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Devon Rex Cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

Cat breed devon rex, is very unique. It is possible that you confuse the Cornish rex with this breed by its resemblance, but they are genetically very different.

Images of cats of the Devon Rex breed

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What is a devon rex cat?

The Devon Rex cat is a peculiar breed that emerged in the United Kingdom a couple of decades ago, with curly short hair. They are calm, docile, playful, extravagant and curious cats.

It is described as kitty heart for its behavior, since it is the cats with dog characteristics. Want a pet that follows you around the house and is by your side all day, this is a company that you may like. They are good company for people and children.

What is the origin of the devon rex cat?

The devon rex cat originated casually in Devon county in England for the 60 years. The main characteristic is the wavy hair product of a genetic mutation. This is due to casual crosses in a natural way. The name REX is for curly hair, which is a bit unusual among felines.

The first cat Devon Rex appeared casually in a litter that was found in an abandoned mine in Devon England in 1960. This kitten was picked up by Mrs. Beryl Cox who, because of its rarity and fur, baptized the cat as Kirlee.

Mrs. Cox saw a male with short curly hair living in the mine and named him Tom. I try to catch him after feeding him, failing in his attempts. This cat crossed with a street turtle cat having babies months later.

In the litter Mrs. Cox saw that one of them was male and was like Tom. That baby is Kirlee and was picked up by Mrs. Cox and was the founder of the Devon Rex breed, Devon curls

From that moment the breeding began, some kittens were brought to the United States. The race took a lot of interest between the 70 and 80 years where it was recognized.

The devox rex does not come from other races of cats with curly hair like the Cornish Rex, because the genetic mutation of the Devon is different from that of the Cornish. This is because at the beginning of the breed they crossed into the Kirlee with Cornish Rex females and strangely the puppies were born with straight hair.

What are the characteristics of the devon rex cat?

The devon rex cat is medium size. Muscled and curly short hair.

It has a small, short and angular head. It has large eyes, oval and separate, have bright color.

They have a slightly long and muscular body. With long and thin tail.

Its coat is short, thin and curly with waves, it is more messy than in the cornish rex cat, the eyebrows and whiskers are also curly. All colors and patterns are allowed.

It belongs to the classification III in the FIFE of short and Somali hair.

It has a resemblance to the cornish rex, both with wavy hair and very short, but the curly hair character of devon rex is due to a different gene

How is the behavior of a devon rex cat?

The cat devon rex is a very affectionate and playful kitten. It is a cat that adapts to any type of environment, but prefers the interior spaces.

Devon Rex likes to feel comfortable, warm and safe in the lap of its owners. Being active and playful will get along with children as well as the elderly.

He is a feline who does not like to be alone, loves coexistence with other cats and with people. So it is ideal that you have a cat friend to have fun alone

They have behavior similar to those of a dog, so it is possible that they follow their owners everywhere and want to be by their side all the time.

It is very dependent, so you should give more attention than other breeds of cats, to the point of being essential for them.

Its docile and affectionate character makes it a perfect companion for day to day life. Because meticulous care is not required, it is easy and convenient to care for a devon rex cat.

How much does a devon rex cat live?

This breed of cats generally lives between 9 and 15 years.

How can you get the trust of a devon rex cat?

Gaining the trust of a cat devon rex is simple, you just have to pay close attention, because they do not like to be alone. Treat him well, feed him and take care of him, the cat will thank you giving you all his affection.

What do you need to know to take good care of the devon rex cat breed?

Devon rex cats do not need a lot of care, they do not lose a lot of hair, so cleaning can be done from time to time. To keep them cool and with a shiny coat it is advisable to bathe them sporadically, with a specific shampoo for excess fat.

Another thing that you should check periodically is the excess of cerumen, check your ears.

How to clean a devon rex cat?

Brush the coat of the devon rex at least once or twice a week. Bathe your cat with a shampoo for excess fat. Clean your eyes with damp cotton, in addition to cleaning your ears, always on the outside, never inside.

