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Care of the ragdoll cat

Animal file: Ragdoll

Ragdoll cats are a relatively new breed from the United States of America. Its curious name ragdoll, has been imposed by a unique feature in the animal kingdom. When you hold this race in your arms, you immediately loosen all your muscles and resemble a rag doll (ragdoll means rag doll in English).

If you continue reading this article you will be able to know better this curious feline race and maybe you will decide to adopt this lovely pet. For this reason, we will explain the care of the ragdoll cat more elementary and traces of his kind character.

Basic care of the ragdoll

The main care that should be provided with the ragdoll is to scrupulously comply with the vaccination schedule. The regular visit to the veterinarian is essential to make your ragdoll cat a very happy pet since health is one of the essential requirements of animal welfare.

The ragdoll cat is so tame that it barely whirls, so does not express when it is found wrong, as would any other feline race that would try to attract attention to relieve him of his discomfort. One visit each 6 months to the specialist will suffice.

Rag cat

The ragdoll cat he has practically no awareness of the danger. For this reason it relaxes completely when we take it in our arms, remaining inert as if it were a rag doll.

Since it is a large cat when it is adult, and males can weigh up to 9 kg., We must proceed with care and try not to perform this maneuver while standing. It could slip and fall badly, causing an injury. The females are smaller and lighter than the males.

Hair care

The ragdoll cat is a race with long or semi-long hair. If it is intended to take care of it in an optimal way it will be necessary to comb it every day. Discover the most suitable long-haired cat brushes.

The ragdoll hair is of very good quality and nothing prone to produce knots. For this reason a brief daily brushing will be a good way to maintain your mantle splendidly. If cats are not brushed regularly, they are in danger of ingesting hairballs and suffering from intestinal obstructions that, if not treated correctly, can become serious.

Food care

The ragdoll is a very sleepy and calm cat, to which he does not like too much to perform exercise. He prefers to be quiet in the company of the family. For this reason it is a breed that can gain overweight if it is provided with an excess of food. Discover how to prevent obesity in cats or directly passive exercise for obese cats.

The ragdoll cat has a slow growth and It takes up to 3 years to reach maturity. It will be the advice of the veterinarian who should guide you in the type and amount of food that you should give to your cat ragdoll.


The ragdoll cat he detests loneliness. It is an animal that likes the family atmosphere against more numerous better. He likes children, he likes old people, he gets along well with any other pet, since he will not try to acquire supremacy.

For all these reasons and because in the hybridizations that created this new breed they looked for the maximum meekness of this feline, a cat has been created tremendously dependent on the affection and care of its environment. If the radgoll stays too long alone, it can get sick.

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