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Care of the maine coon

Animal file: Maine coon

The cat maine coon is el Largest domestic cat, weighing the adult males from 7 to 11 kg. Although there have been cases of specimens that have reached up to 20 Kg. This breed of cats comes from the United States of America, say the state of Maine. However, there are various theories about its origins:

One of them is that when the Vikings made their incursions into the American continent, in their stylized drakkar (Viking ships) they carried cats to get rid of the rats. These cats came from the great Nordic wild cats and crossed with the American wildcats. Another theory abounds in that European Angora cats were crossed with short-haired native cats.

In any case, whatever its origin, the result is a beautiful cat very easy to be attached to him, given his splendid qualities as a pet. In case some day you decide to adopt this extraordinary cat, we will indicate the main requirements to optimize the care of the maine coon:

Visit to the vet

The most basic care you should have with your cat maine coon is the visit to the vet. If there are no problems, with a couple of times a year It will be enough.

The veterinarian will be the person who will diagnose the healthy state, or not, of your maine coon and will provide you with the relevant vaccines. It will also be the right doctor to sterilize your cat or cat, if you consider it appropriate in the future. The most important thing is to keep the cat vaccination calendar up to date, and to follow a proper diet.

Hair care

The maine coon cat enjoys by its nature a great quality in its mantle. However, if we want to preserve that quality, we must collaborate with nature to continue showing off the wonderful fur that adorns it.

At least we should brush three times a week with a specific brush for long-haired cats. If we do it for five minutes every day, much better. We will avoid many gastric problems by removing dead hair daily, preventing you from eating it while preening.

It is convenient that you ingest malt for cats to alleviate the accumulation of hair balls as well as foods rich in omega3, whose beneficial effects on your hair will be noticed positively.

The bathroom of the maine coon

An unusual quality of this feline breed is that he loves water, therefore we will not have any problem when bathing it, provided that the water is at a suitable temperature (36º-38º centigrade).

In the United States it is not strange to see the maine coon bathe with the family in the pool during the summer. The maine coon he is a good swimmer.

However, although this cat likes to get wet, it is not advisable to bathe it with shampoo on more than one occasion every month and a half. Another thing is that the cat enjoy cooling during the summer and get wet at the slightest occasion.

Feeding the maine coon

This section is quite tricky, since cats maine coon eat like limes, but they are pretty lazy. Therefore, it is a race subject to obesity if no limit is imposed on its food intake. The balanced feed must be of quality, avoiding excessively fatty.

Maine coon grow slowly, take four years to reach its maximum weight in males can reach the 11 Kg. If it exceeds this weight should be treated by the veterinarian without delay, as his health will be seriously endangered.

Coexistence with the maine coon

This breed has the peculiarity that is independent and very familiar at the same time. He likes to play, to be the center of attention, and to have a “buzz” around him, but he is not very attracted to being overly touched.

The maine coon get along very well with other pets.

This large breed can live in an apartment, since it is not too active, but quite the opposite. However, the ideal is that you could have a small garden to enjoy some hunting adventure from time to time, capturing a mouse.

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