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Dental hygiene of cats step by step

Bucco-dental health is of great importance also for a cat, since healthy teeth will also be useful for a longer time improving their quality of life, in addition, the accumulation of tartar is avoided and with it multiple diseases such as gingivitis, which may require veterinary intervention.

Surely at this time you can think that you already give dry feed to your cat and that it has a positive effect on tartar. Well, the truth is that dry feed is more abrasive than wet and prevents the accumulation of tartar to a greater degree, but does not exert any hygienic effect on the teeth of your pet.

Only by washing the teeth of our cat from 2 to 3 a week will we be able to improve its breath and prevent the appearance of oral diseases. But how to carry out this task? In this article we explain in detail how clean a cat’s teeth step by step.

The first thing is to prepare the necessary material, you should know that you can not use a human-use toothpaste on your cat, because they are toxic, you should not opt ​​for other home remedies such as sodium bicarbonate, since its taste is very unpleasant and you would get your cat to face his mouth brushing with high levels of stress.

What to do then? You should go to a pet shop or to the veterinarian to acquire a toothpaste specific for cats, at present you can even find some products that do not need brushing or rinsing later.

The other necessary material will be the toothbrush, obviously it should not be a brush for human use but it is possible to use a baby brush, since they are much softer. Another option that you can easily find in the right store is a specific toothbrush for cats.

The ideal is to start your cat in this habit since he is a puppy, so that grows with good dental hygiene and accustomed perfectly to that habit, however you must know that when it comes to a good decision is never late, although yes it may be that it is somewhat complex.

Prevent your cat from associating brushing their teeth with a stressful moment, therefore, do not brush your teeth if you are stressed, in fact, you should start this activity as a game.

Touch your mouth and your teeth with your fingers so that the cat interprets it as a game, feeling comfortable and relaxed, with a happy and calm attitude.

We recommend that it is then when you start brushing, but not before, since it is as positive as beneficial for your cat to interpret the start of this cleaning in a friendly way, so that it becomes easier later.

Now it’s time to start brushing, generally those utensils that we can use for this purpose, if they are adequate, will allow us to use on our finger to thereby more easily reach all corners of the oral cavity of the cato, that is why it is so important that the cat is calm.

Place the brush in your hand and on this a small amount of toothpaste suitable for cats.

Brush your cat’s teeth vertically and horizontally and try to clean each of his teeth, at this time a toothpaste suitable for your pet will be very helpful as they are not toxic and can be swallowed by your cat without any problem.

In fact, some toothpastes for cats have meat flavor, therefore this habit can become a moment that your pet enjoys enormously.

If this healthy habit comes very late to your cat you will like to know that you have other alternatives that can facilitate the oral hygiene of your pet.

Some products to clean your cat’s teeth they are presented in the form of an aerosol and it is enough to spray them in their oral cavity, while others are liquid antiseptics (similar to mouthwash for humans) that require a minimum dose and can be applied with the help of a gauze on the teeth and gums of the cat .

Finally it’s time to reward your cat for its good behavior through positive reinforcement, which will help you to make the moment of oral cleaning more and more pleasant for both of you.

How to reward your feline? You can choose different goodies for cats of good quality.

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