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Eliminate fleas from cats

Does your cat have fleas? If you have detected the presence of these small animals in the body of your pet it is important that you start the deworming process as soon as possible to ensure that the infection goes further and that the plague also spreads in your home. There are some products that you can get at the vet and that will help you eliminate fleas from cats but there are also a series of home remedies suitable for your cat to be free of parasites. In this article we tell you the different ways to kill fleas.

Detect fleas in a cat

There are some symptoms that can help you detect if your cat has fleas. The most obvious sign is if you observe that it does not stop scratch especially in areas such as the base of the tail or head, which is where these bugs tend to settle; however, it is possible that the pest has spread and that the animal has fleas throughout the body. We can also see that the cat is less willing to play, he spends more time lying down and you can see him lack of energy. If the animal asks you more frequently to give him a brush, it may be because he is infected and needs to relieve itching.

The best way to check if a cat has fleas is pass a flea brush, that is, those with fine quills. Watch carefully if the comb picks up a nit, larva or a flea (they are very small so look closely). You can also choose clear the fur of the cat and check your skin, go looking for the presence not only of the flea itself, but also of its traces: excrement, nits, et cetera.

Deworm a cat

If you have done the pertinent checks and you have noticed that your cat has fleas, the next step is go to the vet to give you one of the anti-flea methods that exist. The most recommended antiparasitic products are the following:

  • Pipettes: they are one of the most used antiparasites nowadays because they are very easy to use and very effective. It is a product that is placed in the dorsal line of the animal (area that can not be accessed during your daily washes) and that is activated immediately getting kill the fleas that have nested in the body of your pet.
  • Anti-parasitic collars: they are made of plastic and contain insecticides that repel fleas in addition to killing them if they have already nested in the body of the animal. Its duration can be extended up to 3 months, approximately, and at this time should be changed by a new collar because its effectiveness disappears.
  • Flea shampoos: these soaps serve, essentially, to help eliminate fleas from the cat. It is not recommended that they be used as a preventive method since in order to protect the animal you would have to bathe it every 2 days, something that does not go very well with the nature of the cats.

Once you have wormed the cat you will have to clean your house thoroughly. Keep in mind that these bugs nest in any space and may have laid eggs on the sofa, carpet or any other space that your pet has uploaded. So the most advisable thing is that disinfect your home to prevent them from returning to lodge in your cat’s body.

Home remedies for fleas

In addition to these medical treatments that we have just listed, you should know that there are also some natural methods with which you will get eliminate fleas from cats. In we discover you the best:

  • Essential oils: You can mix a few drops of citronella or lavender oil along with the flea shampoo to emphasize the deworming process. Citronella is one of the most used natural insect repellents for both animals and people and the aroma of lavender also acts as a natural insectidid. However, this remedy is not recommended in cats under 1 year in case it stings the skin.
  • Lemon: the aroma of citrus also repels insects so a good way to kill fleas is to mix the juice squeezed out of a lemon with a little water (they must be the same amounts of juice as water). Once we have it ready, we add it in a spray bottle and sprinkle some of this mixture on our pet.
  • Chamomile: Making an infusion of chamomile is also a good home remedy for fleas. You just have to boil some water with chamomile and when they spend a few minutes 10 strain the infusion to extract the remains of the grass. Then you can soak a cloth with this brew and apply it on the body of your cat.

Prevention of fleas in cats

For Protect your pet from fleas it is important that you have put him or her pipette that we have told you before or that you have a antiparasitic collar, this way you will keep the insects at bay. But, in addition, it is also recommended that you brush your cat weekly to check that it is still dewormed and that you have an exhaustive control of its state of health.

A more natural way to achieve it is have a citronella plant at home or lavender, as you prefer. We have already told you that the aroma of both plants repels insects so it will be a good way to avoid fleas invading your home. We also recommend that you keep your house in good hygienic conditions so that your cat lives in optimal conditions.

This article is merely informative, in .com we do not have the faculty to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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