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Does the cat absorb the negative energy?

Cats are animals that have a unique and distinctive behavior, so much so, that they are many the myths that surround the species and that have caused that, even today, interpretations or legends are carried out around certain behaviors, some of them even so old that they were already present in the middle ages. One of the most common is the association of black cats with bad luck, totally false and unjustified.

Among all these legends we find one that ensures that cats cleanse negative energies and that suggests that the powers of cats are so strong that they are considered spiritual guardians. But what is true about all this? Is it a myth or a reality? In we have analyzed the origins of this statement and we will explain to you why it originated and what it really means. Keep reading!

Do cats perceive the energies of people?

La sensitivity of cats It is remarkable and this directly influences the way you relate to other cats, people and even other animals, as well as when responding to environmental stimuli. However, does that really mean that they perceive people’s energies? And the bad vibrations?

Surely you have ever heard that cats are capable of perceiving people’s fear, a statement that is partly true, as the nonverbal language, The pheromones or adrenalina They reveal people who suffer from fear and make cats more reluctant to interact with them.

So, we would not speak of bad energies as a spiritual concept, but as a physiological and adaptive response of the organism of the feline that is directly related to survival. Cats have a sense of unique perception, for that reason, if your cat hides when people come to your home, it may be due to this same cause.

Do cats sleep where there is bad energy?

While “bad energies” as a spiritual concept are a controversial issue and lack of truth for the most skeptical, the “bad energies” that refer to people who dislike animals or animals without socializing with cats can cause a cat does not sleep near what he considers a danger.

Why do they say that cats are healers?

It is no coincidence that in many cultures, as in ancient Egypt, it is considered that cats are healing or that cats are able to cleanse bad energies, because their own nature is related to hygiene. The cats not only cleaned themselves, but also kept the clean homes of mice or other vermin throughout the history of their domestication.

Thus, since the mice were considered carriers of diseases and bad energies, the feline is granted the status of healer, represented by the goddess Bastet or Bast. In fact, this important Egyptian divinity was protective of the human, of the home, the goddess of happiness and harmony.

Are cats spiritual protectors?

In many cultures, spiritual guardian cats are considered, such as in China or Japan, where the story of the Chinese lucky cat is popular: Maneki Neko, which drives away evil spirits and attracts good fortune. It is therefore popular legends and strongly rooted in popular culture that thus favor respect and adoption towards homeless cats.

Are the powers of cats real?

If we understand as powers the sensitivity to emotional states of people, the detection of diseases or the ability to detect odors and stimuli through their powerful senses, we could say that cats are animals with special powers. In fact, there is even a legend that says cats steal people’s energy, but it’s a totally false and unjustified myth, which is caused mainly by the mysticism that surrounds cats.

Are you thinking about adopting a cat to absorb bad energy?

The cats, incredible as they may seem, are simply living beings, they have nothing to do with the good or bad energies, for that reason, if you are considering adopting a cat with the intention of absorbing bad energies, we ask you to reconsider and buy an amulet instead.

Cats are extremely sensitive and spectacular animals, but in no case will they be effective against an evil eye or bad energies, if you adopt a cat that is for the passion you feel towards these animals, but never as a way to fight against or in favor of magic. Do not forget!

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