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Do cats like kisses?

Many tutors wonder if cats like kisses or if this kind of show of affection is uncomfortable for your cats. We must emphasize that it is impossible to establish a rule or a manual of preferences that fit perfectly with all the cats of the planet. Each feline owns one Unique personality and can show own preferences and behaviors different from those observed in most cats.

However, it is also essential to understand that the language and communication of cats is very different from ours. They have a different way of expressing their emotions, moods and perceptions about their environment. Therefore, not all demonstrations of human affection, such as hugs and kisses, provide pleasant moments to our feline companions.

In this article , we explain if cats like kisses. However, we will also tell you how you can demonstrate to your feline that you want it in the feline language. In this way, you can express your love and strengthen your bond with him, without exposing him to unpleasant situations. Do not miss it!

Do cats want their guardians?

Unfortunately, there are many false myths and unlikely popular beliefs about cats and their particular way of expressing their feelings. In fact, it is still common to hear questions like “Do cats have feelings?” Or “Do cats want their owner?”.

First, we must reaffirm that cats are sentient and very intelligent beings who experience a variety of emotions throughout their lives. As it happens with us, the reactions, responses and moods of a feline usually vary in many aspects due to the stimuli of their environment, the lived experiences, the conditions of their environment, their quality of life, their health, etc.

However, we need to understand that felines are very special beings that have their own way of expressing their feelings towards their guardians. Therefore, we should not expect a cat to have the same demonstrations of affection as dogs or people. Nor is it fair or logical to say that cats do not want their guardians or do not have feelings just because they do not behave like dogs.

With its noble and independent character, cats are also able to establish a bond of friendship and trust with their guardians. And if you wonder how to know if your pussy cat has affection for you, we summarize the 10 signals that indicate that your cat loves you.

So, do cats like kisses or not?

If we observe the behavior of most domestic felines, we can verify that cats do not like kisses. Neither will they be receptive if you try to hug them, as this can generate a feeling of imprisonment, and they will hardly enjoy if you try to caress them in their most vulnerable regions, like their belly.

However, we can see that some felines adapt and they learn to accept these situations as part of the positive bond they maintain with their tutors. In any case, we must emphasize that kisses and hugs are not part of demonstrations of feline affection. Therefore, before trying to kiss or hug your pussycat, remember to know its character and respect your preferences.

To greet each other friendly and express affection, cats do not need to articulate their lips as we do. To send you the calls “Cat kisses”, your pussycat will squint and give you a serene look. This simple and discreet way of “kissing” does not involve physical contact, but says a lot about the bond between them and about the affection that your cat communicates.

Although “love licks” are usually associated with dogs, cats they can also lick to express your affection. This behavior is usually more common in cats that live alone with their guardians, without the presence of other cats in the home. When a cat licks its guardian, we should know that this behavior can also be interpreted as a demonstration of affection, since it means that it considers him as “one of his own” and that he has confidence in it.

How do cats show their love?

As we have explained, cats express themselves differently from us and use their body language mostly to communicate with their tutors, other cats and their environment. The positions and movements of a cat’s tail, for example, reveals a lot about its moods and the emotions that they experience on each occasion.

If your cat approaches you, raise its tail and slightly twist the tip, this is a friendly posture which indicates that you feel happy in your company and can be safe in your home. On the other hand, an angry cat usually shows the famous “brush tail” (tail up, huffed and with bristly hairs). In these cases, it is best to respect your space and wait for it to calm down before trying any interaction. However, if your kitten is very scared, angry or scared, do not hesitate to take him to the vet to ensure that this behavior is not due to a health problem or a hormonal problem.

Among the demonstrations of trust and affection of the felines towards their tutors, we find the “kneading” habit. Puppy cats knead the nipples of their progenitors to stimulate them and suck more milk. This is an instinctive behavior that is part of the special bond that kittens share with their progenitors. In adulthood, cats maintain this habit because it generates wellbeing and pleasure, remembering when they felt welcomed under the protection of their mothers. Therefore, if your cat kneaded you it is because it feels very safe and comfortable with you.

However, there are other attitudes that reveal that your cat trusts you and loves you. For example, rubbing yourself with you, rubbing your head on your legs, wanting to sleep in your company, and even the strange attitude of bringing dead animals as a “gift” are some of the ways in which your cat expresses your affection .

In addition, the felines also reveal an incredible vocalization ability, being able to use different sounds in your daily communication with you. If your cat purrs when you caress it, for example, it means that it is in a moment of relaxation and enjoys being in your company.

If you want to know more about the purring and the other vocalizations of your pussycat, do not forget to read our article about the sounds of cats and their meanings.

How to show your cat that you love him?

Now that you know that most cats do not like kissing, you may be wondering how to show your affection for your cat. The first thing you must remember is that each cat is a world and one of the wonders of living with these special beings is power discover your personality day by day, constantly surprising us with their skills. And if you ask yourself questions such as “What do cats think?”, We have a special article to help you understand how our cats think and how they see us.

Therefore, the best way to tell your cat that you love him, is to try to know his personality to identify the things that you like and those that make you feel uncomfortable. In addition, if you dedicate some time to learn more about the body language of cats, you will learn to interpret their postures and facial expressions, which will help you improve your communication with your pussycat.

To know where to caress it, for example, you can experience touching it very gently throughout your entire body and note the signs of enjoyment that your pussy shows when you receive your pampering in your favorite spots. But remember that cats do not like touching their bellies. So, be very careful when trying to caress your belly so as not to receive a bite or a scratch.

In addition, you can always prepare delicious homemade recipes to pamper your cat and show him all your affection. In, we teach you how to make cookies, cakes, homemade wet food and we even have gourmet recipes to help you please the demanding palate of your pussycat.

Last (but not least), remember that take care of your feline’s health It is also essential to show your affection. Therefore, do not forget to provide your cat with complete and balanced nutrition, physical and mental stimulation, proper socialization, and proper preventive medicine throughout his life, visiting the veterinarian every 6 months and respecting his vaccination letter and periodic deworming.

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