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Cleaning the eyes of a cat

Cats hate to bathe and, in fact, do not need it because they can spend up to four hours a day cleaning themselves with their rough tongue. However, there is a place that cats can not reach with their tongue to clean it: the eyes.

This task that we propose to you next will not be anything simple since very likely the cat will not be receptive, keep reading this article to know how clean the eyes of a cat.

How often you have to clean your eyes

The frequency with which we should wash the eyes of our cat should be twice a week. Even so, some types of cats require daily cleaning due to their breed, especially the so-called brachycephalic cats.

The gill roots are breeds of cats that tend to accumulate many tears because they have a very broad head and a very flat nose like the Persians, the Devon Rex or the Himalayas. The persistence of hygiene is important to avoid infections as a result of the legañas they generate.

Preparation of the necessary material

For clean the eyes of a cat properly we should prepare all the Kit before start working. A recommendation that will help us a lot if the cat tries to flee since we will not have to go around the house in search of the materials.

What do I need to clean my cat’s eyes?

  • A cloth
  • Cotton
  • Distilled water
  • Salt
  • Two cups
  • A towel
  • A cookie or reward for the cat

Once we have it all, we will have to fill the two cups with distilled water, add a little salt to each one (with a small spoonful), remove it and check that the small mixture is cold.

Cleaning process

Let’s start with the process to clean your cat’s eyes:

  1. The first thing you have to do is wrap the cat in a towel so that we do not rebel, start scratching and we have to use the mixture of salt and water to clean ourselves the wounds.
  2. Once you have it wrapped, take cotton balls, wet them in one of the cups and start cleaning the first eye to the cat. Avoid touching your own eye and just clean around it, because that could cause pain and even if it is wrapped in a towel will wriggle to run.
  3. Use all the cotton balls necessary to clean the eye and always wet them in the same cup for that first eye.
  4. We will use the other cup to clean the other eye. In this way we will avoid passing infections if they exist from one eye to the other.
  5. Once the same process has been done with both eyes, pass the cloth to dry them.
  6. Grab the reward you have chosen to give to the cat and reward him for the patience he has had while cleaning it. In this way you will think that “suffering” this process at least has a reward and will be more receptive for the next time.

Other tips

It would be important that you will accustom the cat to this process from small, so it will not seem strange and you will end up getting used to it before.

In case it is impossible to clean your eyes because it is not allowed, you could also ask someone else to help you hold it while you clean your eyes, as it would make the process much easier. In case you see any kind of reaction of the eyes of the cat like swelling, pus, secretions, which can not open the eyes well or any other type of anomaly go directly to the veterinarian to observe your cat.

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