Egyptian names for cats

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The images of gods and goddesses with faces of cats, as well as the murals impregnated with the image of different cats are just some of the symbols of love and devotion that the Egyptian people felt for this animal. For them, the cat was a fascinating animal and, for that reason, they used their characteristics for the creation of several of their deities.

If you just adopted a cat and you want to give it an Egyptian name as a sign of your gratitude and affection towards it, in this article we share a complete list of Egyptian names for cats, composed of gods, goddesses, queens and pharaohs.

Cats from Egypt

Although the Egyptians worshiped all animals, it is known that they had a special predilection for cats, adopting them as companion animals and even transmitting many of their characteristics to several of their deities. Their love was such and they were so integrated into the family nuclei, that once they died they were also buried and their humans had to go through a process of mourning. They have also been found mummified cats that indicate that the relationship between human and cat has evolved over the years.

After the investigations carried out on the found Egyptian findings, it has been possible to confirm that the Egyptians called the cat “miu” and that, in the Ancient Egypt, two great types existed:

  • Felis chaus or marsh cat
  • Felis silvestris lybica or African wildcat

It is not yet known with certainty, but it seems that these two types were the ancestors of the Egyptian domestic cats that we know today, such as the Egyptian mau, the abyssinian or the chausie. Likewise, evidence has been found that the European common cat it originated in Africa and Asia, Egypt being one of the countries involved, and the Romans spread it across Europe. On the other hand, several hypotheses [1] based on studies of the genome of several species of cats maintain that all feline races descend from crosses of the Felis silvestris lybica, so it is difficult to highlight all cats originating in Egypt with security due to the controversy that exists on this subject.

Egyptian names for female cats and their meaning

Whether your newly adopted cat has Egyptian traits or not, one of these Egyptian names and their meaning may be what you are looking for her:

  • Nubia: name related to wealth and perfection. It would be translated as “golden” or “perfect as gold”.
  • Camila: connected to perfection, which also means “messenger of the gods”.
  • Kefera: means “first ray of the sun in the morning”.
  • Danubia: related to perfection and brightness. Its literal meaning would be something like “the brightest star”.
  • Nefertari: its meaning could be translated as the most beautiful or the most perfect.

Names of Egyptian goddesses for cats

An excellent idea for those who are looking for a cat name inspired by respect and admiration is undoubtedly to go to the names of Egyptian goddesses, as they were the embodiment of these values:

  • Amonet: “hidden” goddess, protector of everything hidden.
  • Anukis: goddess of water, of lust and sexuality, whose name translates as “embrace”.
  • Bastet: means “the one of the Bas” and was the guardian goddess of the home, protector of the deceased, representation of the maternal and protective sweetness of the cats.
  • Isis: goddess of motherhood, birth, magic, conjugal fidelity and queen of the gods. It is the opposite of Neftis.
  • Nephthys: translates as “lady of the house”, and was originally the goddess of darkness and death as a bridge to the next life, protector of the bodies of the deceased. It is the opposite of Isis, although they were sisters and used to work together.
  • Nejbet: protective goddess of Upper Egypt, pharaoh and births, considered divine mother for breastfeeding the sovereigns.
  • Groove: goddess of heaven, creator of the universe and the stars.
  • satis: goddess of war, with the power to provoke floods, guardian and protector of the king and the border of Nubia.
  • Sejmet: goddess of war, sent to punish humanity with diseases and epidemics, protector of the pharaoh and whose name translates as “the most powerful” or “the terrible”, although she is also credited with the title of goddess of love for her beauty.
  • Sotis: mother and sister of the pharaoh, called “bright of the new year” for being the one that embodied the star that announced the annual floods.
  • You sleep: goddess of fertility and patron of pregnant women, known as “the big one”.
  • Tefnut: goddess of humidity, was the first feminine creation and, therefore, represents the first concept of the feminine together with her husband, that the masculine version. It is translated as “the one that has been spit”.

