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Diseases of the maine coon

Animal file: Maine coon

The maine coon cats are magnificent and very healthy pets. However, sometimes these cats are adopted from mediocre farms or shelters where they can not provide the care they require.

For this reason it is very important that when we decide to adopt one of these beautiful and elegant pets, we have all the documentation and guarantees. Likewise, if this is not possible, we must inform ourselves about the ailments or possible diseases that may suffer.

Even though this cat has good iron health and we are supposed to take care of it with care and love, if you continue reading you will know the possible diseases of the maine coon.


Feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a serious disease that is not exclusive to maine coon cats. But within the world of this beautiful breed, it is known that there are some breeding lines that are prone to suffer from this disease over time.

This cardiac ailment is characterized by thickening of the walls of the ventricle left of the feline’s heart. What causes failures and deterioration of the heart muscle.

Deformation of the sternum

A deformation of the sternum called Pectus excavatus, It is characterized by a depression of all or part of the sternum.

This anomaly compresses the lungs and the heart of the maine coon, hindering the normal functioning of these vital organs. Cats that suffer this malformation present a abnormal jiba on the back.

Hip dysplasias

This severe deformation, hip dysplasia, is characterized by a severe malformation that causes a loin depression in the hindquarters of the cat. This induces the hind legs to position themselves in X.

This malformation is very painful and disabling for the poor feline, which causes the cat an excessive fatigue. This failure is due to breeding and kangaroo defects. It is the inexperienced breeders who are guilty of allowing the breeding of these defective lines.

However, a cat can also suffer from hip dysplasia if it is not exercised or exercised excessively.

Gen rex

A defective gene is responsible for the strange appearance of maine coon cats carrying Gen rex. The rex gene is an extraordinarily rare anomaly. Cats affected by this rare gene have their Fully curly hair coat.

It may be that a litter of normal maine coon out some kitten with this anomaly. This is a sign of poor genetic quality in one of the parents.


Maine coon cats are very big. The adult males oscillate between the 7 and 11 Kg. The females are quite minor, their weight moves between the 4,5 and 7 kg.

However, the lazy idiosyncrasy characteristic of maine coon and its insatiable appetite They are a terrible combination if you do not monitor your food intake. With more reason if the cat is sterilized. All this makes the maine coon prone to obesity.

The veterinarian should mark the cat’s diet. If this does not happen, it is possible that the cat fattens up to 20 Kg., As has already happened among some specimens. Discover the passive exercise for cats to avoid overweight.

This article is merely informative, in .com we do not have the faculty to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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