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Egyptian Mau Cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

We found in the Egyptian Mau one of the most elegant cats that exist. Its history is united to the dynasty of the pharaohs, a great empire that appreciated the figure of the cat like that of an almost divine being. The word “mau” is Egyptian, and means cat, that is, the egyptian cat. In the ancient Egyptian civilization cats were revered figures and were protected as sacred animals. Killing one of these animals was punished with the death penalty.

Numerous hieroglyphs were dedicated to the created race that was selected by the Egyptians themselves to give shape to feline beauty. Their ancestors date back more than 4.000 years, we could be talking about the oldest breed of cats. It was the princess Natalia Troubetzkoi who, in the 50 years, presented to Rome the Egyptian mau, a cat that had a wonderful welcome for its beauty and history. We can currently find feral specimens living in the vicinity of the Nile River.

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