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Care of an albino cat

It is important to understand that an albino cat it requires special care, because the characteristics of this condition can suffer related problems such as deafness, blindness, cancer or redness of the eyes.

The albino cats have some particular peculiarities as is usual in many other albino animals. Albinism is produced by a genetic alteration of birth that makes up a cat with very specific characteristics that requires some care or specific attention that other cats do not require.

Continue reading to know the care of an albino cat.

Albino cat or white cat?

Not all white cats are albinos, but yes all albino cats are white.

How can we differentiate them from each other?

The albinism between the cats, apart from an unblemished white of its mantle with total absence of spots of another color, is also manifested in the eyes that are usually both blue, or two colors (one of each color). Another relevant feature is the tone of the epidermis that in the albino cats shows a pinkish tone, which also looks on your nose, eyelids, lips, ears and pads.

If a cat has completely white hair but its epidermis tone is of a grayish-white tone, its nose is dark and its eyes are green or of other colors (including blue), it will mean that the cat is not albino in spite of be white

Diseases related to albinism

Deafness in albino cats

Albino cats have a tendency to suffer partial or total deafness, caused by the alteration of the autosomal W. Many other albino animals have this same deficiency. Formerly it was considered that albino animals suffered from mental retardation, which is not true. Obviously the fact of being deaf causes difficulties of understanding on the part of the cat, but it does not affect his intelligence.

This deafness is a consequence of an irreversible malformation of the inner ear. The deafness can be total or partial, as we have said before. There are even albino cats that are not deaf. Deafness is detected when the cat is a puppy because it does not answer calls by name. We must learn to communicate efficiently with them.

If you suspect that your cat is deaf, it will be important to review the care of deaf cats to help them communicate and live without this sense.

As with deaf people, good communication is possible with deaf albino cats. This communication is made through gestures, that the cat learns to discern with a little training. It also includes the facial gestures of our face.

The deaf albino cats are sensitive to vibrations, for that reason they capture when a door closes, or the approach of our steps. It is very dangerous for deaf cats to go out alone to the street, since the risk of being run over is very high.

The epidermis of the albino cat

The albino cats suffer a great sensitivity from its epidermis to the action of Ray solar. This means that we must protect them from direct sun exposure between the 12 at noon and the 5 in the afternoon. Your dermis can suffer severe burns, or develop skin cancer. Statistically there are more cases of this disease among albino cats than among other more common cats.

It is imperative that the veterinarian prescribe a cream or sun block, nontoxic, to apply to the albino cat in his nose. We must take care controlling your exposure to the sun.

Blindness and eye care of the albino cat

The albino cats They do not support well the very intense light. There are extreme cases of albinism in which the white of the cat’s eyes is pink, or even reddish. However, at night they look even better than the other cats. Albinism is a lack of melanin in the cat’s organism.

If you suspect that your cat may be suffering from blindness, it will be very important to go to the veterinarian as soon as possible to offer us the most appropriate advice for our case. On the side, you can also visit our article about the care of a blind cat.

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