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Do cats sleep more in winter?

Although sometimes it does not look like it, our animals also feel it and change their habits adapting to the new temperatures. Questions arise as: Why does my cat sleep so much? Do cats sleep more in winter?

Those of us who have cats at home know that they love to sleep and that they can do it anywhere, especially in our favorite part of the sofa or our bed. They usually choose the coolest places in summer and the warmest in winter. But sometimes this is not so marked and when talking with other owners, we have doubts about whether it is normal or something is happening to them.

In this article we will try to answer these little questions to be alert when appropriate and relax with them in our pigs’ own situations. It is about enjoying with them these beautiful customs of each species.

We are not all equal

Those of us who are lucky enough to share our lives with them, know that they spend a lot of time sleeping and often, so placidly, that we would love to be able to do it with them. Kittens can sleep up to 20 hours a day and adults between 15 and 17 hours. It is considered normal according to various studies carried out.

Like humans, our cats differ from each other. We have some more chilly and others that summer does not feel too good. While we have the generalities of sleep hours for the species, this can be altered by external factors that change the behavior of our pets. In the following sections I will try to clarify the most common unknowns that we have at home.

Interior vs. Exterior

It’s important to have on mind the lifestyle of the cat. There are certain differences and details to take into account whether our cat is indoors (does not go outside) or outside (has access outside the home and even walks daily). This detail is fundamental when evaluating the temperatures to which your cat is exposed.

The cats indoor They have the great privilege of exploring their environment to choose the warmest places in winter and the freshest or most ventilated to spend the summer heat. But your own exploration can sometimes betray them as they choose sites glued to stoves or chimneys where they can suffer burns and colds when moving away from these sites and suddenly change temperatures, with severe respiratory processes, especially in older cats.

To avoid these problems we must offer warm places with his own bed and even blankets so they can get in and feel at ease. Recall that the elderly or hairless cats are the most going to suffer these sudden changes in the seasons. We can take advantage of places that are warmed with the sun of the day or high since the heat always tends to rise. Hairless cats often appreciate a coat at times of the day when the cold tightens.

Care in the outdoor cats They are somewhat more complicated, since it is more difficult to ensure that they are always well. If we have a garden we can build shelters where they can shelter in cold or rainy moments and in this way, better preserve the heat.

We will try to avoid placing blankets inside si they do not change regularly because they tend to keep the humidity and can generate fungi in the cat. In the case of finding a cat with hypothermia It is necessary to take it urgently to the vet, but during the way we can wrap it in a towel or blanket to try to warm it up.

In both cases we must pay attention to the alimentación. During the winter, like humans, our kittens need more calories. Consult with our veterinarian to avoid overweight and / or weight loss in our pet. We can always warm the food so that it is more pleasant at lunchtime. Many times, placing the dish in a place where the sun helps to stimulate the appetite and enhances the aromas. Your cat will thank you.

Tips for baby kittens at home

Is there something cuter than a kitten on the sofa? Although we said above that babies can sleep up to 20 hours a day, here we will leave some tips to help them spend these moments as well as possible:

  • Make sure that at night you have a warm place to rest.
  • Special attention with food and water, since they are very sick and it is not so easy for them to recover.
  • Vaccines a day, we consulted our veterinarian to inform us according to the age of our feline puppy.
  • If you let them go outside, they may need a little more food. In this way we make sure that they can regulate their temperature correctly.

Taking into account these data, and always consulting the veterinarian in case of any doubt, we wish you a winter full of pampering, naps in front of the stove and warm nights for the whole family.

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