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Don Sphynx Cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The Don Sphynx Cat or Donskoy, is a breed of cat that has no hair, with wrinkled skin, are medium and muscular pussycats. In addition to being intelligent and extroverted, they are affectionate, kind and patient. It is perfect for people who like active pets

What is a Don Sphynx Cat?

The Don Sphynx Cat is one of the most interesting and popular of these times. A cat of Russian origin that has as main characteristic of not having hair. This is the product of a dominant gene. The 1997 year was recognized worldwide. It was the result of the cross between Siamese and oriental cats.

The cats of the Donskoy breed are very sociable, medium and muscular. His eyes are almond shaped with large ears. The skin is wrinkled, it may have some fluff on its legs. They are very intelligent and extroverted.

What is the origin of the cat Don Sphynx?

The cat Don Sphynx has its origin in Russia. The developer of this race is Elena Kovaleda, its origin in a female rescued from the city Rostovna-Donu, called Varya. At first it was believed that the lack of hair was due to some disease. After several studies it was known that this was caused by a dominant gene.

The main difference with the Sphynx cat is that its mutation is due to a recessive gene and that of Don Sphynx is a dominant one.

It was Irina Menykina, who worked in the Mitu farm to choose specimens of this breed that I later improved. It expanded to St. Petersburg or Moscow and then to the whole country.

The World Cat Federation (WCF) accepted the race in 1997 and The International Cat Association (TICA) in 2005

What are the most common characteristics of the Don Sphynx Cat?

The kitten Don Sphynx in medium size, its weight is proportional to the size. It has a muscular body with little fat.

The head is triangular in the shape of a wedge, medium with a short nose.

Its ears are large and wide, high insertion and inclined forward, which give it that very peculiar aspect of this breed.

The eyes of the Donskoy are oval, all colors are allowed, they present a serious but calm look.

The spine is covered with skin folds.

The legs are long and strong.

The skin is completely hairless, may have black or white pigmentation.

Regarding the mantle is preferred to specimens without hair, with many wrinkles. But they may have some hair which should not be longer than the 2 mm. All colors and patterns are allowed.

Four varieties of Don Sphynx or Donskoy are known according to the presence of hair

The Cat Don Sphynx Goma, is the one that is completely naked.

Cat Don Sphynx Flock (flocked), are short-haired, velvety cats.

The Don Sphynx Velor hairs with a length between 1 to 3 mm.

Don Sphynx Brush has curly fur

How is the behavior of a Don Sphynx Cat?

The cat breed Don Sphynx is ideal for people who like an active pet, because between them they will share quality time. The intelligence of the cat don sphynx is high, as his affectionate, kind and patient behavior. Don Sphynx likes to capture attention, outside of his appearance does not cost much, for his attitude and development.

By its aspect, the Donskoy looks like a grumpy cat, but it is not, it is a very sociable and playful cat. He is active, loves to play, jump and look for balls or toys for cats. Because of his energy, he gets along well with the whole family, including children. She also gets along well with other cats and other pets.

How much does a Don Sphynx Cat live?

The kitten Don Sphynx lives between 9 and 15 years of age, if he is well cared for and with the adequate food he reaches quietly the 15 years. Take care of your cat a lot because it will be a good company for a long time.

How can you get the trust of a Don Sphynx Cat?

It is not difficult to win the love and respect of a cat Don sphynx, treat it well, do not forget to feed it and give it plenty of water. Always play with him, if he does something you do not like, do not get angry immediately, or look him directly in the eyes, he will see you threatening and will shun you.

When you do something right, reward it and you’ll see that it will soon make things right. He is an intelligent cat and will understand how to do things well.

What do you need to know to take good care of your Don Sphynx Cat?

Although their appearance is fragile, they are not, they are very strong and healthy cats. The metabolism of Don Sphynx is rapid, so it is not advisable to give them supplementary feeding.

It is advisable to brush it, yes, brush it at least once every two weeks. You should also bathe twice a month with mild shampoo, to avoid accumulation of fat and irritation.

Hairless cats are fragile in the sun and cold, they may have burns.

No particular diseases of the race are known. With a good diet, fresh water in abundance and check-ups by the veterinarian, the cat don sphynx will thank you very much for that care. You should always clean your litter box well and it should be well ventilated to avoid infections.

How to clean a cat Don Sphynx?

Although they are bald cats, don sphynx needs brushing. It is good to clean it with a soft brush at least twice a month. You should brush it to prevent your skin from having infections and accumulate fat, by doing this you will avoid irritations between your wrinkles. Acustom it to the brushing so that it waits whenever you do it.

You should also bathe him so that his skin is clean.

How to bathe a Don Sphynx Cat?

To bathe a Donskoy cat, this should not be very frequent because although it must be clean to avoid skin diseases, it does not make cold very well.