If your cat has messed up too much, you should bathe him.

How to bathe a devon rex cat?

To bathe a cat devon rex it is important to have a specific shampoo for excess fat.

Before bathing your devon kitten you should prepare the things you need to bathe it. You will need the shampoo for excess fat, towels, plastic jug and plenty of warm water. You can trim your cat’s nails.

Start wetting your cat little by little, you can use the sink to bathe it, let it get used and then wet it. Avoid wetting the face and ears, place the shampoo and massage gently to form foam. Clean it and rinse it with plenty of warm water.

Put it between a towel and rub it to dry it.

We recommend trimming your cat’s nails after bathing it, so you will see the life part of the nail and avoid damaging it

How to clean the cat litter box devon rex?

To clean the sandbox you will need latex gloves, chinstrap, plastic shovel and trash bags.

You should clean the litter box every day partially and totally once a week.

Put on gloves and chinstrap before cleaning. To clean daily, collect all the urine and feces solids with the plastic shovel and place them in a garbage bag.

You should wash the sandbox weekly if you have a cat, if there were two, twice a week. Remove all the sand in a trash bag, then wash the box with an unscented detergent, dry it and refill it with cat litter of your cat’s preference.

Where should you place your devon rex kit’s sandbox?

Place a litter box in a quiet place, private and without annoying noises, because you would not like to have annoyance because your cat does not use its litter box.

Place it in a room that has enough ventilation, that there is not much traffic, not behind doors. Avoid placing the sandbox in the laundry room.

What do devon rex cats eat?

When you want to feed your feline devon rex remember that it is a cat that loves to eat and has a lot of cravings for food. He loves any type of food, if you neglect he could steal yours.

You can give dry cat food, moist and natural. We recommend buying food for this type of cat, since a diet with the necessary nutrients will avoid problems later on.

It is always good to intersperse the three types of food to offer variety.

How to train a devon rex cat?

To train this pussycat, you must consider that it is very playful and you should do it when you are young.

To avoid scratching your furniture, give it a cat scraper. You can buy at a pet store or make one.

If you do not use your litter box correctly, verify that it is clean and in a correct place, correct that. If it is customary to relieve yourself in another place, do not scold him. Use lemon or mint flavorings in the place and little by little it will not go any more there. Take it to your sandbox and get used to it again.

What disease can devon rex cats have?

The devon rex cat has an iron health, it is quite resistant. He has no diseases or inheritance problems of his race. However, they can have any of the diseases of domestic cats if we neglect their care.

We must pay close attention to the hygiene of your ears, because you have excess earwax that can cause otitis if it is not cleaned.

Keep up with your vaccinations and the deworming that any cat needs and it will always stay strong.

How to keep a devon rex cat healthy?

To keep your devon cat healthy, take good care of its diet, give it enough exercises to keep it entertained and stay in shape.

Regularly clean your fur, ears and teeth. This will improve the longevity of your cat and you will feel loved and healthy.

How much does it cost to buy a devon rex cat?

A devon rex cat can cost between 300 dollars at a pet store and up to 700 dollars with a breeder.

Where to buy a devon rex cat?

We recommend that you buy a devon rex cat with a breeder, as he will give you the well-groomed and healthy kitten. The most important thing is that he will give you his certificates and his pedigree.

If you buy at a pet store or you can adopt the devon rex cat with a private individual, at least check that you are in good health.

Now that you have chosen, where to buy a cat devon rex

If you find a cat gift devon rex or cat devon rex adoption, give this pussycat a good home because it will be a good companion for you.

Curiosities of the cat devon rex

The devon rex race was legally accepted by the TICA in 1972 and in 1983 by the ACFEC.

The devon rex cat reached the United States coasts in 1968.

In the 1998 year, the Devon Rex cat named RassySassoul was the first to win a national CFA title.

There are few devon rex cats in the world, as it is a recent breed.

The Devon Rex is a very nice cat, but it is very strong and healthy.

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