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Cat care ashera

Animal file: Ashera

The main care you should have with the cat ashera is an external care, although totally associated with it. It is a hemorrhage, in particular of the hemorrhage that your economy can suffer if you decide to adopt some Ashera cat, whose current price moves in a range between 17.000 and 100.000 $ (US dollars).

I hope you’ve recovered from the brief faint. Let’s continue: the enormous price difference is because the cat ashera is raised with four different mutations.

It is a very special cat in terms of size and origin but the truth is that the cat care ashera They do not differ so much from the care of a common cat.

Why adopt a cat ashera?

I suppose you’re still wondering why the cat’s crazy price was ashera. To begin we will say that the cat ashera is the most exclusive domestic cat in the world. And also, the biggest one:

History and provenance

The cat ashera comes from the United States of America, specifically from the Lifestyle Pets laboratory. There, through advanced genetic engineering and hybridizing domestic cats with Asian leopard and African serval genes, they managed the biggest domestic cat in the world.

This lab only breeds 100 cats per year, so there is a waiting list among customers who wish to adopt one of these exclusive pets.

The four varieties that are produced in the Lifestyle Pets laboratory are: cat ashera standart, cat ashera GD hypoallergenic, cat snow ashera and cat royal ashera.

Cat ashera standard

The cat ashera standard resembles a kind of small leopard. Measures 1,50 cm long, tail inclusive. Weigh 12-15 Kg. Measurements and weights are common to all four varieties. What sets them apart is the mantle.

The ashera standart has a coat of brown / brown tones dotted with black spots on both flanks and black spots elongated from the neck to the birth of the tail.

They are very affectionate and communicative cats, which emit very acute meows that contrast with the enormous size they have compared to other breeds of cats.

Cat ashera GD hypoallergenic

This variety of ashera cat looks similar to the previous one, but has the peculiarity of not cause allergy to people allergic to cats.

Another peculiarity of this hybrid race is that all the specimens are sterile, that is to say, give up all hope of buying a couple and live four days, with the benefits of their incessant litters.

Cat snow ashera

This variety of ashera is very reminiscent of a snow leopard in small. On the tone of its whitish mantle, small brown spots are distributed on both sides. On its back, from the head to the tail, the spots are elongated. This distribution of their macules is common to the other varieties.

It is also common the morphology of this precious hybrid: Small head with large erect ears, very long and slender body, and also very long legs. The hind legs are longer than the front ones, which causes the hindquarters of the cats to be ashamed to be gracefully upturned.

Royal cat ashera

This variety does not exceed 4% of litters. Its fur shows a beautiful and delicate cream / orange background, and its macules are more defined than in their congeners of the other mutations.

All the different mutations of the ashera cat are stunningly beautiful. There is a waiting list to get one of them that can be accelerated by paying even more.

Given its size similar to a dog to the ashera can be accustomed to walk on a leash.

Cat care ashera

The ashera, however exclusive and hybridized it may be, it is still a cat. Therefore, the care required will be those of a cat, which we will relate below:


The first step will be to visit the veterinarian, although during the first year there is a sure it covers all visits. In addition, the cat is delivered perfectly vaccinated and with the built-in chip. A certificate attached to the cat’s genetic fingerprint authenticates its origin.

The ashera cat requires excellent feeding to keep its coat shiny and develop its muscles properly. We must always opt for premium gammas and high quality.

Wire Brushed

One way to avoid external parasites and avoid cat hair accumulation (with the consequent formation of hairballs) is to brush your cat ashera on a regular basis. In addition to helping you gain the trust of your new best friend, it will also help keep you beautiful. Use brushes for short-haired cats.

You should not bathe your cat ashera in an excessively regular way, that hurts your dermis and the quality of the mantle. Once every month and a half and even every two months will be enough.

Nevertheless, and despite the gentle nature of the ashera cat, it may happen that he does not like to get wet. For this we recommend you to discover how to clean a cat without bathing.

Toys and fun

Another fundamental part of cat care is to keep it stimulated physically and mentally. Using toys, games of intelligence and teaching your cat to use the scraper and the sandbox will be basic conditions for him to be happy.

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