Before bathing you should cut your nails, to avoid scratches if you get nervous when you wet it.

Prepare everything you need before putting it in the water. Heat water, bring many towels, you will also need a mild shampoo and a plastic jug.

Fill a suit with warm water at half capacity. Wet your cat gently, if you get nervous, hold the back of your neck and tranquilize it, it helps a lot to massage it. Put the shampoo on and massage your skin gently. Once clean, rinse with plenty of warm water.

To dry it, place it in a towel and rub it gently to dry, change at least two or more towels, until it is dry. Do not let it dry in the sun, it could have burns. Then wrap it in some bald cats clothes so it stays warm.

How to clean the litter box of your Don Sphynx Cat?

The cleaning of the sandbox of a Don Sphynx must be very careful, since using a dirty box can lead to health problems. Use a sand that does not have aromas and as much as possible is agglomerating.

You should clean your box every day and do a total cleaning at least once a week.

To clean daily, you must eliminate the solids of urine and feces that your sand has. Wear gloves and chinstrap, plus a plastic shovel and trash bags. Then fill it with a little sand so that it has the necessary height of sand and stays clean.

When you clean your box completely, you must remove all the sand at least once a week. Use gloves and chinstrap, plastic shovel and garbage bags. Once you eliminate all the sand, you should wash the sandbox. Use a detergent that does not have aroma, we recommend a dishwasher without aroma. Let it dry well, once dry, you can fill with cat litter that is your cat’s preference and leave it in a dry and ventilated place.

Where should you place your kitten Don Sphynx’s litter box?

To know where you should locate the sandbox, consider the following tips:

Find a remote and quiet place, where your kitten needs. Try to make it a place that does not have a lot of human trafficking, that does not have noise. It is preferable that you can give him a closed sandbox so he can use it.

What does the Don Sphynx Cat eat?

This type of cat does not require any food other than that which exists for any cat. The important thing is that you eat properly, do not offer homemade food.

Donskoy cats eating

Due to its condition, the Donskoy cat consumes a lot of energy to regulate the temperature of its body. The feeding in this sense is crucial to maintain the health of the kitten Don Sphynx.

In the market there are dry and moist foods specially designed for Don Sphynx, so that it can cover their nutritional needs.

How to train a cat Don Sphynx?

Regarding the training of Don Sphynx, it will not be very difficult for you to do it. He is very intelligent and will learn quickly. He is very active and of course he will love scratching. To get used to not scratching your furniture buy a scraper with which to entertain and toys with which you can entertain.

Teach her what things she can play with and what not, with an energetic voice and a noise and you will see that she learns quickly.

Although it is not frequent, but it may not be necessary in your box. Verify that everything is in order, that the box is clean, that it is in a good place. If this problem occurs and you are getting used to it in some specific place, you can dissuade it by using lemon and mint flavors so that you do not use that place and go back to your litter box.

What disease can the Don Sphynx Cat have?

The cat Don Sphynx is a strong and robust cat, although it seems delicate and fragile. To keep it healthy, vigorous and disease free, we must take it regularly to the veterinarian. Inspections, compliance with vaccines, deworming is very important. Compliance with hygiene standards is very important to give you a healthy life.

Although vaccines are not available for all types of conditions, certain diseases of the cat can be given immunity Don Sphynx

The Donskoy cat should be vaccinated against the following diseases:

  • Feline leukemia (FeLV)
  • Infectious peritonitis (PIF)
  • Herpesvirus (VRF) and Calicivirus (CVF)
  • Panleucopenia
  • Rage
  • Chlamydia
  • Bordellosis

Special care must be taken with internal and external parasites, for which you must go to a veterinarian. He will indicate the necessary medicines against intestinal worms such as flat worms (cestodes) or round worms (nematodes). External parasites such as fleas and ticks and against fungi.

Skin problems are very frequent like allergies and mosquitoes that irritate the skin and produce eczema

Diseases such as cardiomyopathy and kidney problems are very frequent, for this you must go to the recommendations of the veterinarian.

The premature fall of teeth is a problem of this breed that has no solution, however, there are foods that help to improve this situation.

How to keep a cat Don Sphynx healthy?

To keep the Donskoy healthy and strong, you must follow the recommendations, hygiene and cleanliness are necessary. A good diet is very important and especially visits to the veterinarian to avoid diseases.

How much does a cat Don Sphynx or cat Donskoy cost?

The cat Don sphynx or Donskoy in a race very costs, that depending on where you buy it, the price can vary between 700 or even 1200 dollars.

Where to buy a Don Sphynx Cat or Donskoy?

The most advisable thing talking about this breed is to buy specimens of this species in professional hatcheries. Where you will find cats very well cared for and with the pedigree that certifies their breed.

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