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Do the cats have the rule?

How many times have you heard shrill meows capable of disturbing your inner peace? Although the reasons for these meows are varied, one of them is particularly simple to distinguish, since it is a characteristic signal that your cat is looking for a mate.

The zeal in cats causes many questions, for example when the heat begins, how to avoid an unwanted litter or if the cats bleed with the rule. If you are of these people, surely you have asked yourself if the cats have the rule. Discover this and more in the next article!

How is the zeal in the cats?

The cats reach sexual maturity to the 10 months of life, and have their first zeal around the 8 months. This may vary depending on the race, since some of these take up to 15 months to be sexually mature, experienced their first heat around the 10 months.

The zeal takes place several times a year, especially during the spring and summer seasons. In males, it is common to be very affectionate and reduce appetite. In females this behavior also occurs, with certain differences.

The zeal in the cats presents several stages, each one with its own characteristics, which we will summarize below in a general way:

  1. Proestro: It is the first phase, during which all the signs of heat are shown, with the aim of attracting the male. In this stage the female does not let the cat ride her.
  2. Oestrus: It is the most intense phase of the heat, the female accepts the mount. The behaviors of the heat are accentuated.
  3. Goalkeeper: the cat rejects the male aggressively and does not allow the male to approach him.
  4. Anestro: It is the end of the heat, the cat goes through a sexual decline until the beginning of the next reproductive cycle.

Symptoms of heat in cats

The symptoms of a heat cat are characteristic and very easy to detect. However, if you are an owner first you may have doubts. If you notice the following, it means that your cat is in heat:

  • Wallow: One of the most notorious behaviors, both in cats and cats, is to wallow in any place during most of the day. The objective is to spread its essence and its hairs everywhere.
  • Purr: accompanies the act of wallowing. The cat becomes mimosa and affectionate, so they purr more often and for almost any reason, it does not matter if it is not receiving caresses.
  • Meows and vocalizations: One of the most characteristic signs are the intense meows, which makes it impossible to ignore them due to their frequency and volume. The goal of this is to draw the attention of potential sexual partners.
  • To pee: During the heat the cats spread their smell by urinating everywhere, watering their smell. Through this aroma they attract the males.

Do the cats hurt when they are in heat?

Although it is not a physical pain, the cats yes they experience discomfort and anxiety during this period, so that sterilization, apart from the many advantages it represents, is a highly recommended option to avoid heat in cats.

Do the cats in heat bleed?

Do the cats ovulate? In many mammals, and even with humans, part of the reproduction cycle includes the ovulation process. The cats are not an exception to this, however, in them the system is a bit different.

First, it is necessary to explain what ovulation is. It is simply the release of the egg, which determines the fertile days of the female. If the ovule is not fertilizing, then what we know as menstruation or bleeding occurs. However, this it does not happen in cats. In them, the ovum is only released when fertilization has already existed. That is, this usually happens after the cat has accepted the mount and, therefore, mating and insemination has already taken place.

Then, taking into account the above, Do the cats have the rule? The answer is no. Some mammals, like dogs, have a rule or menstruation that may seem similar to humans, but not in felines. This is due to the explanation given above. In the absence of ovulation until after mating, the egg is not wasted, so the cat should never bleed. Some cats have spontaneous ovulations without sexual stimulation, estimated around 30%. However, it is not the most common.

Bleeding in cats

The cats in heat do not bleed, therefore, if we observe vulvar bleeding in the cats, we should not consider that it is about menstruation or a natural process. On the other hand, cases of spontaneous ovulation are exceedingly rare, so if you notice that your cat bleeds or you notice your swollen and spotted vulva, it is time to go to the vet.

Why does a cat bleed?

There are some causes that can cause your cat blood on its parts:

  • Uterine infection
  • Wounds
  • Intestinal obstruction
  • Intestinal ulcers

What to do if a cat loses blood drops?

Go to your veterinarian urgently. Bleeding is not a normal symptom in a healthy cat and could be indicating that it suffers from some serious pathology, whether we talk about a sterilized cat or a whole cat. For this reason, we encourage you to visit the specialist when before.

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