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differences between dogs and cats

The adoption of a animal companion It must be done responsibly. It is not a decision that can be taken lightly, because it is a commitment that will last the entire life of the animal. For all these reasons, it is very important that we inform ourselves about the comportamiento of both animals, only in this way will we know if they are compatible with us and which of them we should choose.

In this article we will discuss the differences between dogs and cats, explaining important details of the behavior in felines and canids and other curiosities. Do not forget that in addition, at the time of adoption, you will have to individual characteristics, especially if you are going to live with children, in a small apartment or with other animals.

Who is smarter, a dog or a cat?

When it comes to different spacesIt is very complicated to determine from a scientific point of view which of these two animals is more intelligent. A study published in the New Scientist magazine reveals that the cognitive capacities are higher in the case of dogs [1], but also, a collaborative study in different universities indicates that dogs have twice as many neurons in the cerebral cortex than cats [2], which would indicate that they are smarter. So, this first round is won by dogs.

Are cats cleaner than dogs?

If we analyze the behavior pattern in dogs and cats, we can see that felines dedicate half of their lives to rest and grooming, in fact, they can go to 4 hours a day preening, a time remarkably superior to that dedicated by dogs. [3] Cats do not need to bathe, they clean themselves, while dogs do require a regular bath, especially if they tend to get dirty. Therefore, in this second round the cats win.

What is more affectionate, a dog or a cat?

To give a reliable answer to this question, we have analyzed a study by Paul Zak that measured oxytocin levels in people after interacting with their animals, whether they were dogs or cats. The oxytocin, known as “the hormone of love” [4] occurs after physical or visual contact in affective relationships, as in couples or between parents and children.

The study reveals that there was an increase 5 times higher of oxytocin levels when humans interacted with your dogs. [5] However, of the 20 relationships analyzed, two of them showed very high levels in cats. Still, this time the point is taken by the dogs.

Who is more fun, a dog or a cat?

We continue with the differences between dogs and cats, however, it is difficult to determine which of these two animals is more fun, because even after seeing hundreds of funny videos It is impossible to say which of these two species is funniest. So, we will leave it in a draw.

We leave you with a compilation of funny animals from the channel:

Who has a better sense of smell, the dog or the cat?

To answer this question, we must analyze the olfactory receptors of both species. Although some breeds can show a higher number than the average, in general, the olfactory receptors in dogs are located between the 200 and 300 million, while in cats they are around the 67 million. [6]

Knowing that we, humans have only 5 million, we can determine that both animals have a very developed sense of smell, although dogs clearly gain, with their truffle especially sensitive.

What is easier to care for, a dog or a cat?

If we review the care that dogs and cats require, such as food, walks, space, hygiene and health, we can quickly observe that cats are much easier to care for. They do not need as much space as a dog, nor do they go for walks or regular showers.

In addition, they usually eat less and, having no access to the outside, they have a lower probability of contracting an infestation by internal or external parasites. Still, in general, they usually require more veterinary assistance than dogs. This time the cats win.

Which one is more beautiful?

Both animals are beautiful, especially when they are dogs, so to really find out what human perception is, we have reviewed a study by Jessica Gall on the search of animal videos on the Internet, made at 6795 people. The result?

Although most people claimed to have a weakness for both animals, the cats provided more relaxation and pleasure to the user. In addition, cat videos on YouTube have more video visits than any other category. So, according to statistics, the most beautiful for humans are cats. [7]

Who wins, DOG OR CAT?

As you could see, there is a technical tie, can you help us solve it? Leave your comments indicated differences between dogs and cats, We read to you all!

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