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Care of Siamese cats

Animal file: Siamese

If you have decided to adopt a Siamese cat puppy or you already have one, you should know that it is a long-lived, strong and normally very healthy cat that also grows at an unusual speed.

Considering that the life expectancy of a Siamese cat is around the 20 years, we can affirm that they are long-lived. Since Siamese cats are strictly home-bound and do not normally roam the streets, as with other cat breeds, they are not usually infected with common diseases among street cats.

Preserve their fantastic physical characteristics with a good diet, and you will see that the care of the Siamese cat is very simple. If you continue reading, you will learn the most appropriate ones correctly care of Siamese cats.

Veterinary control of the Siamese cat

It is imperative that newly adopted your little Siamese, a veterinarian visit him so that value your health status and check that there is no obvious physical or genetic alteration. If you do it soon after adopting it, you can claim the seller in case of any deficiency of origin.

The vaccination schedule for cats a day and the periodic reviews On the part of the doctor they are absolutely necessary for your Siamese to live safely and comfortably. Visiting the specialist every 6 months will suffice.

Feeding the Siamese cat

Depending on how old the Siamese cat is when you adopt it, it will be given one type of food or another. The veterinarian will give you the food guideline to follow.

Normally Siamese cats should not be adopted before three months of age. In this way through coexistence with the mother and brothers will learn from her good habits and grow balanced. It is very important that mame naturally to make it a very healthy cat later.

At first they can feed, after weaned, with fresh food and balanced feed. They love the ham of york and the turkey sliced. Do not give them these last two foods by holding them between your fingers; since when eating with frenzy they will not be able to notice when the slice ends and your appetizing fingers impregnate with delicious chicken or turkey flavor begin.

During your adult stage we will provide quality feed, basic for good development and high mantle quality. Finally, in your old stage, we will offer you senior food that covers your old age needs.

Coexistence with the Siamese cat

Siamese cats they are extraordinarily intelligent. They are gregarious pets that like the company of other pets and humans.

Siamese cats can live with other pets. They do not fear the dogs and they know how to get them to get along with them in their home. With humans are very affectionate and sociable, porfiando to receive caresses and cuddles at the slightest occasion.

They are extraordinarily clean and communicative. It is 24 hours learn the proper use of the sand. When they lack water or food, they do not hesitate to claim it from humans by insistent meowing. If you do not attend immediately, they will look for life, and there is no place in your kitchen, or any tap in the house, out of reach thanks to the extraordinary agility and its prodigious jumps.

Siamese cats love to play with children, and all types of manipulations are supported by patients.

Hair care

Siamese cats have a dense, silky coat of short hair. It is convenient that brush a couple of times a week. If you do it every day it will take less than a minute to eliminate the dead hair and your Siamese will be pleased and loved. You should use brushes for short-haired cats.

To conserve the quality of the mantle it is convenient that your Siamese cat consumes rich foods in Omega3. You should read thoroughly the composition of the feed and verify that they are rich in this food. If you give them salmon or sardines, do not do it raw. Hervid these fish before offering them to your cat.

They should not bathe frequently. Every month and a half or two will be enough. If you notice that your Siamese cat hates water, maybe you should try tricks to clean it without bathing it.

Beware of scolding them!

Cats in general and Siamese in particular they do not conceive that they are quarreled if they are not caught with their hands in the mass, as they say vulgarly.

An example: you catch it just at the moment that with its little fingernails you are smashing the edge of a sofa, right next to the brand new and immaculate scraper that you bought so that it would not gut the sofa. You must stun it against the destruction and utter a dark and silent Noooo! Then the cat understands that you do not like it to smash that side of the couch. Perhaps, he will think, that you would prefer that the damage be done on the opposite side, as if to compensate for the appearance of the soft furniture.

The important thing is to keep intact that cute toy that you have brought and that with so much effort resists scratching. To do this, teach him how to use the scraper.

If you do not quarrel at the moment of the crime, you will never understand why you put on a basilisk and cry on the sofa. There are some Siamese who are spiteful, so I will tell you a story recurrently lived with my first Siamese:

The story of Spock, the vengeful Siamese cat

The second pet that I had was a little Siamese cat that I adopted on the Ramblas in Barcelona last century. When I got home and got that tiny thing out of the perforated box, I saw that it had a pig tail; something quite usual in the Siamese of that time in establishments that offered pets from mediocre breeding places.

Apart from this detail, Spock was gorgeous and more alive than hunger. She spent hours fighting against herself reflected in the mirror that paneled a planter in the living room. He also liked football, since during the games he would go up on the television and head down he would try to catch the little ball with his claws until I got it down for the third or fourth time. That’s how her childhood went, when she grew up, became an adult and realized that neither fighting nor football produced the immeasurable pleasure that was achieved by smashing the sofa. My dear sofa.

I, who at that time was still young and did not know anything about positive reinforcement and other educational ways, I folded a newspaper and shouted like a madman I hit him with a loud noise to Spock who was dozing on a chair at that moment. The cat fled with the hairs on its tail, terrified. For about an hour, her hair was not seen in her usual area, which was the living room where the triplet was located, the television, the mirror planters and shelves of dark glass and stainless steel.

After a while I noticed that Spock was up on the top shelf of the smoked glass shelf. It was not usual for me to be sitting there, hieratic and staring at me. When I looked away from the television and fixed my surprised gaze directly on the cat, with a swift stroke of her paw, she pushed one of the multiple seashells in my collection, exposed on that shelf, into the void. Spock disappeared like a bolt of lightning after the vengeful wrongdoing and for a long time he did not dare to appear in the living room. When he returned, he climbed into my lap and through a sweet meow and a purr showed me that he had already forgiven me, and that it was her (after my wife) who sent her home.

This scene happened dozens of times, until I kept my long-suffering collection of shells inside a case. I also changed the sofa.

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