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Clean the ears to a cat step by step

The cat is an extremely clean animal that can spend many hours of his day grooming himself, is also an exceptional domestic animal that retains his instinct as a hunter, in addition, is an explorer and independent. For all these reasons we sometimes believe that you need less care than a dog, but this is a serious mistake, because there are many diseases that can get a cat.

An adequate diet as well as good ones hygienic habits they will help our pet to stay in an optimal state of health, among these healthy habits we must emphasize the hygiene of the ears, since these can act as a gateway for multiple pathogens and keep them clean is very important.

But how should we do it? Do not worry, in this article we show you how to clean the ears of a cat step by step.

The first and most important is avoid stress in our cat, otherwise you will associate this habit in a negative way and we will not make it easier every time but we will find in the hygiene of the ears an increasingly difficult process for both us and our pet.

How do we reassure our cat?

We will start with caresses and a kind tone of voice, we must make our feline interpret our gestures as a game so that relax completely, finally our cat must be in the optimal position to start cleaning.

If it is a puppy we can place it on our legs, however, in the case of adult cats it is better to place it on a bench or table that is at our height.

Is it impossible for your cat to calm down?

If all the above does not work, you can always choose to add to this strategy any of the various natural tranquilizers for cats.

The second step is check our cat’s ears because it is always very important that as owners we are attentive to any sign or symptom that may indicate the presence of any disease.

The presence of parasites, excessive wax, foul odor, scabs or wounds may be indicating some pathology such as otitis or ear infection, therefore, before these signs, it is best to go to the veterinarian.

On the contrary, the absence of these signs together with a Pale pink ear canal they will indicate a good state of health.

To begin the cleaning of ears we will begin by the external part, for it we will only need a moistened towel and cleaning product that we generally use for your bath, of course it must be a soap specific for cats.

With the towel and soap we clean the outer and hairy part from the ear, subsequently removing any residual detergent that may have remained.

The cleaning of the inside of the ear should be done with a extreme caution so as not to compromise the structures that are in the auditory pavilion, for this we only require a cotton gauze preferably sterile.

We will wrap this gauze on our finger and we will insert it very gently into the ear canal to facilitate the release of the wax and the auditory pin.

We do not need anything else, but we must know that we can have another alternative, the specific head cleaners for cats, which have a comfortable applicator and dissolve the wax.

To keep your cat’s ears in perfect condition you should know that this procedure should be performed 1 once every 2 weeksIn addition, to prevent any complications, when you go to bathe your cat you must plug your ears with two balls of cotton, in this way you avoid the entry of water, which could cause damage to the ear canal.

If you look any anomaly it will be essential go to the vet to identify if it is a disease or there is a problem that needs to be reviewed. Some indicators of health problems can be the presence of dark wax, a smell similar to that of yeast or the appearance of parasites.

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