it will depend on you to find the one that can be more attractive to him.

More intelligence games

You can also think of simpler and cheaper intelligence games such as acquire a kong for cats. Do you know what it is?

It consists of a toy that you have to shake and move to get the sweets that are inside, (snacks and “light”, too, obviously) in addition to encouraging the movement will be of great help to be approved, as it is completely safe, helps to overcome separation anxiety or long stays without our presence and can obviously be used without supervision.

2. Active exercise

In this type of exercise for cats you enter since you must be their main source of motivation: you must act as a trainer trying achieve the best performance of his student, always without exceeding us.

Make yourself with toys that motivate and especially like you, it recommends those that make noise, sounds or lights because they manage to capture your attention better. As we have said before, you will have to spend at least 20 minutes chasing these toys and exercising actively.

  • Avoid using laser lights since they tend to frustrate and stress the cat by never being able to catch it. Better use a physical toy that you can hunt from time to time.

3. Passive exercise

You can get your cat exercise without realizing Within your home, for this you must analyze the structure of your apartment and the furniture you have in it.

  1. Do you have stairs? Distribute your food in two and place the portions at each end of the ladder, this way it will rise and fall to eat it all.
  2. Do you have space for one more piece of furniture? In our article on furniture for cats you can see a countertop turned into a sandbox. The cat accesses it through holes, you can create a similar one to motivate him to jump.
  3. Spread your toys in different parts of the house: tables, beds, countertops, cabinets. You must move to access all, yes, they must be a little in sight but you will not find them.
  4. Is your cat sociable? You can think about adopting a cat from a shelter, if they fall well they can become true inseparable friends and this will encourage you to move more and to play.

These are just some tips, you should think of ideas that can work with your cat, because you know better than us.

4. Other ideas for the exercise of cats

More and more people dedicate part of the space of their homes to their pets, in the case of cats we find a wide variety of furniture playrooms. You can also achieve yours through walkways and fixed shelves, try it!

Feeding an obese cat

In our article on preventing obesity in cats we commented on the importance of correct nutrition. We find in the market a great variety of feed and “light”, too or low calorie, consult your veterinarian which recommends.

  • The snacks and sweets should also have a low caloric intake.

It is important to emphasize that we must offer our cat the right amount of feed since an excess is not going to prevent our feline from continuing to gain weight. Ask the professional to add a larger proportion of wet food, a beneficial idea since it contains large amounts of water and improves the purification and hydration of the cat.

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