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Cornish Rex Cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The cornish rex cat is a breed of natural crosses between common shorthair cats. Its appearance is similar to that of a hound dog

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What is a Cornish Rex cat?

The cornish rex cat breed is an animal with peculiar aspects, with curly fur. Race that was born in England as a result of the mutation by the natural cross between common cats with short hair. It is a natural breed and is also called killibunker as the first kitten that has been known.

The first original Cornish rex crossed with Siamese cats and as a result the shape of their body has been transformed. His appearance is now more stylized making him look more like the greyhounds. It has a loving character and is very easy to care for, it requires a firm education when they are puppies. Nowadays they have many growing fans.

What is the origin of Cornish Rex cats?

The name of the cornish rex cat derives from the rex beaver, a variety of curly-haired rabbit. The cornish rex race is the result of the natural genetic mutation given in the southeast of England. This occurred in the town of Cornwall, which is why the origin of the name is due.

The first known Cornish rex cat was born in 1950 owned by the Ennismore family named Kallinbunker. The mother named Serena, the 21 of July 1950 gave birth to a litter of 5 kittens, 4 common and one with short curly hair, Kallinbunker kitten. The veterinarian insisted on embarking on a breeding program that was the one that gave origin to the race. For 1960 the cornish rex cat race was crossed with the Siamese breed, modified the structure of the breed and stylized it. This resulted in the cornish rex being lighter and thinner, similar to the greyhound, so it is also known as “whippet of cats”

This breed of kitten was officially recognized at 1960 in England and at 1970 in the USA.

What are the characteristics of the Cornish Rex cat?

The cornish rex cat is medium in size. Triangular head with straight profile, long nose. Its ears are small with round tips. The cornish rex’s eyes are slanted, oval and inclined, the color is similar to its fur.

Thin and light body, which gives it that stylized look, that gives appearance to a greyhound. They are strong and muscular. They have arched backs. It has a long and thin tail, ends in a point.

The most important feature of the cornish rex cat is the short curly coat, the reason of the name “rex”. This characteristic in the hair is also typical of the races Devon Rex, German Rex and Selkirk Rex.

The mustaches of the Cornish rex cat are curly and medium, the legs are thin, several colors and spots are allowed on their fur, in addition to the points.

An advantage of this type of cat over others is that, having short hair, the one that is lost is very scarce. In addition, it has a small amount of the protein that causes most allergies, it could be a solution for people who are allergic to a pet.

FIFE classification: Category III, shorthaired and somali cats

How is the behavior of a Cornish Rex cat?

The cornish rex cat is a playful, sociable, affectionate cat, likes the company of children. Intelligent and independent, if you live with other pets and cats will lead the cats. It adapts to any type of environment, prefers warm and comfortable interiors, they like this comfortable and quiet, they adapt to any space.

His behavior is very cheerful and he is not afraid if you stimulate him well. They are climbers by nature, thanks to their size and musculature they can jump very high. They are companions of insatiable games.

The cornish rex race is characterized by good vocalization, meows in different ways. If you are not educated in due time, it can become annoying.

How much does a Cornish Rex cat live?

The cornish rex cat is a long-lived cat, it can live between 12 to 15 years, if you keep it well cared it could reach up to the 18 years.

How can you get the trust of a Cornish Rex cat?

It is a smart and loving cat, then you need to start well. All the attitudes that we will show to our kitten should be taught from puppies. If you treated him well since he was young, he will always have a good attachment to you.

Keep him always happy with his food, play a lot with him. If you do something bad do not rebuke it, educate it. This way you will gain the trust of your cat from puppy and will maintain that attitude when he is an adult.

What do you need to know to take good care of your Cornish Rex cat?

A cornish rex cat does not require much attention to take good care of your cat.

To eliminate the dead hair, it is enough to pass a flannel from time to time and to rest the dead hair at least once a week. So you keep your hair shiny, use it to the bathroom with shampoo to avoid excess fat

In the case of males, for their body heat you should pay close attention to cleaning the ears, teeth, nails and tail. And shelter him in the first years, because having no hair, they can not cover themselves with this shortcoming.

How to clean a Cornish Rex cat?

The cleaning of a cornish rex will not be a tiring activity, since you must attend it a few times.

To care for your hair and skin, wear a flannel glove, combs or brushes specific to the breed, throughout your body to eliminate dead hair.

Clean the ears with a cotton or wet gauze, only on the outside of the neck. You should wash your mouth at least once a week, accustom it to this so you do not have oral problems.

