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Differences between a Persian cat and an angora

Although both breeds are known and popular, for some cat lovers the differences between a Persian cat and an angora are not entirely clear, perhaps because they both have a spectacular long coat. But the differences between both breeds are remarkable and, if we want to adopt any of these cats, it is important that we take them into account so that our new cat adapts as best as possible to our home.

That is why in this article we are going to expose the differences between a Persian cat and an angora. If you plan to adopt one of these cats, this Persian vs. Angora cat article is a must!

Physical differences between Persian and Angora cats

We begin this review of the differences between a Persian cat and an angora by the most obvious, that is, those that refer to the physical aspects. These are going to be the following:

  • The nose: is, perhaps, the most important and significant, in addition, at first glance it will allow us to differentiate a Persian cat and an angora cat. The Persian presents a completely flattened nose, while those of Angora have the usual nose in cats.
  • The tear duct: by the flattened shape of the face of the Persian cats there is a fold between the nose and the eyes, which are large, which facilitates an abundant tearing (epiphora), which can “stain” the entire area.
  • If you look, the head and ears of Persian cats are more rounded, facing the more almond-shaped aspect offered by angora cats.
  • The size: although in both breeds we can find relatively small specimens, about 3 kg in weight, in general, Persian cats can have a size larger than those of angora, reaching about 7 kg of weight. It is more rare that the angora reach the 6 kg, in the same way, they also have a shorter length.
  • The complexion of the Persian cats is more robust than that of the angora, more elongated and slender, although muscular.
  • Because of these differences, especially those related to the care of the periocular area, we could conclude that Persian cats require more maintenance than angora cats.

Character differences between Persian and Angora cats

Among the differences between a Persian cat and an angora, beyond the physical aspect, are more relevant all those that refer to the different behaviors that these cats can present. The following stand out:

  • Sociability: the Persian cat, in general, since there will always be exceptions, it is considered more independent, while that of Angora will better accept human coexistence, although this does not imply that you are enthusiastic about the signs of affection, in fact, it is usual that they do not accept too many petting. If they were, those of Angora, more predisposed to go to say hello when we got home and to relate more and with a greater number of people. Of course, the Persians may also want to relate. On the other hand, a Persian, although surly, can be very affectionate when he wants. Preferably he will be the one who asks for affection.
  • Activity: Persian cats tend to be quiet and little moved, preferring the calmness of a soft sofa before the hustle and bustle of a game session, which will be better accepted by an angora cat, much more playful. As a result of this low activity, we must control the weight of our Persian. On the contrary, an angora cat may require a enriched environment to channel your energy.
  • Behavior with children: due to the characteristics we have mentioned, Persian cats can tolerate children’s presence worse, especially if they do not respect their space and their need for tranquility. Angora cats, in this sense, can better accept coexistence with the youngest, although we always have the obligation to educate children in respect to all living beings and we can not leave them together without the supervision of an adult.
  • Coexistence with other animals: these relations will be easier for an angora cat, since the Persians bear worse the interference in their habits.

All these data respond to a general characterization, therefore, we must insist that not all cats of these breeds will follow these patterns.

One final note in Persian vs. Angora

To finish this review for the differences between a Persian cat and an Angora, we mention a fact to consider when adopting one of these cats. In this case, it refers to health, because Persian cats have a tendency to suffer from kidney problems, specifically what is called renal disease polycystic which, as its name suggests, consists of the appearance of cysts in the kidneys that end up collapsing kidney function and causing death. In addition, they can also suffer from respiratory problems due to the flat conformation of their nose and heart ailments due to that same difficulty. On the other hand, angora cats could suffer congenital deafness, fundamentally

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