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Coexistence between cats and babies

This article on the coexistence between the cat and the baby is very likely that now you do not wake up too much interest, but I can assure you that if you have cats at home, the moment you or your wife becomes pregnant, you will begin to consult about the relationship that may exist between cats and babies.

It is logical to have doubts about the possible behavior that felines are going to have when presenting “another” baby at home, and I use the word “other” because many people treat their pets as their own children. I do not say that this is a mistake, we simply must know that each animal is very different and before the arrival of the baby, maybe his attitude changes.

But you should not have any fear, although as you know cats are very little animals given changes in their environment, with some advice and recommendations that we propose you will see how the transition becomes easier for everyone and with the lower number of casualties possible. Keep reading and discover the coexistence between the cat and the baby together with tips to get along.

Considerations prior to the arrival of the baby at home

For the coexistence between cats and babies be as cordial as possible, you have to take into account before the newborn comes home that the cats see them almost as if they were aliens. Basically it is because they emit strange and strident noises (such as crying), different smells, consider the cat as a toy, in short, present a completely unpredictable behavior, if so much for their own parents, imagine what you have to assume for the poor cat.

When the baby comes home, practically any routine the cat has assimilated will become obsolete immediately. The adaptation for the baby will be simpler, it is a rational animal that will learn from the “trial-error” method, however for the cat it will be more difficult because it is not an animal very given to changes.

That’s why the first moments of coexistence will be very important and of course not taking one eye out of both when they are close to each other. Normally if the cat does not like to be near the baby, it will try to avoid it, but the newcomer will be curious (more than the cat itself).

How to prevent the cat from being jealous of the baby?

It will be essential to continue paying attention to our feline, betting on improving their environmental enrichment, spending time with them and stimulating them physically and mentally. We will not be able to avoid the changes, which are so undesirable for cats, but we can make him associate the arrival of the baby with positive experiences.

How to present a baby to a cat?

The first approaches are fundamental, in fact, the first moments after the birth of the baby, it would be good to return home with a blanket or clothes that he has worn and offer it to the cat so that he can smell it, begin to become familiar with the smell.

It is highly recommended that while we do this, we offer the cat all our love, compliments and even treats, so you can associate that smell with good things from the first moment. In this way the coexistence between the cat and the baby will start on the right foot.

The arrival of the baby at home:

  • The first moments are important, like any good curious animal that boasts, the cat will approach between doubtful and fearful to the newborn, at which time we will have to be very cautious but act with a lot of temperance, caressing the cat and speaking very softly . In the case that the cat tries to touch the baby you have two options, if you trust your cat, allow it, you see that there is no risk, in case you do not have total confidence, move it gently, without scaring or punishing it in any moment.
  • In the event that the cat is scared of the small, you should not force its behavior. Let her overcome her fear little by little and sooner or later she will approach the baby again.
  • If everything goes as it should, you should not allow the first contact to go on too long, divert the attention of the cat to other things.

How to accustom a cat to a baby?

If you follow these tips you will get the relationship between baby and cat to be completely safe and increase your friendship as the child grows. You must be patient and take the appropriate measures between cats and babies to avoid the risks that can lead to a bad coexistence:

  1. Do not take your eyes off the baby when the cat is around. When the baby sleeps it is convenient that if the access to his crib is simple for the cat, that the door remains closed.
  2. Check from the first moment if the baby suffers an allergic reaction on your skin, if so, go to the doctor to determine if it can result from the animal’s hair.
  3. Before the baby arrives, he tries to readjust the cat’s schedule or places where he eats and relieves the newborn. Changes for the cat, the longer the forecast time the better.
  4. He must get used to both his smell and his sound. No area of ​​the house should be vetoed for the child.
  5. Cut the nails to the cat regularly to minimize the risk of scratches. If you do not know how to do it, consult your veterinarian.
  6. The cat must be clear about what is forbidden when the baby is in its arms or is being fed, such as climbing and getting close or getting into the crib.
  7. You yourself know your own pet well, attend as far as possible to your body expression. When it needs attention we must give it whenever possible, and if it is agitated, it is better to leave it quiet and keep the baby away from its surroundings.
  8. To a large extent the behavior of the cat will be a reflection of that shown by its owners in the moments that approaches the baby. Try not to show fear for what may happen, the cat will feel calmer and will be able to approach the baby at its own pace. In order to educate it correctly, it also requires a vote of confidence.
  9. Each cat is a different world, taking into account the character and personality that you already know, you can foresee certain behaviors regarding the baby.
  10. Always, I repeat, always, you must take care of the hygiene of the house or apartment. That the cat does not go up to places where the baby spends more time and tries to keep it as clean as possible at all times.

You will see how the coexistence between the cat and the baby will turn into a joy and They are going to give you very nice and emotional moments. Also keep in mind that recent studies reveal that children who grow up with a pet are less at risk of developing diseases over the years.

Problems between cats and children

Although in most cases the coexistence between cats and babies is usually positive when performed regularly and with the guidelines indicated, it will be essential take certain precautions with respect to health and the appearance of behavioral problems.

Communicable diseases between babies and cats

There are some pathologies that can suffer from cats that are zoonotic diseases, that is, that can be transmitted to humans. For this reason, we advise you to visit your veterinary each 6 or 12 months At the most, follow the cat vaccination schedule and the internal and external deworming routine in an appropriate manner, to minimize the risks, even if your cats do not leave the home.

Behavioral problems: my cat huffs my baby

In some cases we can see that the cat snorts, bristles or hides when he observes the baby. It is a frequent behavior and is usually related to fear, because the cat is not able to interpret what kind of creature it is. It is important to be patient and ignore this behavior, because if we scold the cat a negative association can be produced, that is: the cat associates the baby with a bad experience.

In these cases it is best to go to a feline behavior specialist or an ethologist veterinarian.

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