You must trim your nails every fifteen days, so you will avoid damaging them and taking care of your furniture.

How to bathe a Cornish Rex cat?

You must prepare your cat so you can bathe it, so take care of its fur and remove the fat from its body.

We recommend you trim your cat’s nails before bathing it, so you avoid unnecessary scratches.

Get the necessary things to bathe your cat. Acquire an ideal shampoo for the breed, one that does not cause problems on your skin and remove excess fat. Also, you will need towels and a jug of water.

Wet your cat little by little, then put it in the sink to bathe it. Put the shampoo and massage your skin to foam, remove dirt and excess fat.

Then rinse it with plenty of water, once clean wrap your cat with a towel to dry it.

The wet nails let you see the living part of the nail, so you can cut them and avoid damaging your kitten.

How to clean your Cornish Rex cat litter box?

The litter box must always be clean, to achieve this you will clean the box partially once a day and totally, once a week.

Ready latex gloves, chinstrap, garbage bags and plastic shovel to clean your waste.

For daily cleaning, put on gloves and chinstrap, remove the urine and feces solids from the litter box, use the plastic shovel. Place the solids in a trash bag. Do this once every day.

In the weekly toilet you must remove all the sand from the box and wash it. Use a shampoo if you smell, then dry the box and fill it with new sand. Do not use scented cat litter. If you do not like the smell, you can use a layer of baking soda at the bottom of the sandbox.

Where should you locate the litter box of your Cornish Rex kitten?

Locating the sandbox is very important, since it depends on whether your cornish rex uses it or not.

Locate the sandbox in a quiet place, do not have much movement and be as quiet as possible.

Avoid placing the sandbox behind doors that open and close all the time. If you put it in the bathroom, try not to use it when you are washing clothes.

Do not use scented cat litter, as they generally use aromas such as lavender, citrus and mint that are not liked by kitties.

What do Cornish Rex cats eat?

The cornish rex do not require a diet very different from the rest of the cats, offer dry cat food, in the pet shop you will find dry balanced food for cornish rex. Well, some necessary nutrients are required to take care of your oral health and coat.

If possible, do not offer natural food, however, meat cooked without bones, fish cooked without thorns are your favorite. Use them to maintain the variety of foods.

How to train a Cornish Rex cat?

The important thing in this breed of cats is that you can educate him from a young age, because he learns fast so much in his youth is where you must train your cat.

Something you should pay attention to is its vocalization, they are cats that like to meow in different tones. Therefore, it can become annoying when it grows if you do not train it in time.

To avoid speaking too much, teach him to speak at certain times, use simple words to give him orders, followed by a loud noise. This is so you know when to speak and when not.

Another factor is their energy, because they will always want to have activities all the time, this would cause them to play and scratch the furniture. Offer a scraper to use before you play with your furniture.

It can also scratch you, it is normal in active cats, it is not disrespectful, it is an excessive love. When you play with him and he scratches you, do not take your hand off quickly because he will understand that it is part of the game. Change your taste to scratch yourself by scratching a toy. Accept it little by little.

What disease can Cornish Rex cats have?

The diseases of any cat can affect our pussycat. It is necessary to do everything possible to prevent them.

The most frequent diseases that can suffer are:

  • Allergies
  • Bronchopneumonia
  • Cataract
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Flu
  • Otitis
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Hair balls

It is very important to take into account the vaccines, you must have them up to date. It must also be dewormed to avoid future problems.

How to keep a Cornish Rex cat healthy?

It is one of the longest living cats there is, it can calmly exceed the 15 years of life. To reach this age, the necessary care must be provided.

Proof of its longevity is that it is a healthy and strong cat, that you do not see affections of its race, this does not mean that they are immune.

A recurrent problem when a cornish rex cat is young is that it can suffer colds due to its high body temperature, due to its sparse hair. Any change in climate can cause you serious problems.

They are cats prone to obesity, in adulthood develop great appetite, take care of their diet.

How much does it cost to buy a Cornish Rex cat?

The cornish rex cat can easily have a price between 700 to 800 dollars, however, if there is no breeder near your city, the cost will increase as there is availability of copies.

Also, if you want a cat for exhibition, the costs rise according to the morphological character you are looking for.

Where to buy a Cornish Rex cat?

To get a cornish rex cat for sale it is preferable to buy it from a professional breeder as this will ensure you get a cornish rex cat with its certification, vaccines and pedigree. Also, do not be fooled by some who only look for an opportunity.

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