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Names for cats inspired by Egyptian queens

We have also made a selection with names of queens of ancient Egypt ideal for cats with character, strong personality but, also, brave and affectionate:

  • Amosis
  • Anjesenpepi
  • Apama
  • Arsinoe
  • Benerib
  • Berenice
  • Cleopatra
  • Duatentopet
  • Eurydice
  • Hatshepsut
  • Henutmira
  • Henutsen
  • Herneith
  • Hetepheres
  • Istnofret
  • Jentkaus
  • Karomama
  • Khenthap
  • Kiya
  • Meritamón
  • Meritatón
  • Merytneith
  • Mutemuia
  • Nefertiti
  • Neithotep
  • Nitocris
  • Olympia
  • Penebui
  • Sitamón
  • Tausert
  • Tetisheri
  • Tiaa
  • Titi
  • Tiye
  • Yours
  • Udjebten

Egyptian names for male cats

Although there are many representative Egyptian names, we highlight the following for cats:

  • Nile: in Ancient Egypt, the Nile was called “Hapy”, which translates as “river” or “channel”. It acquired great importance and, therefore, appears frequently in the history of the ancient Egyptian civilization, since it was vital for its development.
  • Amon: means “the hidden one” and during the history it has been transforming its title, being god of the kingdom and dynastic god. It represents the omnipresent air.
  • Ra: solar god and the most powerful of the Ancient Kingdom. Father of all the gods.

Names of Egyptian gods

As with goddesses, the gods of Ancient Egypt were of great importance among citizens, so we have selected the most representative so that you can choose a Egyptian name for male cats which best suits the characteristics of your feline:

  • Amon: god of creative power.
  • Anubis: one of the oldest gods, connected with the deceased and the place where the embalming took place, was considered the god of mummification.
  • Apophis: god of chaos and destruction, representation of malefic forces, related to the concept of evil and without which the solar cycle could not be completed.
  • Apis: God of fertility.
  • Aton: representation of the solar disk, creator of humans and animals.
  • Keb: creator god and personification of the earth and nature.
  • Hapy: god of the floods, personification of the Nile and the fertility that it contributed.
  • Horus: means “the distant one” and is one of the oldest gods. God of heaven and war.
  • Jepri: means “who comes to be”, he created himself and represents eternal life.
  • Jnum: one of the oldest gods, who had different titles and, therefore, was considered the creator god of Elephantine, which originated the egg from which Ra was born, god of water as a source of life and guardian of the sources of the Nile.
  • OsirisAnother of the oldest gods that has different titles, as god of vegetation, god of death and beyond, although his most important title was that of the god of the resurrection.
  • Serapis: official god of Egypt and Greece.
  • Seth: god of evil and darkness, related to drought, sterility, hunger, violence and the sea.

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Names of pharaohs for cats

The kings of Ancient Egypt had names designed to impose their presence above all else. In fact, they were considered as the representation on earth of certain gods mentioned above. Therefore, if your cat has a strong personality or simply wants to give it a name with power, do not miss the names of Egyptian pharaohs for cats:

  • Menes
  • Djet
  • Nynetjer
  • Sokar
  • Djoser
  • Huni
  • Snefru
  • Knufu
  • Kefrén
  • Micerinos
  • Userkaf
  • Sahure
  • Menkauhor kaiu
  • Teti
  • Pepi
  • Kheti
  • Khety
  • Intef
  • Mentuhotep
  • Amenemhat
  • Hor
  • Aaqen
  • Nehesi
  • Apophis
  • Zaket
  • Kamose
  • Amenhotep
  • Thutmosis
  • Tutankhamun
  • Ramses
  • Seti
  • Smendes
  • Amenemope
  • Osorkon
  • Takelot
  • Chabataka
  • Psamtik
  • Cambises
  • Dario
  • Xerxes
  • Amirteus
  • Hakor
  • Nectanebo
  • Artaxerxes
  • Claudio Ptolemy

Have you found an Egyptian name for your cat? If this is not the case and you would like to continue investigating, do not miss this list of names for cats and kittens.

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