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Diseases of the Siamese cat

Animal file: Siamese

Siamese cats are very healthy pets, as long as they come from responsible and ethical breeders and there are no problems of consanguinity or other negative factors. However, some who are in adoption are victims of these practices.

Siamese cats live longer than other races, reaching a life expectancy that is around 20 years. It is in the years that they become “grandparents”, when the aches and pains of old age emerge. However, there are some diseases or malformations that are accused from young.

If you continue reading you will be able to adequately inform you about the most frequent malfunctions and Siamese cat diseases.

Breast cancer

The Siamese cats when they are older they tend to breast cysts. Most are benign, but some become carcinogenic. For this reason, your veterinarian should check the cysts if they appear, analyze them and proceed with surgery if malignant.

With a veterinary visit every 6 months will be enough to prevent this problem and detect it in time if it happens.

Some cats young conjoined they suffer episodes of respiratory problems, URI, which adds to them in a state similar to the flu when we humans suffer. They can also suffer from nasal and tracheal inflammations. They are not frequent infections because Siamese cats are basically homeless, and do not roam the streets. When they get older they are no longer exposed to the URI. These temporary bronchitic episodes should be controlled by the veterinarian.

Obsessive / compulsive disorders

Siamese cats are gregarious pets that need the company of other pets or humans, and better if you live with both simultaneously. Excessive loneliness can induce them to upset caused by boredom or anxiety waiting for the return of people. A compulsion that consists of an excessive grooming. They lick so much that they can cause bald spots on their hair.

This disorder is called psychogenic alopecia. Also indirectly the hair intake can cause intestinal problems as a result of hairballs. It is convenient to supply malt for cats.

Vestibular disease

This disease is usually caused by genetic problems. It is related to the nerve that connects the inner ear.

Vestibular disease causes the cat dizziness and loss of balance. It usually lasts a short time and heals itself. If the disease is recalcitrant, it should be treated by the veterinarian.

Optical alterations

Siamese cats can also suffer alterations that are not properly diseases, but deviations from the standart pattern of the Siamese cat. An example is the squint. The cat sees perfectly, although his eyes are oriented in a palpably strabismic way.

The nystasta is another alteration of the optic nerve, like the strabismus. This alteration causes an oscillation of the eyes from right to left or from above and below. It is not frequent but it can occur in Siamese cats. You should consult with the veterinarian, because it may be a sign that the cat suffers from kidney or heart disease.

Pig tail and porphyria

This genetic anomaly it has practically disappeared. Although it was formerly sought after because it is a typical feature of some oriental cats. It does not influence the health of the cat at all. The tail is short and twisted in a kind of corkscrew, similar to the tails of pigs.

Porphyria is a metabolic disease commonly hereditary. Is very complex and difficult to diagnose. It can have different degrees of intensity and affect different organs. Alters the enzymes that favor the biosynthesis of blood hemoglobin.

It can be very mild or very serious. How can you attack different organs: heart, kidneys, liver, dermis, etc. There are innumerable symptoms that can show: reddish urine, vomiting, skin changes, seizures, even being asymptomatic. Only a competent veterinarian will succeed in the diagnosis.


In the Siamese cat it is a gene alteration of hy gene. The accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain presses the brain and can cause irreversible damage. A clear symptom is the inflammation of the head. The veterinarian must attend immediately to the feline.

You will have noticed that the vast majority of disorders are due to deficiencies in the cat’s genealogical lines. It is for this reason the importance in adopting the puppies in stores with prestige and guarantees. Professionals who can ensure the optimal origin of Siamese kittens.


We must also take into account, especially if our cat enters and leaves regularly, the importance of Deworm our Siamese cat. In this way we will avoid the appearance of intestinal parasites and external parasites such as fleas and ticks.

This article is merely informative, in .com we do not have the faculty to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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